Noodles That You Fold and Eat: The Ultimate Guide to Stuffed Pasta Shapes

noodles you can fold and eat

If you’ve grown accustomed to the regular udon noodles round shape, get ready to switch things up with himokawa udon. This thin, wide, flat rendition is a local delight in Kiryu City.

Picture it: noodles about 12 centimeters wide, artistically layered into an appetizing heap, diverging from your usual thick udon strands.

Grabbing a bite at Furukawa, a crowd favorite, opens up a world of choices from the menu.

Although you might be tempted to order a familiar dish, the Mori Himokawa, priced at a modest 800 yen, is a must-try, especially if it’s your first encounter with these unique noodles.

Expect a brief wait during busy lunch hours, but that anticipation is a small price for what’s to come.

Picture the scene: your lunch arrives, and it’s a completely different visual feast from the standard udon. Unfolding the himokawa is like unveiling layers of noodle goodness.

Dunk them in a savory broth, top with some green onions, and perhaps a smidge of wasabi for that extra oomph, and you’re set.

The first bite reveals a surprisingly chewy texture, almost reminiscent of biting into a tender steak – a food experience that definitely stands out.

Don’t shy away from being a tad bold and trying the noodles stretched out thin. It brings a new dimension to their texture, still smooth but with a bit less of that chew.

By the meal’s end, the combination of distinct taste, texture, and novelty ensures a satiated and content stomach.

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Next time you’re in Gunma, keep your chopsticks ready for even more broth variations or perhaps venture into the realms of black or holy udon. Why not? After all, a food adventure is always calling.

Visiting Information Mendokoro Sakedokoro Furukawa Kuremutsu Aioi Store boasts an inviting atmosphere, ideal for a noodle indulgence.

Note the hours: 11 AM to 2 PM and 5:30 PM to 10 PM, with entry closing at 9:15 PM. Be mindful of the days they’re closed – Mondays and each month’s 4th Tuesday. Care to plan ahead? Scour through their website for any time changes before visiting.

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