Rare Pokémon Card Valued at 200 Million Yen: Tokyo Card Shop Seeks Nine Figures for Priceless Items!

Do you know about the Rare Pokémon Card Valued at 200 Million Yen?

In the heart of Akihabara, a district well-known for its subcultures, there’s a trading card shop with a name that might bring a smile to your face – think sunny days with a touch of divine joy. 

This place, known for its selection of collectibles, is currently offering a piece so rare it’s got enthusiasts buzzing with excitement. 

It’s a Pokémon Illustrator card, a gem within the trading card community, and it could be yours if your pockets are deep enough—picture the crisp valuation of 200 million yen, or around US$1.55 million.

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Before your jaw drops at the price, let’s unpack why this card is worth more than just a double-take. 

The Pokémon Illustrator card is the unicorn of Pokémon cards, not because you can play it in a battle, but because of its origin story. 

It’s the stuff of legends: a reward from an art contest in a manga magazine back in ’97, handed out only to a select few who earned the grand prize for their stunning artwork. These cards are extremely scarce, with less than 50 believed to be out there.

Here’s what makes this particular card extra appealing:

  • Rarity: Less than 45 exist worldwide.
  • Condition: Authenticated and rated 8.5 out of 10.
  • Collectibility: A trophy with no gameplay function, just pure collector gold.

The card’s been on the market since late December, unsold – this could mean it’s priced at a premium, but remember, finding one of these for sale is like stumbling upon a treasure chest. 

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If snagging this piece of Pokémon history gives you those ecstatic “Hallelujah!” vibes and fits within your budget, it’s up for grabs online with a simple click to add to cart. Not something you’d expect for an artifact with such a steep tag.

For a deeper look at the card and maybe, just maybe, to add it to your collection, you can visit the shop’s website. Just imagine the thrill of owning something so coveted by fans around the globe!

What’s the Price Tag on the Priciest Pokémon Card Sold?

Records have been set by Pokémon cards fetching unbelievable prices, with one notable Pikachu Illustrator card reportedly claiming a spot at auction for over $200,000. Rarity, condition, and the card’s iconic status contribute to its high value.

Rare Pokémon Card Valued at 200 Million Yen

How Much Do Top-Tier Pokémon Cards Generally Cost?

If you’re eyeing the market for Pokémon cards with substantial value, expect to encounter a range of prices. Typically, high-value cards can sell from thousands up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on several factors including rarity and condition.

What Decides a Rare Pokémon Card’s Value?

  • Rarity: The fewer copies there are, the better.
  • Condition: Mint condition cards are top dollar.
  • Demand: Popular series or characters mean more value.
  • Authenticity: Official and verified cards are worth more.

Have Pokémon Cards Ever Sold for More than a Million?

Yes, some Pokémon cards have indeed soared past the million-dollar price tag at auctions, setting records and making headlines for their astonishing valuations.

Is It Possible to Find Pokémon Cards Valued Near the 2 Million Dollar Mark?

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Yes, there have been instances where Pokémon cards like the Pokémon Illustrator have been listed with hopes of fetching close to 2 million dollars, reflecting their storied status and extreme scarcity.

How Do Collectors Put a Price on Limited Edition Pokémon Cards?

Collectors and appraisers look at multiple aspects:

  • Print Run: Limited editions often have fewer prints.
  • Market Trends: Current demands shape the price.
  • Historical Sales: Past sales provide a pricing benchmark.
  • Grading: Professional grading services assess the card’s condition.

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