How To Watch Digimon Anime And Movies In Order?

digimon watch order

Want to know the Digimon watching order? Check out Digimon’s watch order guide with the movie. Read further to know more. 

Worry not, because that’s why we’ve come prepared with the right order of the Digimon anime and films you can watch right away.

The storyline of Digimon centers around a group of teens who are transported to an eerie place called the Digital World. There the teens are given their own Digital Monsters of Digimon which can fight and evolve. 

Digimon Watching Order

Digimon Anime Watch OrderRelease DateEpisodes
Digimon AdventureMarch 199954 
Digimon Adventure 02April 200050
Digimon TamersApril 200151
Digimon FrontierApril 200250
Digimon Data SquadApril 200648
Digimon FusionJune 201079
Digimon Adventure tri.November 201526
Digimon Universe: App MonstersOctober 201652
Digimon Adventure:April 202067
Digimon Ghost GameOctober 2021TBA

Digimon Adventure

The first anime season of Digimon Adventure focuses on seven teenagers who are transported to the Digital World through their Digivices. The teenagers find the Digivices previously in their summer camp where they also meet several Digimons.

Digimon Watching Order
Digimon Adventure

 The Digivices allow the user to control their Digimon and let them evolve so that they can fight evil Digimon. Eventually, the teens learn that they have to save the Digital World from other dangerous Digimon who seek to annihilate both the Digital World and the Earth.

Digimon Adventure 02

The events in season 2 of Digimon Adventure come next in Digimon watching order and it takes place 4 years after the events in the first season. 

This time the teens are faced with an even worse threat which is the Digimon Emperor who invaded the Digital World and controls the Digimon by using Dark Rings. 

digimon watch order
Digimon Adventure 02

The Digimon Emperor is using the enslaved Digimon to build Control Spires that restrict Digivolution which means the evolution of Digimon. This time the teens are accompanied by three other children who receive Digivices and they together must save the Digital World from danger again.

Digimon Tamers

This season of Digimon takes place in an alternate world where Digimon is a popular franchise and the kids are going crazy over Digimon cartoons, cards, and video games. 

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Among them is a die-hard fan of Digimon called Takato Matsuda who dreams of living in the Digital World. Suddenly, Takato finds a blue card which he scans in his toy. To his surprise, the toy glows and transforms into a Digivice. 

digimon series list
Digimon Tamers

A Digimon called Guilmon appears and Takato sets on a journey as a new Digimon Tamer. Tamers come before Frontiers in Digimon watching order.

However, events take a turn when several Digimon appear all across Japan wreaking havoc and Takato must find a way to stop them all.

Digimon Frontier

Digimon Frontier is the next in Digimon watching order. In this season, new kids are introduced such as Kouji, Izuma, Junpei, Takuya, and Tomoki. They’re all assigned with a new mission that’s set in the Digital World and they meet in a train that transports them to the Digital World. 

Digimon Frontier

They all realize that a new war has broken out in the Digital World and they must stop the rebellious Lucemon from taking control of the Digital World.

Digimon Data Squad

In Digimon Data Squad, new and countless Digimon appear in the real world and there’s no stopping them. 

digimon watch order with movies,
Digimon Data Squad

To investigate these matters an organization called DATS recruits Daimon, Agumon, and their human partners to uncover the secrets behind why several Digimon are appearing in the Real World. Digimon watching order is incomplete without this one. 

Digimon Fusion

Digimon Fusion is the next in line in Digimon watching order. A new season and a new war has broken out in the Digital World. This time it’s an evil group of Digimon called Bagra Army who want to get their hands on the Code Crown to take over the Digital World. 

digimon tamers
Digimon Fusion

Meanwhile, in the real world is a kind boy called Taiki who finds an injured Shoutmon. Taiki saves Shoutmon but he gets dragged to the Digital World with his friends. Now Taiki, his friends, and other Digimon must form an army to fight against the Bagra Army.

Digimon Adventure tri.

Digimon Adventure tri. Was originally supposed to be released as an anime series. However, it was released as a six-feature-length anime film but the chronological order of the movie is connected to the first Digimon Adventure anime and portrays the same kids. 

digimon adventure timeline,
Digimon Adventure tri.

They’re now older and are faced with a new challenge where both worlds are threatened by Digimon who are affected by a virus. 

Digimon Universe: App Monsters

This season focuses on the smartphones used by humans and inside the apps they use is a place where unknown and harmful creatures called Appmon exist. It’s next to Adventure Tri. in Digimon watching order.

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Digimon Universe: App Monsters

 They’re connected to both the Digital World and the real world. The Appmon is attacked by a virus that controls the human world through smartphones.

