How Many Pokemon Does Ash Have?

how many pokemon does ash have?

Want to know how many Pokemon does Ash have? Read on to find out how many Pokemons Ash wins in the Pokemon!  

Ash Ketchum is the protagonist of the Pokemon series, the evergreen and most lovable anime show of all time. 

As you know, Pokemon means Pocket Monsters that everybody in the Pokemon series is fond of and to own a Pokemon they have to either catch them, win exotic Pokemon in competitions or trade them for another Pokemon. And Ash seems to have a wide collection of Pokemon that’s not easy to count.

To save you from the trouble of having to count every Pokemon Ash has, we’ve come prepared with the exact number of Pokemon Ash has ever owned, how many he has in his roster, and how many he’s kept in laboratories. Read along to find out the powerful collection of Pokemon owned by Ash.

How Many Pokemon Does Ash Have?  

The Protagonist: Ash Ketchum

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Before we get into the Pokemon collection Ash owns, it’s necessary to know about him and why the number of Pokemon owned by Ash is crucial. As we all know, Ash Ketchum is the protagonist of the Pokemon franchise. 

He resides in Pallet Town and his dream is to become a renowned Pokemon Master. Ash was supposed to receive his first Pokemon by Professor Oak who’s a local Pokemon researcher. 

Unfortunately, Ash woke up late and was delayed to meet Professor Oak. 

Hence, Ash received an untamed Pokemon named Pikachu who was in the lab. Ash is so excited about his new Pokemon and tries to interact with Pikachu. 

However, Pikachu is skeptical about Ash and doesn’t show much interest at first. Eventually, Pikachu trusts Ash when he sacrifices himself to save it from a group of Spearows. 

On his quest, Ash comes across several people and friends and discovers exotic Pokemon some of which he owns. Ash has undergone intense battles to save his friends and the world from fatal danger. He’s a generous, kind, and cheerful boy who likes to help his friends.

How Many Pokemon does Ash own?

Ash has traveled to every corner of the world on a quest to learn about and look for Pokemon. Although Pokemon are creatures that have distinct abilities, Ash likes to consider them as friends as well. 

He treats every Pokemon with respect and develops a friendly relationship with them. This makes him more trustworthy and likable to most Pokemon which is why they allow Ash to acquire them. 

He willingly works with any type of Pokemon without discriminating their characteristics and helps them reach their maximum potential.

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Ash has owned 95 distinct species of Pokemon and he currently has a collection of 77 Pokemon and 30 of them are from the Tauros species. 

Since it’s intricate to list out the entire list of Pokemon owned by Ash we’ve shortlisted the most crucial ones. Since Ash owns quite a lot of Pokemon he has a few with him and the rest are placed in three different laboratories. 

Hence, we’ve divided them into 3 different lists based on where they’re currently kept.

Here’s a list of Pokemon Ash currently has with him:

Which Pokemon Does Ash Currently Have With Him?

PikachuElectricPikachu is the first Pokemon Ash acquired and it’s his Starter Pokemon.
GengarGhostPoisonGengar was a released Pokemon that invaded the Cerise Lab. It helped Ash fight Team Rocket and joined him.
DragoniteDragon, Flying Ash discovered Dragonite on Dragonite Island. He helped it learn to fly which evolved and joined Ash.
LucarioFightingLucario was initially a Pokemon Egg called Riolu which didn’t hatch until it reached Kanto where it found Ash. After the egg hatched it joined Ash and evolved into Lucario.
Farfetch’dFightingFarfetch’d fought against Ash’s Riolu and was defeated. Later it joined Ash’s team.
DracovishWater, DragonDracovish wanted to bite Ash and prove that it’s capable of fighting Pikachu. Cara and Gasattu let Dracovish go with Ash. 

 In the anime, Ash is seen traveling with a Rotom which is an electric/ghost-type Pokemon that he hasn’t caught yet.

How Many Pokemon Has Ash Kept in The Labs

As we mentioned before, Ash has most of his Pokemon kept in three different labs owned by different professors such as Professor Oak, Professors Kuki and Burnet, and Professor Cerise. Ash has kept most of his Pokemon collection in Professor Oak’s lab in Pallet Town and some of them are:

