Kansai Restaurant Offers Huge Portions Meals with 3500 Calories: A Hearty Dining Experience

Kansai Restaurant Offers Huge Portions

When dining in the Kansai region, experiencing local culinary specialties is a must. One place that stands out for its unique offerings is Zunbera-ya, a restaurant in Osaka and Kyoto known for its gigantic portions and food challenges. If you’re looking for a meal that is both filling and flavorful, this is a spot worth visiting.

One notable dish is the “Cho Max Zunbera Mt. Everest Plate”, which is a daunting food challenge that requires participants to consume 5.5 kilograms (12.1 pounds) of food in 40 minutes. Successfully doing so means you get the dish for free, making it quite an incentive for those with a voracious appetite.

The menu at Zunbera-ya caters to various tastes and hunger levels. For those not interested in food challenges or gargantuan portions, smaller meals are available.

For example, the “Tonpei-yaki Set” costs 950 yen (about $7.38) and includes stir-fried pork and vegetables wrapped in an omelet, rice, miso soup, and pickles. The set meals are generous in size and provide a satisfying balance of flavors.

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For those with a larger appetite, there’s the “Super High-Calorie Set”, known for its staggering 3,436 calories. Priced at 1,870 yen, this meal includes an array of items like karaage fried chicken, fried ground meat cakes with eggs, stir-fried udon, French fries, a croquette, and a cabbage salad.

Of course, it also comes with a substantial amount of rice and mini-size curry. This dish is perfect for diners who love variety and aren’t afraid of large portions.

Zunbera-ya also offers free refills of rice and miso soup, ensuring that even the heartiest eaters will leave feeling satisfied. While the large portions may seem intimidating, the restaurant’s food is flavorful and enjoyable. It’s not just about quantity but also quality.

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When visiting Zunbera-ya, you might notice that even their standard dishes are larger than what you might find elsewhere. For example, the tonpei-yaki is notably sizable compared to typical servings in other restaurants, adding to the overall dining experience.

If ​the Kansai region isn’t on your itinerary, don’t worry. Japan has a myriad of options for those with a hearty appetite. In Niigata, you can sample the Big Bomb Onigiri, while in Tokyo, the maguro mountain bowls are a popular option.

To sum up your dining experience at Zunbera-ya, expect large portions, diverse options, and high-quality food. Whether you are up for a food challenge or just looking for a substantial meal, this restaurant has something to offer.

Here is the address for those interested in visiting:

Restaurant Information:

Manpuku Shokudo Zunbera-ya (Matsui-yamate branch) / 満腹食堂ずんべら屋(松井山手店)
Address: Kyoto-fu Yawata-shi Kinmeidainishi 21-9
Hours: Open 11 a.m.-3:30 p.m., 5 p.m.-10 p.m.
Days: Open daily (Closed on New Year’s Day)

Experience the culinary delights of Zunbera-ya where big portions meet great taste. Whether you’re in for a challenge or a hearty meal, this restaurant won’t disappoint.

What are some Kyoto restaurants that serve large meal portions?

In Kyoto, several restaurants are famous for serving large meal portions. For example, you can find big bento boxes at local eateries, and some traditional restaurants provide large servings of udon and soba noodles. These meals are not only hearty but also showcase the rich culinary heritage of Kyoto.

Are there eateries in Kansai known for high-calorie dishes?

Yes, there are places in Kansai known for offering high-calorie meals. For instance, a restaurant in the Kansai region advertises dishes like the “Cho Max Zunbera Mt. Everest Plate,” a meal challenge that consists of 5.5 kilograms (12.1 pounds) of food. Such meals often contain around 3500 calories.

Which local foods in Kyoto are considered must-try for their generous serving sizes?

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In Kyoto, you should definitely try dishes like the large servings of kaiseki ryori, which is a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner. Another popular option is the generously portioned okonomiyaki, a savory pancake filled with various ingredients such as meat, seafood, and vegetables.

Can you recommend traditional meals in Kyoto that offer an exceptionally filling experience?

For a truly filling traditional meal in Kyoto, consider trying a large bowl of tonkotsu ramen, which comes with rich broth and ample noodles. Additionally, katsu curry, which includes a large portion of rice topped with breaded pork cutlet and curry sauce, is both hearty and satisfying.

Where can visitors find substantial and calorie-dense meal options in the Kansai region?

Visitors can find substantial and calorie-dense meal options at several Kansai eateries. For high-calorie dishes, some restaurants offer specially designed meal challenges like the aforementioned “Cho Max Zunbera Mt. Everest Plate.” Additionally, many ramen shops and izakayas (Japanese pubs) in Kansai provide generous servings that are quite filling.

What are the typical costs of large and high-calorie meals in Kyoto?

The cost of large and high-calorie meals in Kyoto varies. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from 1000 to 3000 yen for these substantial meals. For example, a massive bowl of ramen might cost around 1000 yen, while more elaborate dishes like a large kaiseki meal could be closer to 3000 yen or more.

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