Pompompurin Hotel Rooms In Tokyo & Hokkaido: Book Your Whimsical Stay!

Pompompurin Hotel Rooms In Tokyo & Hokkaido

If you find yourself dreaming of a unique stay in Japan, brace yourself for an adorable experience at two prominent hotels, sprinkled with the charm of a Sanrio celebrity—Pompompurin.

In the bustling cores of Tokyo and Sapporo, case in point, the Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza Gochome and Mitsui Garden Hotel Sapporo West offer more than convenient locations; they have transformed into havens for fans of this custard-like pup.

Exclusive Pompompurin Rooms:

  • Hide and Seek: Embark on a playful quest to spot hidden friends among your room’s decor.
  • Sweets Party: Immerse yourself in a pastel paradise reminiscent of a dessert dreamland.
  • Dreaming Pompompurin (only at Ginza Gochome): Drift off to sleep under a ceiling of snoozing Pompompurins.

Booking a stay in one of these rooms not only promises a kawaii retreat but also entitles you to a gift set with Pompompurin goodies, each tailored to the room’s theme.

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Expect to unpack a collection featuring a drink tumbler, unique tote bag, cozy hand towel, fluffy socks, decorative sticker, and an exclusive plush dressed to impress.

Despite the uniformity of the plush across all rooms, the bundle’s novelty might just tempt you to consider collecting them all. Feel inspired by the warmth of this pudding-like dog and make your next hotel stay a memorable one.

With stays commencing from March 26, it’s the perfect time to secure your spot through the Mitsui Garden hotels’ website for an enchanting escape wrapped in the comfort of Pompompurin’s world.

Pricing for Pompompurin-themed Rooms in Tokyo and Hokkaido

  • Tokyo: Prices can vary, but they start at around ¥30,000 per night.
  • Hokkaido: Similar to Tokyo but check for specific seasonal pricing and offers.
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Pompompurin-themed Dining Experiences

  • Available: Yes, themed menus are offered at these unique hotels.
  • Highlights: Expect specially crafted desserts and adorable Pompompurin-inspired dishes.

Availability of Cinnamoroll-themed Hotel Accommodations in Tokyo

  • Cinnamoroll rooms are not commonly marketed, but you might find limited-time offers.

Amenities at Mitsui Garden Hotel, Tokyo

  • Rooms: Comfortable, well-designed spaces.
  • Facilities: Wi-Fi, restaurants, and more guest-centric features for a pleasant stay.

Booking Your Sanrio-inspired Stay in Tokyo

  • Online: Visit the hotel’s official website.
  • Phone: Reach out directly to ensure your reservation.

Decor in Pompompurin-themed Rooms

  • Walls: Adorned with Pompompurin and friends.
  • Goods: Expect Pompompurin toys and exclusive merchandise.

Remember to check the latest updates from the hotels for the most accurate information and enjoy your thematic stay!

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