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Pokemon TypeDetails
BulbasaurGrass, PoisonOne of the first Pokemon Ash has caught. He found Bulbasaur protecting a grass-type Pokemon and challenged Ash to defeat it. When Pikachu defeated it, Bulbasaur joined Ash and now it’s in Oak’s lab.
CharizardFire, FlyingAsh saved Charizard when it was Charmander but when it evolved, it disobeyed Ash and he released it. Later, Ash and Charizard rebonded and now it’s in Oak’s Lab
SnorlaxNormalAsh found Snorlax in Orange Islands where it ate its surroundings. To prevent it from eating the rest of the vegetation, Pikachu and Jigglypuff defeated it and Ash caught it.
TotodileWaterAsh fought for Totodile’s ownership against Misty. Totodile was an innocent, strong, and playful Pokemon but it didn’t evolve and Ash caught it which is now in Oak’s lab.
BayleefGrassBayleef was a stubborn Pokemon who envied Ash’s relationship with Pikachu and wanted Ash to show more affection towards it. Later, Ash and Bayleef improved their relationship and now it’s with Oak.
PalpitoadWater, GroundAsh found Palpitoad in a lake where he went to get an antidote. It fought Ash and eventually lost which gained Ash its ownership.
KrookodileGround, DarkSandile was the leader of his species who tried to protect them from an erupting geyser. After Ash saved its friends, it followed him to fight Pikachu. It evolved into Krokorok during the fight and later evolved into Krookodile when fighting against Dragonite.
SnivyGrassInitially, Ash wasn’t able to catch Snivy but he managed to earn its trust and then caught it. Snivy is an invincible Pokemon that Ash often used in fights.
PigniteFire, FightingAsh found a hungry and weak Tepig after it was abandoned by its previous owner. Ash fed and took care of him. When Ash met Pignite’s previous owner he was challenged for a fight and Tepig evolved into Pignite.
TorterraGrass, GroundAsh met Turtwig when it saved Pikachu from Team Rocket and Ash, misunderstanding that Ash was going to steal it. After clearing the misconception, Ash caught Turtwig and it later evolved to Grottle and then to Torterra.

How Many Pokemon Has Ash Kept In Professor Cerise’s Lab:

Mr. MimePsychic, FairyAsh met Mr. Mime in the Kanto region and caught it there. After using it in a battle he left it in Professor Cerise’s lab.

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Pokemon Ash Has In Professors Kukui’s and Burnet’s Lab:

LycanrocRockLycanroc was initially Rockruff which lived in Professor Kukui’s lab but he never owned it. When Ash met Lycanroc it bonded with him and he ultimately caught it. He left Lycanroc in Kukui and Burnet’s lab when he left Alola.
MelmetalSteelAsh met Meltan when it accidentally slept next to Rowlet. Ash bonded with Meltan and caught it and it later evolved into Melmetal.
IncineroarFire, DarkLitten was a wild Pokemon that was protected by Stoutland until its death. Litten later joined Ash and evolved into Incineroar.
RowletGrass, FlyingAsh met Rowlet when it saved Pikachu and then it joined his team. Now it resides with Kukui and Burnet in their lab.

There are other Pokemon owned by Ash which are neither with him nor in a laboratory. Ash left these Pokemon to train in a particular place and they are:

PrimeapeFightingPrimeape was initially a wild Pokemon that stole Ash’s cap. Ash couldn’t find its whereabouts and then it evolved into Primeape and became more mischievous and chaotic. Ash managed to catch it and left it to train to become a professional fighter.
SquirtleWaterSquirtle was the leader of the Squirtle Squad and it was one of the first Pokemon Ash acquired. Now it resides with its squad.

There are more Pokemon that are owned by Ash and those which he released and met at one point. However, we’ve only mentioned most of the Pokemon owned by Ash which have played a significant role in the series. 

In brief, the total number of Pokemon Ash currently has is 77 Pokemon some of which he keeps with him and some which he has kept in the labs.

How many Pokemon Does Ash Have: FAQs

What Pokemon does Ash currently have?

Ash Ketchum currently owns a total of 77 Pokemon most of which are fully evolved Pokemon. He only has 6 Pokemon with him and the rest of them are kept in labs. The 6 Pokemon Ash currently has are Pikachu, Dragonair, Lucario, Farfetch’d, Gengar and Dracovish.

Who was Ash’s first Pokemon?

The first ever Pokemon Ash Ketchum received was Pikachu. Ash, who dreamt of being a Pokemon Master, was supposed to get his first Pokemon by Professor Oak. Since Ash arrived late, he was given Pikachu who was the only Pokemon left. Pikachu was an untamed Pokemon who disliked Ash initially but eventually developed a strong bond with him.

How many Pokemon does Ash release?

Ash Ketchum has traveled to several regions which are home to exotic Pokemon and he has caught quite a large number of Pokemon and also traveled with them. Ash has released 6 Pokemon and they are Butterfree, Pidgeot, Lapras, Greninja, Goodra, and Naganadel.

Does Ash catch all 150 Pokemon?

Ash Ketchum’s dream of becoming a Pokemon Master finally became true when he caught all 150 Pokemon. After two decades in Pokemon The Series: Sun and Moon, Ash finally caught ’em all in the 139th episode.

Why does Ash have 30 Tauros?

Since Ash wanted to become a Pokemon Master, he attempted to catch as many Pokemon as possible. Ash had a different kind of Pokeballs called Safari Balls which when he threw attracted many Tauros Pokemon and that’s how he caught 30 of them.

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