McDonald’s Butterscotch Pie in Japan Review: A Sweet Surprise Worth the Hype?

mcdonalds butterscotch pie in japan

McDonald’s in Japan has been stirring up excitement with their dessert lineup, bringing unique flavors from abroad. 

Their recent addition, a Butterscotch Pie, filled with a luscious cream of butter cookies and a rich caramel that has a distinct buttery scent, is worth a try for anyone with a sweet tooth. 

As you bite into it, expect a delightful crunch from the cookie bits mixed into the cream.

But it’s not just butterscotch making waves. Chocolate lovers can savor the revamped Belgian Chocolate Pie, now boasting a 27% Belgian chocolate content for a fuller, smoother experience. The fine dark chocolate gives it that sought-after adult bitter twist.

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These pies are available for a limited period from January 10 until the start of February, and both come with a wallet-friendly price tag of 210 yen each.

The Belgian Chocolate Pie box looks just as tempting as the dessert within, and the Butterscotch Pie packaging piques interest with a playful “Butter Scotch?” questioning the very essence of butterscotch for those unfamiliar with it.

Speaking of which, this peculiar naming, split into “butter” and “scotch,” might cause a bit of head-scratching. But don’t let it fool you; “scotch” in this context has nothing to do with Scotland but is derived from an old English term referring to the scoring of candy.

For those in Japan who may be puzzled by what butterscotch actually is, McDonald’s launched an informative ad where a woman is whisked away to Europe, sparking her curiosity about the confection. When she finally indulges in the pie, it’s a moment of sweet revelation.

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Jump on the butterscotch bandwagon by engaging in their Twitter campaign. Just follow McDonald’s Japan official account and share your anticipation for butterscotch with the campaign hashtag. Lucky participants can win a 1,000 yen McDonald’s coupon.

With the creative advertising and social media buzz, the hope is that butterscotch will soon become a familiar flavor in Japan, leaving no room for the question mark in “Butter Scotch?“—just one more delightful option on the McDonald’s menu.

Taste Profile of McDonald’s Butterscotch Dessert in Japan

  • Flavor: A sweet and buttery taste with a hint of caramel-like richness.
  • Texture: Usually has a flaky, crispy exterior with a creamy filling.

Availability Across McDonald’s Locations in Japan

  • Not every McDonald’s may have it; check local availability.
  • It’s often a special item, so it might be at select branches.

Comparison with Other McDonald’s Pies

  • Variety: Also available are flavors like Belgian Chocolate, which some patrons compare in terms of popularity and taste.
  • Preference: Taste is subjective; some prefer the richness of chocolate, others the sweetness of butterscotch.

Pricing for a Butterscotch Pie

  • Prices can vary slightly based on location, but they generally are affordable and consistent with other menu items.

Limited-Time Nature of the Butterscotch Pie

  • Status: Often released as a seasonal or promotional item.
  • Duration: Typically, it’s only around for a limited period, so it’s best to check it out sooner rather than later.

Special Extras with the Pie

  • Some locations may offer toppings or extras, but the standard pie usually comes without add-ons.

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