Sailor Moon Manhole Covers In Tokyo: A Unique Tribute to Iconic Anime

sailor moon manhole covers in tokyo

Check out the Sailor Moon manhole covers in Tokyo! 

Calling all Moonies! In March 2024, Tokyo’s Minato ward unveiled a delightful project for fans of the legendary anime and manga series, “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.”

Five vibrantly colored manhole covers featuring the Sailor Guardians have been strategically placed around the Azabu-juban neighborhood, the real-life backdrop for the series.

This isn’t just about showcasing stunning art; it’s a pilgrimage for devotees, a chance to walk in Usagi Tsukino’s (Sailor Moon) footsteps, and a celebration of a pop culture phenomenon.

Sailor Moon Manhole Covers In Tokyo Unveiled

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Exploring the streets of Tokyo’s Minato Ward brings you closer to the fictional world of Sailor Moon

The district, famously depicted in the series as the backdrop for Usagi Tsukino’s everyday life, is embracing its connection to the iconic anime and manga series by showcasing beautifully crafted manhole covers at locations pivotal to the Sailor Moon storyline.

You’ll find the initial manhole cover celebrating Sailor Moon herself alongside her enigmatic protector, Tuxedo Mask, greeting visitors at the gateway to Azabu Juban Shopping Street. 

Sailor Moon Manhole Covers In Tokyo

This exact street is no stranger to fans, as it frequently appears throughout the series and served as a source of inspiration for Naoko Takeuchi, the creator of Sailor Moon.

As you travel through the area, take notice of the colors coordinating with the Sailor Senshis’ signature hues on these manhole covers. 

For example, a manhole cover with a Sailor Mercury-blue backdrop is strategically situated near the Minato Library, close to Shibakoen Middle School, which is associated with Minako’s character in the series.

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Move on to the Toyo Eiwa Jogakuin vicinity, where the manhole cover features characters arrayed in traditional kimonos against a bold, Sailor Mars-red setting. 

The influence for this design is drawn from the T.A. Girls’ Academy attended by Rei, also known as Sailor Mars.

Sailor Moon Manhole Covers

In Shiba Park, fronting the Shiba Water Supply Station, you’ll encounter a dynamic display of the Sailor Senshis in battle attire on a Sailor Jupiter-green background, capturing the essence of the powerful Sailor Jupiter.

For those with a passion for the narrative’s detailed history, the fifth manhole cover awaits near Keio-nakadori Shopping Street. This particular location brings a nod to Sailor Moon’s predecessor, “Codename: Sailor V,” where Minako first emerges as the lead character.

While precise locations for each manhole cover are not yet public, fans can anticipate finding them at approximate addresses, starting with Azabu Juban 2-1 and continuing to Shiba Koen 3-2-25, Roppongi 5-6-14, Shiba Koen 3-6-7, and concluding at Shiba 5-20.

Set to be installed in mid-March, these artistic tributes are an open invitation for a memorable walk through Sailor Moon’s legacy, perfect for those who enjoy urban exploration and the thrill of discovery. 

Whether as an ardent fan or a curious visitor, navigating through these landmarks offers a unique fusion of anime culture and Tokyo’s vibrant cityscape.

Sailor Moon And Minato Ward

Sailor Moon’s connection to Minato ward runs deep. Series creator Naoko Takeuchi drew inspiration from the district’s upscale Azabu-juban area, and many locations are mirrored in the story. 

So, it’s fitting that the manhole covers grace these very streets, transforming mundane infrastructure into portals to the world of Sailor Moon.

The Five Guardians, Five Manhole Cover Designs in Tokyo

Each manhole cover features a unique design. Here’s a guide to spotting them all:

  • Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask: This romantic design graces the entrance to the Azabu Juban shopping district, a frequent haunt for both Usagi and Takeuchi herself.
  • The Inner Senshi Unite: Find all five Inner Sailor Guardians – Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus – assembled in front of the Minato Library near Shiba Park. This location is significant as it’s close to Shiba Koen Junior High, the school attended by Minako Aino (Sailor Venus).
  • Sailor Guardians in Kimono: For a touch of tradition, head to the Toyo Eiwa Jogakuin Elementary School and Kindergarten to see the Sailor Guardians depicted in beautiful kimonos.
  • Sailor Senshi (Blue): A tribute to Sailor Mercury’s color, this cover features all the Sailor Guardians against a royal blue backdrop. You’ll find it in Shiba Park, another significant location in the series.
  • Sailor Senshi (Green): Standing tall under the shadow of Tokyo Tower, another Minato landmark, is a manhole cover showcasing the Sailor Guardians against a green background.
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The Origins of Sailor Moon Manhole Covers

Curious about the origins of Japan’s Sailor Moon-themed manhole covers? These artistic and functional pieces of street art pay homage to the beloved “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” anime and manga.

In Japan, it’s a tradition to celebrate popular cultural icons with decorative manhole covers. 

For Sailor Moon, this recognition occurs in Tokyo’s Minato area, where the story is set. Fans are treated to several designs that capture the spirit of the series and its characters.

Where To Find The Sailor Moon Manhole Covers in Tokyo?

If you’re looking to find the exact spots of the Sailor Moon-themed manhole covers, there’s help available. You can use online resources—like the Minato City’s official website—which provide detailed maps and location lists.

Sometimes, local tourism boards or fan-run websites also offer guides to these urban treasures.

Selection Process for Manhole Cover Artwork

Ever wondered how the Sailor Moon manhole cover designs are selected? The artwork for these covers usually stems from manga illustrations and is meticulously chosen to represent the different characters and themes of “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.” 

Local authorities might collaborate with artists, or sometimes even hold public votes, to finalize these designs that resonate well with both fans and residents.

Specifications of Sailor Moon Manhole Covers

The manhole covers adorned with Sailor Moon characters adhere to specific dimensions and material requirements. Typically, these are standard size to fit the municipal guidelines and made of durable materials like metal or concrete to withstand foot traffic and the elements. 

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To color these designs, specialized techniques are used to ensure the vibrancy lasts against wear and tear.

Incidents of Theft or Vandalism

Concerned about the security of these unique manhole covers?

Instances of theft or vandalism of Sailor Moon-themed manhole covers do occur, although they are rare due to the covers’ weight and the penalties involved. Local authorities remain vigilant to protect these popular symbols of urban pop culture.

Tours and Events Celebrating Sailor Moon Manhole Covers

Looking to explore the world of Sailor Moon-themed manhole covers with fellow enthusiasts? Occasionally, local tour groups or fan events may organize outings specifically to view these covers. 

Such events provide an immersive experience and are a unique way to engage with the community and the iconic series. Keep an eye on community boards or local event listings for such happenings.

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