Burger King Japan Unleashes the Great King Yeti: The One Pounder Evolves

burger king king yeti

Burger aficionados in Japan are in for a meaty treat with the latest heavyweight offering from Burger King: the aptly named Great King Yeti One Pounder

Hailing with a significantly heftier calorie count of over 1,637 calories, this substantial burger towers with four juicy beef patties and is adorned with six slices of Gouda cheese, all smothered in a lush white cheese sauce.

Venturing beyond its predecessors, the Great King Yeti amplifies its creamy texture with a new mayo sauce, adding a pop of flavor while upping the extravagance of its already impressive stature. 

The ensemble is no mere feast for the eyes—at 550 grams (approximately 1.2 pounds), conquering this burger earns you the celebratory “I Did It” sticker, a testament to your culinary conquest.

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Upon first bite, the flame-grilled beef patties make a bold statement, their succulent taste holding its own against the robust sauce. 

The introduction of the mayo sauce is more than a mere footnote—it’s a flavorful twist that resonates with each mouthful. 

Despite its daunting appearance, this burger yields to the persistent gourmand, making for an indulgent Burger King experience that surpasses previous encounters with the Yeti lineup.

Here’s what to know before you embark on this gastronomic adventure:

  • Price: The Great King Yeti One Pounder is available for 1,990 yen (around $13.41), with a combo set option at 2,290 yen.
  • Availability: Limited quantities are in circulation, so act swiftly if you’re eager to test your appetite.
  • Consideration: Unlike its forerunners, the famous half-cut service is not offered, positioning this meal as a true test of one’s burger-handling expertise.
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For those bold enough to tackle this pinnacle of burger craftsmanship, a swift visit is advised. And perhaps, consider a notch looser belt to comfortably engage in this flavorful skirmish.

Burger King Japan’s Great King Yeti One Pounder Burger

Burger King Japan has a reputation for pushing the boundaries of burger construction, and their latest creation is no exception. The “Great King Yeti” is the next chapter in the ongoing saga of their “One Pounder” burgers, monstrous feats of meat and cheese designed to challenge even the heartiest appetites.

This isn’t the first time the King Yeti has lumbered onto the menu. Previous iterations have seen burger enthusiasts face off against a formidable foe. However, Burger King assures us that the “Great” King Yeti is an evolved beast, promising a new culinary challenge.

The exact specifications of the Great King Yeti remain a delicious mystery, but reports suggest it maintains the core concept: a one-pound patty paradise.  

Imagine four flame-broiled beef patties stacked between toasted sesame seed buns. This formidable foundation is then layered with a generous helping of gooey Gouda cheese.

But wait, there’s more! The 2024 Great King Yeti boasts a new mayo sauce, adding another layer of creamy richness and, of course, calories. This year’s Yeti is estimated to clock in at a whopping 1,637 kilocalories, making it a meal (or perhaps a multi-day meal) in itself.

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Those brave enough to conquer the Great King Yeti will be rewarded with not just a sense of accomplishment, but also a special “I Did It” sticker – a badge of honor for burger warriors.

So, if you find yourself in Japan and possess a competitive appetite, be on the lookout for the Great King Yeti. This monstrous burger promises to be a worthy successor to the One Pounder legacy. Just remember, conquering this Yeti might require a strategy beyond a single visit.

Nutritional Information for Burger King Japan’s Hefty Yeti Burger

The Great King Yeti One Pounder is a substantial meal, packing approximately 1,495 calories. A single burger includes four beef patties and a generous amount of six slices of Gouda cheese, all smothered in a white cheese sauce. Understandably, this hefty burger is high in calories, fat, and protein.

Customer Impressions of the Yeti-Themed Burger’s Flavor and Satisfying Qualities

Customers have generally been enthusiastic about the taste of the Great King Yeti One Pounder, lauding its satisfyingly hearty and cheesy flavor. Many have appreciated the burger’s size as it caters to those with larger appetites or those looking for an indulgent treat.

What’s In The Great King Yeti One Pounder

As for what you’re getting between the buns, the ingredients list for the Great King Yeti One Pounder includes:

  • Four flame-grilled beef patties
  • Six slices of Gouda cheese
  • A slathering of white cheese sauce
  • All sandwiched within a sesame seed bun

What Sets Burger King Japan’s Yeti Burger Apart?

Distinct from other selections, the Great King Yeti One Pounder stands out for its size and scale, earning its name from the mythical Yeti due to its towering presence. Additionally, the combination of beef and cheese is specifically tailored to offer a significantly indulgent experience.

Is This Burger King Japan’s Biggest Burger Ever?

Yes, as of its release, the Great King Yeti One Pounder is indeed the largest burger available at Burger King in Japan, signifying a new pinnacle for the restaurant’s menu when it comes to size and caloric content.

Special Offers Linked with the Great King Yeti One Pounder

The release of this burger has been marked by limited-time availability. Such special periods are often accompanied by promotional events or offers to entice customers into trying what could be seen as a culinary challenge or a unique dining experience.

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