Ride a Balloon to the Edge of Space: Hokkaido Company Takes You on a Stratospheric Adventure

ride a balloon to the edge of space

Are you ready to float to unbelievable heights and gaze upon the Earth like never before? Let’s dive into how a creative company is turning this dream into reality.

Stratospheric Adventures
Imagine boarding a balloon-powered vessel for a voyage to the stratosphere. That’s exactly what Iwaya Giken, a pioneering firm in Hokkaido, is offering. 

Their balloon tours propose to take you 25 kilometers up, right into the realm where you can marvel at the cosmos and Earth’s curvature—all from within a specially designed airtight cabin that shelters two adventurers: you and the pilot.

Ride a Balloon to the Edge of Space

Journey to the Edge of Space
This isn’t your typical balloon ride. The craft, nicknamed the T-10 Earther, is expertly crafted to endure dramatic shifts in temperature and air pressure experienced at such heights. 

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Your ascent will last around two hours before you’re spending roughly an hour floating above it all —higher than any commercial flight—granted an unobstructed celestial spectacle.

Ascent2 hoursAscending to 25 km altitude
Observation1 hourEnjoying the view
DescentVariableReturning to Earth’s surface

Innovative Technology for a New Era
A feat like this requires cutting-edge solutions in aerospace engineering. The vessel is not just a sight to behold—it’s a triumph of technology, ensuring your safety and comfort while you’re brushing against the heavens.

Pricing the Infinite
Ventures into the stratosphere come with a tag, albeit a steep one. Launching into the skies on this extraordinary journey is set to cost about 24 million yen per passenger. While not within everyone’s reach, this price marks a significant move towards making near-space tourism more accessible compared to other rocket-based alternatives.

Joining Forces with Travel Experts
No expedition of this nature is a solo journey; Iwaya Giken is backed by travel agencies like JTB Corp, bringing professional travel management into the equation. They’re helping turn these high-altitude dreams into bookable packages.

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Safety First in Unknown Terrain

While rising above inhabitable altitudes might raise eyebrows, especially with recent events concerning balloons, rest assured, your safety is the top priority.

Beyond offering unparalleled views of the blueness of the Earth and the darkness of space, these flights are rigorously planned to ensure you return from your high-flying excursion without a hitch.

Whether the sight of seeing the Earth beneath you calls for an exhilarating yes or a hesitant no, the opportunity itself is groundbreaking.

It signals a new chapter in space tourism, one where the skies are not just the limit but the starting point. Keep your eyes on the skies—space travel is getting a breath of fresh air, quite literally, with helium.

Who’s Launching Balloon Trips to the Edge of Space?

The company kickstarting these high-altitude balloon experiences is a Hokkaido-based startup named Iwaya Giken.

What Altitudes Will These Balloon Rides Reach?

You’ll be soaring approximately 25 kilometers (15 miles) above Earth on these stratospheric adventures.

What Safety Precautions Are Being Taken?

Rigorous safety protocols are implemented which include:

  • Pre-flight safety briefings
  • Emergency equipment onboard
  • Regular maintenance and safety checks
  • Expert pilots with extensive training

What Scenery Will You Witness on the Ride?

From that height, you can expect:

  • Panoramic views of Earth’s curvature
  • The vastness of space against the backdrop of a starlit sky
  • The stunning play of sunlight at the edge of our atmosphere

What’s the Duration of This High-Altitude Adventure?

You’re in for a round-trip journey that lasts around 4 hours, split into:

  • 2 hours ascending to peak altitude
  • 1 hour to marvel at the views
  • 1 hour descent back to the launch area

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