6 Ways How Japanese Guys Express Love

How Japanese Guys Express Love

How to know if a Japanese guy likes you? Here’s how Japanese guys express love.

n Japan, expressions of love by men are often subtle yet deeply meaningful, reflecting cultural values and personal styles.

From gestures of care and respect to heartfelt actions, explore the six distinctive ways Japanese men convey their affection, illuminating the nuances of love in a society rich with tradition and nuance.

How do Japanese guys express love? 

Japanese guys express love in simplest forms by planning dates, showing your weakness, texting you frequently, and trying to learn your language. They also love it when you look for them and constantly give you advice and want you to get along with their mother. They’re quite shy so sometimes they might leave you alone.

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How to Know if a Japanese Guy Likes You?

Here are some ways to know if your Japanese boyfriend loves you – 

  • He is well aware of your likes and dislikes

So, you may have said something to your Japanese boyfriend and you thought he did not hear a word of what you said, but somehow he remembered it all. He knows your favorite color, your favorite flavor of ice cream, the tune that makes you jump with joy, and everything in between. 

how Japanese guys express love

If your boyfriend knows all your little things without you overtly telling him, it means, he has been noticing you and observing all that you do. This is proof that you are extremely important to him. 

  • He shows you his weakness
how japanese guys express affection

It is quite possible that your Japanese boyfriend does not share a lot of things and likes keeping his thoughts to himself during the day. However, if he relaxes in front of you and shares everything, no matter good or bad, it really means that he feels very comfortable and open around you. 

  • He plans all the dates perfectly

Japanese guys make sure they research the area where they want to take you on a date quite thoroughly. They check out the place well in advance, find out the food items available, and make sure they are quite confident about the place before they take you there.

how japanese guys flirt

Japanese guys do this because they want to make sure everything is perfect when you both are together. If this happens to you, you really need to appreciate your Japanese boyfriend and thank him for taking out the time to ensure everything goes smoothly.

If he looks happy and shy, then this is the best gift. 

  • He loves when you cook

If Japanese guys love you, they will eat anything that you cook with happiness, even if it is the worst dish on the planet. There is something about love that causes this change in their taste buds.

does my japanese boyfriend love me

He may not like what you have cooked, but he will still eat it to show that he accepts your cooking and are glad you made something out of love for him. He may not say anything to you directly, so you need to understand everything by his actions and vibes.

  • He may be learning your language
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If you speak a language different from that of your Japanese partner, there is quite a possibility that your guy is doing everything to learn your language and your culture. 

japanese signs of affection

In Japan, studying a different language is not easy; it takes a lot of time, money, and effort. So, if your Japanese boyfriend is putting in all of that for you, it means that you mean a lot to him. 

  • He expresses love through texts

You might wonder about the signs to know if a japanese guy likes you over text, well let me tell you here. Japanese guy’s texting habits are pretty simple and easy to predict. They text back pretty quickly if they like you and tell you everything about their day. 

You’ll be the first person they text when they feel sad, happy or if something big happens. That’s how you get the hint if you’re wondering how to know if a Japanese guy secretly likes you. He will also ask you about your day and will ask you about your stories.

  • He wants you to get along with his mother

It is quite essential that you get along well with your partner’s mother. Having a mother’s support is the most beautiful thing in the world. Your future mother-in-law is the best adviser and babysitter that you can get. 

If your Japanese boyfriend has planned out a future with you, he would definitely want you to get along with his mother so your life becomes comfortable. 

Things about Japanese guys that you need to know

  • They are shy!

Believe it or not, Japanese guys are extremely shy and passive. They only start feeling confident to speak or show their emotions when they are sure you like them.

Once they are sure about your feelings for them and they also have similar feelings for you, they will start to take action and become more straightforward.

Once Japanese guys get over the ‘shy phase’, you will notice that they can be quite passionate too.

  • Do not express affection

As mentioned before, Japanese guys are extremely shy and so, it can be quite difficult for you to make them show any signs of affection, especially in public.

It might be quite difficult for you to come to terms with this behavior, but it is what it is. Your Japanese boyfriend loves you, but he just cannot be passionate about it simply because he is too shy.

