Not in the Mood for Small Talk? Japanese Taxis Roll Out ‘Silent Mode’ Feature for Peaceful Rides

Japanese Taxi features Roll Out 'Silent Mode'

When you settle into a cab, the last thing you might want is to engage in idle chatter—especially on those rough mornings or when you’re prepping for an upcoming meeting in your head. 

Recognizing that silence can be golden, Sanwa Kotsu has come up with a neat solution for passengers craving peace.

Experience Personalized Comfort

Customize Your Ride

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In a Sanwa Kotsu taxi, you’re met with a digital display ready to cater to your travel mood. Let’s explore what’s at your fingertips:

  • Silent Service: A quick tap on Silent Mode signals your driver to skip the small talk, enabling you to enjoy your ride in quiet contemplation.
  • Smooth Sailing: The Turtle Taxi Mode lets your driver know you prefer a ride that’s gentle on both you and the environment.
  • Temperature Control: Feeling chilly or warm? Select Toasty Mode or Chilly Mode respectively, and adjust the cab’s temperature to your comfort.
  • Stay Hydrated: For just 100 yen, you can press a button and voilà, a bottle of water is yours, without the detour past convenience stores.

An Expanding Quiet Zone

Though you’ll mostly find these innovative rides around Kanagawa Prefecture, their presence may extend into Tokyo, providing silent sanctuary to weary travelers far and wide. Keep an eye out; your next silent retreat might just be a cab ride away.

Activating Silent Mode in Japanese Taxis

To request a ride without conversation in certain Japanese taxis like Sanwa’s Turtle Taxis, look for a touchscreen near the rear seats. There, you’ll find a button for Silent Mode; simply tap it to inform your driver that you prefer to ride in silence.

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What’s This ‘Silent Taxi’ I’m Hearing About?

Japanese taxi companies have introduced a Silent Taxi service, targeting passengers who wish to enjoy a peaceful journey. It’s perfect for those moments when you’re not up for chitchat.

Can I Get a Quiet Ride with Just a Tap?

Yes, in these innovative taxis, a single tap on the Silent Mode button is enough to communicate to your driver that you’d like to travel without conversation.

Do All Taxis in Japan Provide a No-Talk Option?

Not all, but some Japanese taxi companies like Miyako Taxi are offering this quiet travel feature. Keep an eye out for such options next time you need a ride.

Why Was Silent Mode Introduced in Taxis?

The feature was likely introduced to enhance passenger comfort. It respects the passenger’s preference for quietness, which can be important for those needing to rest or focus.

Any Other Service Changes When Silent Mode is On?

Silent Mode only changes the level of interaction with your driver. All other service aspects, such as safety and efficiency, remain unchanged.

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