Hinatomaru – New Sushi Restaurant Hidden Inside Tokyo Station: A Culinary Gem


When in Tokyo Station and in need of a quick yet delicious meal, Hinatomaru stands out as an excellent option. This standing sushi bar offers omakase-quality sushi at prices that won’t break the bank. 

Located in the Yaekita Shokudo area on the first floor of the Gransta complex, Hinatomaru is a bit of a hidden gem. 

It sits between the Yaesu North Exit ticket gate and the Nihonbashi Exit Shinkansen ticket gate. This tucked-away spot might make it hard to find, but it’s well worth the search.

One of the standout features of Hinatomaru is its convenient setup. If you’re a traveler with heavy luggage, you can easily walk in, order, and eat right there. For those who prefer to sit while eating, Hinatomaru offers three tables at the back left-hand side of the restaurant.

Sushi Prices

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Hinatomaru offers a wide range of sushi prices that cater to all budgets:

Standard Sushi (e.g., salmon, scallop, prawn)250 yen
Cheapest Sushi70 yen
Most Expensive Sushi (e.g., sea urchin)650 yen

For those overwhelmed by the choices, the Tuna Five-Piece Nigiri set is a popular choice at 1,350 yen. This set includes:

  • Medium fatty tuna
  • Fat underbelly tuna
  • Red meat tuna
  • Broiled fatty tuna
  • Tuna fat

The set is highly recommended for anyone looking to enjoy a variety of high-quality tuna without the hassle of choosing individual pieces.

Quality and Value

Despite being a standing sushi bar, Hinatomaru does not compromise on quality. The sushi here is of exceptional quality, with premium ingredients that you might not expect to find at such a convenient location. 

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For example, the rare tuna fat in the “Tuna Five-Piece Nigiri” set offers a melt-in-the-mouth experience that’s usually reserved for high-end sushi bars.

In addition to the tuna set, you might want to try the amberjack and striped horse mackerel, both priced at 250 yen each. Every bite at Hinatomaru provides excellent texture and flavor, making it a favorite among many sushi lovers.

A Secret Gem

Hinatomaru’s exceptional sushi quality might be due to its management. This restaurant is directly managed by Uogashi, which originated in Asakusa. 

Uogashi has successfully expanded to include standing sushi restaurants in Ginza and Shimbashi, which speaks volumes about its quality and value.

Given the competitive sushi market in Tokyo, the success and expansion of Hinatomaru are proof of its excellence. 

The chances of it remaining a secret gem are slim, so the next time you find yourself at Tokyo Station, make sure to visit Hinatomaru. You can continue your culinary journey with a combination of sushi, Japanese whiskey, and sweets from the various shops at the station.

Restaurant Information

  • Name: Standing Sushi Hinatomaru / 立ち喰い寿司 ひなと丸
  • Address: Tokyo-to, Chiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 1-9-1 (Inside the Yaekita Shokudo area on the first floor of Gransta)
  • Open: 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
  • Closed: Only on days when the complex is closed

For a more visual experience, take a look at the map where the restaurant is circled in red. This can help you locate it more easily during your next visit. Make the most of your time at Tokyo Station by enjoying some top-notch sushi without the high-end prices.

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