5 Popular Japanese Bottled Green Tea 2022

popular japanese bottled green tea

Love green tea? Check out the popular Japanese bottled green tea beverages you can enjoy anytime, anywhere! 

Japanese green tea is considered to be a refreshment drink that is enjoyed by all. It is believed that this tea can help improve your mood as well as productivity levels. 

Japanese bottled green tea is not just a beverage that quenches your thirst. The aroma also draws you in along with the brilliant flavor of it. Japanese bottled green tea usually does not have any added sugar or sweetness. 

The bittersweet taste of the tea adds to its delicateness. With this, you can taste the original taste of the green tea leaves.

I have tried several Japanese bottled green tea and I have brought to you some of the most popular ones today. Continue reading to explore the delicious world of Japanese green tea.

Popular Japanese Bottled Green Tea — Quick Summary

Popular Japanese Bottled Green TeaKey FeaturesCheck latest price
Ito En OchaNo artificial colors or flavorsLow in caloriesView on Amazon
Coca Cola Japan AyatakaElegant tasteView on Amazon Japan
Ito En Oi Ocha Dark Green TeaNo sugar or artificial sweetenersNo powders or concentratesView on Amazon
Suntory Green Tea Iyemon TokuchaStrong flavor with a hint of sweetnessMade using the finest green tea leavesView on Amazon
Nama-ChaMild flavorMade using high-grade Gyokuro green teaView on Amazon Japan

History of Green Tea in Japan

Green tea is said to have originated in China more than five thousand years ago. It is also believed that this was the only type of tea to have existed for years. It was only later that other kinds of teas such as oolong tea and black tea made their appearance. 

Green tea came to Japan from China in the Nara period. Initially, this drink was limited only to the aristocracy or the upper class. The custom of drinking powdered green tea was introduced by the founder of Zen Buddhism, monk Eisai. 

In China, the custom of drinking powdered green tea slowly started fading. This custom was replaced by infusions of tea leaves. In Japan, however, this custom of drinking powdered green tea continued. In fact, the Japanese improved and perfected this custom, giving rise to the tea ceremony. 

Popular Japanese Bottled Green Tea

Ito En Ocha

Healthiest Popular Japanese bottled green tea

I cannot talk about green tea and not include this one in the list. Every Japanese person loves this green tea. The multinational brand is also number one in Japan. If you want to drink green tea, I would recommend that you try this one out before going for anything else. 

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This is one green tea that goes so well with all kinds of traditional Japanese meals including sushi and sashimi. With this green tea, I can actually taste the flavor of the raw fish to a whole new extent.

Green tea is brewed using whole green leaves grown in Japan. Unlike most other types of green tea, this is not made using tea powder or concentrate.

popular japanese bottled green tea brands

Also, the fact that this green tea comes in a packaged bottle makes it convenient for you to carry it everywhere with you. I carried this bottle around with me everywhere and believe me, this chilled bottle can instantly hydrate me anytime anywhere. 

The calorie count is also very low and so it can easily become a substitute for your usual sugary soda or flavored coffee.

The tea is also quite rich in antioxidants because it has been brewed from premium Japanese loose tea leaves. There are no artificial colors or flavors added to it so whatever you get inside this bottle is completely delicious and extremely pure.

What we like

  • Brewed using whole green tea leaves
  • Convenient packaging
  • Enhances the taste of authentic Japanese meals
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • Low in calories

Coca Cola Japan Ayataka

Most Popular Japanese Bottled Green Tea Flavor

Did you ever know that Coca Cola does not just make your fizzy drink, but you can also get a delicious tasting and authentic green tea? The Coca-Cola Japan Aya Taka has been made using carefully selected domestic tea leaves. It really has a very rich flavor and tastes that I absolutely love. 

best bottled green tea in Japan

It has a very elegant taste and you can also smell matcha. 

The extremely simple packaging also makes you understand The authenticity of the green tea that you will be drinking from the bottle. The teapot made on the packaging serves this purpose.

Do not forget to shake the bottle well before you enjoy the delicious flavor and Aroma of this green tea.

What we like

  • Authentic green tea
  • Made using carefully selected green tea leaves
  • Elegant taste
  • Simple packaging

Ito En Oi Ocha Dark Green Tea

Most Popular Japanese Bottled Green Tea Brand

As compared to the other green tea in the same brand listed here, this one has a bolder flavor. There is absolutely no sugar or artificial sweetener used here that makes it completely free of calories. 