Digimon Adventure

This season focuses on the events in 2020 where cyber-attacks are prevalent in Tokyo due to the chaotic events occurring in the Digital World.

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Digimon Adventure

 A young boy named Taichi gets transported to the Digital World where he meets Agumon. They meet up with new people and Digimon to save the world from a new threat.

Digimon Ghost Game

This season features a school student named Hiro as he learns about mysterious events occurring around him. People have gone missing after witnessing creatures called Hologram Ghosts. Hiro doesn’t believe the incidents at first but later Hiro and his friend uncover the horrors of a new world. 

Digimon Adventure 

 This film adaptation focuses on two kids living in Tokyo who comes across a strange egg that drops out of their father’s computer. The egg hatches and a Digimon comes out which later evolves into an advanced Digimon and roams around the city. The kids come out of their way to prevent the Digimon from causing further casualties.

Digimon Adventure: Our War Game 

The original DigiDestined is back but now they’re faced with a new threat. A corrupted Digimon has taken over the internet by consuming the data. Meanwhile, Taichi and Kachiro are informed by the Digimons in the Digital World about a corrupted Digimon. The DigiDestined form again to put an end to the evil Digimon.

Digimon Hurricane Touchdown/ The Golden Digimentals 

This film introduces a new character called Willis who receives two Digimons. Unfortunately, one of the Digimon disappears. The original DigiDestined discovered the missing Digimon but now it has evolved into Endigomon. Endigomon abducts the DigiDestined and transfers them into another dimension where they de-age. They must come out of it to stop Endigomon and its evil plans.

Digimon: The Movie 

This time an infected Digi-egg forms on the internet which hatches into an evil Digimon and begins infecting the computer codes. Two Digimon enter into the internet but are attacked by the evil Digimon which later evolves into Diaboromon. Diaboromon creates a duplicate of itself which hacks into the Pentagon to start a nuclear war against nations. Now the DigiDestined must find a way to stop Diaboromon and a large catastrophe.

Revenge of Diaboromon 

Diaboromon is back again but he’s more power-hungry and furious than before. The DigiDestined sent Omnimon to tackle him as he successfully did. 

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However, attacking Diaboromon only released more of his other forms which were released to the Real World, and Omnimon is trapped on the internet. The DigiDestined must find a way to stop and send Diaboromon back to the Digital World.

Battle of Adventurers 

In the Digital World a new threat appears and this time its Mephistomon who wants to annihilate both the worlds to become invincible. Omnimon tries to fight Mephistomon but he manages to escape into the real world. Meanwhile, Takato and his Digimon travel to Okinawa, and they learn about a virtual pet getting infected by a virus.

Runaway Locomon 

The Tamers are back and they’re throwing a party for Rika. Suddenly they’re stopped by Locomon which is a train Digimon that races fastly in the tracks and wreaks havoc. The Tamers try to stop Locomon by letting Guilmon to Digivolve. 

Later they learn that Locomon was controlled by Parasimon and Gallantmon destroys it. However, it sends a signal to the Digital World to start an invasion which the Tamers have to stop somehow.

Island of Lost Digimon

 Six kids walk in the desert with their Trailmon and get caught in a war between Digimon and humans. However, the war is interrupted when the Lost Island crashes between them and takes them all. 

Lost Island is a land that’s trapped between two dimensions. Takuya, Tommy, and J.P wake up in a human-based village whereas Koji and Zoe are in a beast village. It’s now their main mission to find their friends and return to their world.

Digital Monster X-Evolution

 A virtual world is created by the Digital World and the host computer Yggdrasil developed an X program to eliminate all Digimon and create a new Digital World with few Digimon.

Ultimate Power! Activate Burst Mode!! 

  Gaomon, Agumon, and Lalamon join the humans in the city to save their world from Argomon who made their city uninhabitable.

Last Evolution Kizuna 

The DigiDestined reappear and they’re threatened by Eosmon who’s stealing their Digimons and their friends. It’s their duty to protect further abductions from happening in the real world.

Are all the Digimon series connected?

The Digimon series are mostly standalone, with some sharing connections. Digimon Adventure and its sequels form a continuous timeline, while others like Tamers and Frontier exist in separate universes. There are also stand-alone films and series like Appli Monsters.

Digimon Watching Order: FAQs

How many series are there in Digimon?

There are 10 seasons of Digimon as of 2022 and they are: Digimon Adventure, Digimon Adventure 02, Digimon Tamers, Digimon Frontier, Digimon Data Squad, Digimon Fusion, Digimon Adventure tri, Digimon Universe: App Monsters, Digimon Adventure:, and Digimon Ghost Game.

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