Disney Shinkansen: Magical Journey Unfolds on Japan’s Railway Tracks

JR East launches disney shinkansen

Come aboard on the Disney Shinkansen launched in the occasion of celebrating 40 years of Disney parks in Japan! 

In celebration of a significant milestone for Tokyo Disney Resort, Japan’s rail network introduces a captivating addition for travelers and Disney enthusiasts alike—the Disney-themed bullet train. 

Marking four decades of Disney amusement parks in Japan, this themed train offers a unique journey along the Tohoku Shinkansen line that connects Tokyo to the northeastern parts of Honshu, including the vibrant city of Sendai.

East Japan Railways Started Disney Shinkansen To Celebrate 40 Years Of Disney Theme Parks In Japan  

Exterior Design: The train showcases beloved Disney characters such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and iconic imagery from both Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea.

Interior Ambiance: Passengers will be greeted by specially crafted Disney announcements—although if these will be tunes from classic films or a novel anniversary song is yet to be disclosed.

Operational Class: Set to serve primarily as a Yamabiko or Nasuno-class train, it will commute between Tokyo and cities like Morioka and Koriyama.

Accessibility: Despite its Disney theme, the train doesn’t reach Tokyo Disney Resort directly. The resort, situated in Chiba Prefecture, is a brief ride from Tokyo Station on the JR East Keiyo Line.

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First Voyage: Slated for its initial run on December 22, I plan to inform my itinerary accordingly as the service is anticipated to conclude by the end of March.

Ticket Acquisition: Considering the passion of Disney and train fans alike in Japan, I recommend securing tickets promptly once available.

It’s worth noting that the Disney Shinkansen is named the Magical Dream Shinkansen, and will not only enhance the travel experience between Tokyo and the Tohoku region but also will deepen the already rich connection fans have with Disney’s legacy in Japan. 

For those eager to partake in this jubilant railroad adventure, staying alert for reservation details to be released on JR East’s dedicated website for the train is advisable.

Japan Rail Pass Compatibility with the Disney-themed Train

Yes, those holding a Japan Rail Pass have the benefit of boarding the Disney-themed Shinkansen. This pass typically grants unlimited access to the majority of trains on the Japan Railways (JR) network, including this unique, themed service.

Special Features of the Disney-themed Bullet Train

The Disney Shinkansen boasts special carriages adorned with beloved Disney characters to enhance the travel experience. These features include:

  • Themed decor
  • Character appearances
  • Exclusive merchandise

Ticket Purchase and Reservations for the Disney-themed Train in Japan

To secure a seat on the Disney-themed Shinkansen, passengers can purchase tickets online or at railway stations. As this is a special service, advance reservations are recommended to ensure availability.

Recent Additions to the Bullet Train Network

Expansions to the Shinkansen routes are a testament to Japan’s commitment to high-speed rail. This includes the new Disney-themed train designed to offer a magical experience for travelers.

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