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I love the refreshing and delicious flavor of this dark green tea. Another reason why this green tea is so popular is that it is rich in antioxidants and has been brood using whole leaves. 

healthiest bottled green tea 2021

There are no powders or concentrates used which makes it extremely healthy. When I feel that the flavor is too heavy for me, I like taking the green tea out in a glass and water it down with some ice water or Ice. 

Because it is highly concentrated, it has a very grassy taste as compared to other light green tea variants. When I first tried this dark green tea, it took me a while to get used to the flavor. 

It leaves behind a residue in your mouth because of the usage of tea leaves. Drinking this is somewhat like drinking matcha drink. Try it out and I am sure you will enjoy it after the first few initial sips.

What we like

  • No sugar or artificial sweeteners
  • No powders or concentrates
  • No artificial flavoring added to it

What we don’t like 

  • Heavy flavor
  • Can get time getting used to the flavor

Suntory Green Tea Iyemon Tokucha 

Popular Bottled Green Tea in Japan

There are times when I want a very strong flavor and this green tea from Suntory really brings me just that. This is a high class Iyemon green tea. 

oi ocha green tea

The strong flavor of the green tea also has a slight hint of sourness to it that really gets your taste buds addicted to it. You will notice that this green tea is considerably stronger in taste as compared to other green teas by different brands. 

This green tea is made only by using the finest green tea leaves. The tea leaves are ground finally which results in activation of the leaves’ sweetness. 

The water that is used to make this drink has especially been sourced all the way from Yamasaki in Kyoto. I also love the shape of the bottle which has been molded after a bamboo pipe. 

This green tea is one of the most popular ones in the market and I always make sure that I have a stock of it in my home.

What we like

  • High class Iyemon green tea
  • Strong flavor with a hint of sweetness
  • Made using the finest green tea leaves


Top-selling Popular Japanese Bottled Green Tea

Nama-cha is an absolute delight to drink because of its mild refreshing and natural sweetness. Is produced using a combination of high-grade Gyokuro green tea.

popular japanese bottled green tea flavors

It is a very mild green tea that has been screened from sunlight. It is because the green tea is deep steam that you get its excellent flavors. 

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What we like

  • Mild flavor
  • Made using high-grade Gyokuro green tea

Is Japanese bottled green tea healthy?

Japanese bottled green tea is considered to be very healthy. This is said because of the high level of antioxidants in green tea. Green tea is made using non-oxidized leaves that are not as processed as in other kinds of tea. This makes green tea the most natural type of tea out there. 

The freshly picked leaves are kept intact and preserved so as to maintain all their components and properties. It is also not fermented. 

There are also several health benefits associated with Japanese green tea. It is believed that green tea can help with fat loss. It can also improve brain function, lower the risk of heart diseases, and may also help prevent certain types of cancer. 

Types of Green Tea

There is not only one type of green tea; there are several types. And I am sure not many of you are aware of this. I used to think that green tea was a single product. It was only later that I found out there are so many variants. 

One of the most popular types of green tea outside Japan is Matcha or ground tea. Matcha is nothing but powdered green tea in its highest quality. It is the type of green tea that is used for tea ceremonies. 

Matcha has quite a strong flavor and is quite intense. One of the major reasons why Matcha is so popular is because it is used to make sweets and drinks. I am sure you know about the famous Matcha Latte from Starbucks. 

Apart from Matcha, there are several other types of Green tea too.

How to make Green Tea at home?

If you have ever visited Japan and have been invited to a Japanese home, you would probably already know all about the Japanese tea ceremony. It is quite a complex ritual that needs years of practice and study to be perfected. 

That being said, you do not always need to go through all that hassle to enjoy a refreshing cup of Japanese green tea. You can easily prepare it at home with only water. Depending on your preference, you can use both hot and cold water.

A healthier alternative for you!

It is finally time to replace all your fizzy drinks with the healthy option. These were some of my favourite healthy options that really curb your hunger for sweet dreams. Try replacing your drinks with one of these best Japanese green teas and you really will see a difference.

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Ito En Oi Ocha Dark Green Tea

CHeck out the most popular Japanese bottled green tea! We revuewed them all to find the best ones!

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