  • Meeting the parents

In western countries, meeting your partner’s parents is deemed normal. However, that is not the case in Japan. It is not very common to meet each other’s parents, and if that does happen, it means you both are serious and want to get married.

But ladies, do not fret if your Japanese boyfriend has not invited you to meet his parents yet. Once you two are serious and are ready to get married, he will definitely arrange a pre-wedding meeting between you and his parents.

  • Business relationship
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Japanese guys value their relationships with coworkers and bosses just as much as they value their relationship with you. So, in order to maintain that relationship, they may sometimes go out for dinner and drinks with their bosses or coworkers.

You need to understand that this does not mean he does not give you any importance. It is just very difficult for them to refuse such offers from their bosses and business partners. 

Typical Things Japanese Guys Do To Express Love

While most of the points I have mentioned below are quite obvious, you still need to take special note of them and notice these little signs.

  • Teasing

Yes, teasing is a way of expressing love. Have you ever had a Japanese man tease you and make fun of you? That’s probably because he wanted to build a better relationship with you but did not know of any other way to talk to you or approach you.

Guys tend to tease you when they want to grasp your attention or see you laugh. There is quite a probability that you find such a teasing behavior silly, or even irritating. B

ut, since Japanese guys don’t know how else to get close to you, they will pull out these silly teasing stunts. 

  • Leaves you alone

I hate when guys do this. We, women, are expressive creatures. We love to talk and share our feelings, especially when we are feeling sad or low. We feel better when we share our problems, even if the problems are not solved.

japanese romantic gestures

Men, on the other hand, like to be left alone to think and brood when they are facing problems or are feeling low. Men require their little personal space to think, and that is exactly how they think we want the same thing too.

And so, they leave us alone when we are feeling down with a problem. Japanese men assume that women too want to be left alone and so, they do not even bother to ask if there is some problem. 

  • They hardly say anything

Japanese men are timid and so, they do not express how they feel quite as easily as the men in the west do. Japanese men won’t tell you if you are looking beautiful or give you any other compliment. 

It’s all because Japanese men are shy and hesitant when it comes to being expressive. And it is because of this nature that they tend to indulge in other gestures to tell you they love you. 

They may buy you presents or take you out on a nice dinner date. Also, the culture of saying ‘I love you’ is not very prominent amongst Japanese men. While the younger generation may be more open towards expressing love by saying those three magical words, it cannot be seen amongst the older generation. 

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If your Japanese boyfriend isn’t saying ‘I love you’ too often, do not worry. He loves you but is probably too shy to say it out loud. Look out for all the other signs. 

  • Give you advice

Yet another tell-tale sign that your Japanese guy is expressing his love is when he gives you advice. Women love sharing their problems, as mentioned above. However, the sole purpose of women behind this is to get somebody to listen to them. 

Women do not necessarily seek any solutions or advice for their problems. However, Japanese men tend to think otherwise. They believe that women are sharing with them because they want some sort of advice. 

And believe me, ladies, if a Japanese guy is giving you advice, it probably is because he likes you. Giving advice is Japanese men’s way of showing that they care about you and like you. This shows that they think of you as the most important woman in their lives. 

How do Japanese express their love?

Japanese don’t usually express their feelings in public and are pretty private about their affairs. It’s considered rude to hug, kiss or show love in public. They confess love to each other in private and make the other person feel better about themselves to show affection.

How do Japanese guys flirt?

Japanese guys flirt very subtly in public because they’re usually shy. They find it embarrassing to express love in any form in public which is why they don’t exchange kisses in public places. Japanese people hold hands, cuddle and tease you to express love.

How do you tell if a Japanese guy is interested in you?

Japanese guys express love in a pure form by teasing, touching and kissing privately. They also know about your likes and dislikes and want you to get along with their mother. Most of them also try to learn your language to show that they’re interested in you.

How do Japanese guys propose?

Japanese guys propose in an extremely grand way with fireworks and parties. There are no rules, some even like to propose privately.

So, does your Japanese guy love you?

Your Japanese boyfriend’s way of showing love may not be what you expect, but it is there – all between the lines and in the actions. All you need to do is, look for the signs.

I hope this guide helped you find out more about your relationship with your Japanese partner. Keep a lookout for these signs and you shall surely know if your Japanese boyfriend loves you. 

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