When Will Boruto Manga End?

When Will Boruto Manga End

When will Boruto manga end? Let’s take a look at the official statements by author Ikemoto about the end date of Boruto. Will we be seeing an end to Boruto anytime soon? Or are there more adventures left to explore? Let’s find out! 

The Boruto manga, a continuation of the beloved Naruto series, has captivated audiences since its debut in 2016. With its thrilling plot twists and the fate of beloved characters hanging in the balance, fans are eager to know when the story will reach its conclusion. 

While the exact date remains shrouded in mystery, various clues and factors paint a picture of the manga’s potential ending.

When Will Boruto Manga End? (Official Statements) 

An official end date for the Boruto manga hasn’t been revealed. While initially planned for 30 volumes, factors like ongoing plotlines, fan engagement, and authorial vision suggest it might run longer. 

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Initially, the Boruto manga was projected to conclude around 30 volumes, mirroring the original 72-volume Naruto series. This estimate was made by series creator Mikio Ikemoto, who envisioned a concise story focusing on Boruto’s development and the Otsutsuki threat. 

However, Ikemoto later clarified that the actual ending point would depend on the story’s natural progression and might deviate from the 30-volume estimate.

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Boruto Manga’s Current Progress 

Currently, the Boruto manga is at chapter 78, with 20 compiled volumes released. 

While the story has covered significant ground, including the introduction of new characters, the Otsutsuki threat escalation, and Boruto’s journey with Karma, there are still major plot points to address. 

The Code arc, the ongoing conflict with Kara, and the eventual clash with Momoshiki’s consciousness within Boruto promise to be lengthy narrative arcs, potentially exceeding the original 30-volume estimate.

Factors Influencing the End Date Of Boruto Manga

The Boruto manga’s lifespan is influenced by various factors beyond the story’s natural progression. The manga’s popularity and sales play a crucial role. 

Consistent high sales figures and a dedicated fanbase can motivate the author to continue the story for a longer period. 

Additionally, the success of the Boruto anime, which expands on the manga’s plot and introduces new filler arcs, can also influence the manga’s longevity. Ultimately, the author’s creative freedom and vision for the story will ultimately determine the end date.

Boruto Fan Predictions and Theories On Its Ending

Fans actively speculate about the Boruto manga’s ending, weaving intricate theories based on available information and foreshadowing. 

Popular theories suggest the story might conclude with a timeskip, showcasing Boruto’s future as Hokage and the eventual resolution of the Otsutsuki conflict. 

Others believe the series may end with a bittersweet tone, leaving some mysteries unsolved and reflecting the cyclical nature of conflict in the ninja world. 

Such fan engagement and speculation can impact the author’s vision and potentially influence the narrative direction towards certain conclusions.

Beyond the Otsutsuki Threat: Exploring Unresolved Mysteries

While the Otsutsuki threat looms large over the Boruto narrative, the manga also lays the groundwork for future conflicts and unresolved mysteries. 

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The true nature of the Karma seal, the origins of the Byakugan, and the hidden history of the ninja world remain largely unexplored, offering fertile ground for further storytelling. 

Additionally, the fates of beloved characters like Sasuke and Naruto remain uncertain, creating a sense of anticipation and suspense for fans eager to witness their future roles in the story.

Potential for Flashbacks and Side Stories In Boruto 

The Boruto manga has already explored the past through flashbacks, providing glimpses into the lives of previous generations of ninjas and enriching the overall narrative. 

This storytelling device allows the author to expand upon established lore, introduce new characters from the past, and connect the dots between the Naruto and Boruto eras. 

Furthermore, standalone side stories focusing on specific characters or groups within the ninja world can offer deeper character development and world-building opportunities, extending the narrative beyond the main storyline.

The Future of the Boruto Franchise

The Boruto manga is just one piece of a larger multimedia franchise encompassing various media, including the anime, novels, and video games. 

These interconnected elements work together to expand the Boruto universe and offer additional content to fans. 

The success of the franchise as a whole can influence the manga’s lifespan, potentially encouraging its continuation as long as there is an audience eager for new stories within this world.


While the exact end date of the Boruto manga remains uncertain, several factors point towards a longer lifespan than the initial 30-volume estimate. 

The ongoing plotlines, the influence of external factors like sales and fan engagement, and the author’s creative freedom suggest that the story might continue for several years to come. 

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Ultimately, the conclusion of the Boruto manga will depend on the natural progression of the narrative and the author’s vision for the characters and their world. 

Regardless of the ending date, the Boruto manga promises to be a captivating story with lasting impact on the Naruto franchise and its loyal fanbase.

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