Does Shinjuku’s Unusual Golden Lion Statue Really Roar for Cash?

Does Shinjuku's Unusual Golden Lion Statue Really Roar for Cash?

In the bustling heart of Tokyo, Shinjuku awaits with its vibrant array of experiences.

As you navigate through this neon-lit district, prepare to stumble upon a blend of traditional and modern urban treasures. Beyond the well-known spectacles, Shinjuku shelters lesser-known jewels that beckon the curious wanderer.

Golden Kiara: Tucked away beside Shinjuku Station, discover the enigmatic Golden Kiara, a majestic lion statue doubling as a conduit for generosity. It’s said to voice gratitude through a captivating roar upon receiving a donation. The statue, veiled in gold, stands proudly, offering not just a quirky photo opportunity but also the chance to contribute towards noble causes.

Historic Trough: Close to Golden Kiara is an artifact bearing tales from a time long past—a horse drinking trough, a gift that links Tokyo to London. This marble structure, one of the mere three existing globally, quenches the thirst of not just four-legged companions but passersby as well.

Alluring Hubs: A short walk from these hidden artifacts leads to diverse entertainment landscapes. Golden Gai, with its warren of tiny bars; Omoide Yokocho, inviting a step back in time; and Kabukichō, offering endless nighttime diversions—all knit together the fabric of Shinjuku’s fascinating charm.

Urban Oasis: Amid the urban excitement, the green expanses of Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden offer respite. Just as rewarding is a visit to the serene Hanazono Shrine, a spiritual anchor amidst the metropolitan buzz.

Iconic Landmarks: Shinjuku isn’t without its towering icons. The futuristic silhouette of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building slices the sky, offering panoramic views to those who ascend.

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Accommodations are plentiful, ranging from the luxurious to the wonderfully quirky. Whether you’re seeking a cosmopolitan guesthouse or a high-rise hotel with a Godzilla view, Shinjuku caters to every taste.

So, if you’re up for an adventure that spans the breadth of history to contemporary delights, make your way to Shinjuku. Find the lion, toss in a coin, and listen for the roar of thanks. Just be ready for a surprise that might just make you chuckle in disbelief.

And don’t worry about getting lost; part of Shinjuku’s magic is in the discovery of its many secrets just around the corner.

Does Shinjuku Have a Lion Statue That Makes Sounds?

Absolutely! There’s a unique statue in Shinjuku known for making a roaring sound. It’s not your average piece of art; it’s interactive and gives a whole new meaning to ‘feeding the lions.’

What Occurs When You Drop Coins Into Shinjuku’s Golden Lion?

When you deposit coins into the lion’s mouth, it is rumored to produce a roar. It’s a creative way of collecting donations, serving both as a point of interest and supporting notable causes.

Is the Roaring Golden Lion Statue in Shinjuku Fact or Fiction?

It’s true; this is no urban legend. By inserting money into the statue, you are indeed rewarded with the sound of a roar—quite an unexpected thank you for your generosity!

Where Can You Find the Roaring Golden Lion in Shinjuku?

This conspicuous gold-painted lion can be found eagerly awaiting your coins at Shinjuku Station’s East Exit, a spot that’s hard to miss.

Has There Been Any Recorded Evidence of the Shinjuku Lion’s Roar?

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Many curious visitors and locals alike have captured the roaring phenomenon on camera, sharing their experiences with this unusual and charitable creature.

Is There a Set Time for the Lion Statue’s Roaring, or Is It Unpredictable?

The lion does not keep a schedule—its roar is at your command! Anytime you decide to make a donation is a good time to witness this unique auditory experience.

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