Is Tokyo DisneySea Worth It?

is tokyo disneysea worth it

Wondering is Tokyo DisneySea is worth itTokyo DisneySea is definitely worth the trip! And here’s why! 

Planning a trip to Tokyo DisneySea? Get ready for a journey into a world of enchantment, where imagination knows no bounds. 

Tokyo DisneySea, located in Chiba Prefecture, Japan, is a mesmerizing blend of Disney magic and Japanese creativity. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know for an unforgettable visit. 

From must-see attractions and dining recommendations to tips on navigating the park efficiently, we’ve got you covered. 

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Whether you’re a Disney enthusiast, a family with kids, or a traveler seeking captivating experiences, Tokyo DisneySea promises an adventure like no other.

Let’s dive in and discover the wonders that await in this extraordinary theme park.

Is Tokyo DisneySea Worth It?

Absolutely, Tokyo DisneySea is undeniably worth a visit. It offers a unique blend of Disney magic and Japanese creativity, with stunning theming, immersive attractions, and exceptional dining. 

The attention to detail is remarkable, making it a visual and sensory delight. 

While it may be pricier than other theme parks, the unforgettable experiences, efficient crowd management, and friendly staff make it a top-tier destination for Disney enthusiasts and anyone seeking world-class theme park adventures. 

Tokyo DisneySea promises cherished memories and a magical escape into a captivating world of maritime wonders.

Here’s a table summarising all the information you need to know before heading to Tokyo DisneySea

LocationUrayasu, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Opening HoursTypically 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM (varies)
Admission TicketsAdults (Ages 18-64) – Child (Ages 12-17) – Junior (Ages 4-11) – Infant (Ages 0-3)
Tickets & PricingTicket prices vary by age and date. – Discounts for multi-day tickets and evening passes. – Special tickets for seniors and guests with disabilities.
FastPass SystemAvailable; reduces wait times for popular attractions.
Park LayoutSeven themed areas, including Mediterranean Harbor, Arabian Coast, and American Waterfront.
AttractionsA mix of thrilling, family-friendly, and dark rides. – Exclusive attractions like Journey to the Center of the Earth and Tower of Terror.
Shows & EntertainmentVarious shows, parades, and character meet-and-greets. – Spectacular nighttime show, “Fantasmic!”
Dining OptionsWide range of dining options, from quick service to fine dining. – Themed and character dining experiences available.
ShoppingNumerous shops offering Disney merchandise and unique souvenirs.
LanguageJapanese is the primary language, but English-speaking staff are available.
Child FacilitiesBaby Care Centers equipped with changing tables, nursing rooms, and feeding areas.
Crowd ManagementEfficient systems to handle crowds, including the FastPass system.
Special EventsSeasonal events, festivals, and decorations throughout the year.
TransportationAccessible by train from central Tokyo. – Parking available for those driving.
WeatherConsider the seasonal weather when planning your visit.
Planning ResourcesOfficial Tokyo Disney Resort website. – Mobile apps with park maps and wait times.
Accommodation OptionsNearby hotels, including official Disney hotels. Consider on-site accommodations for added convenience.
Souvenirs and MerchandiseDon’t forget to budget for Disney-themed souvenirs and memorabilia.

Why is Tokyo DisneySea Worth It?

The Unique Atmosphere At Tokyo DisneySea 

One of the standout features of Tokyo DisneySea is its unparalleled atmosphere. Unlike any other Disney park in the world, it transports visitors to a world of maritime adventure and exploration. 

From the Mediterranean Harbor with its Venetian-style canals to the Arabian Coast’s bustling marketplace, the park’s attention to detail is staggering. 

The architecture, landscaping, and theming create a one-of-a-kind experience that sets Tokyo DisneySea apart from its counterparts.

The Attraction at Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo DisneySea offers an array of attractions that cater to visitors of all ages and interests. Some of the must-visit attractions include:

  • Journey to the Center of the Earth

Located in the park’s iconic volcanic centerpiece, Mount Prometheus, this attraction is a technological marvel. 

Visitors board unique subterranean vehicles and embark on a thrilling journey through the depths of the Earth. Along the way, you’ll encounter mesmerizing creatures and breathtaking geological formations. 

The combination of storytelling, animatronics, and a jaw-dropping finale make this ride a must-see for adrenaline junkies and fans of intricate theming.

  • Tower of Terror

Tokyo DisneySea’s version of the classic Tower of Terror attraction has a unique storyline. 

Set in the fictional Hotel Hightower in the New York Harbor area, the ride delves into the mysterious backstory of its owner, Harrison Hightower III. 

The ride experience involves an unpredictable drop sequence, but it’s the captivating narrative and detailed theming that truly set it apart. Expect eerie ambiance and spine-tingling surprises.

  • Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage

Perfect for families and those seeking a more relaxed pace, this boat ride takes you through the tales of Sindbad the Sailor. 

The attraction features mesmerizing animatronics, a catchy musical score, and charming storytelling. It’s a great opportunity to soak in the park’s immersive theming and enjoy a more laid-back experience.

  • The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Undersea Adventure

This dark ride transports you into the enchanting world of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid.” 

You’ll journey through scenes that retell the beloved story with beautifully designed sets, state-of-the-art animatronics, and synchronized music. The attention to detail is exceptional, making it a magical experience for fans of the film.

  • Toy Story Mania!

If you enjoy interactive attractions, Toy Story Mania! is a real treat. This 4D shooting game invites guests to don 3D glasses and engage in a friendly competition. 

You’ll aim at targets and collect points as you journey through various Toy Story-themed scenes. The immersive 3D effects and playful competition make it a hit with visitors of all ages.

  • Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull
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Another thrilling attraction, this ride puts you in the shoes of Indiana Jones as you embark on an expedition through a mysterious temple. 

The combination of immersive storytelling, heart-pounding moments, and elaborate set design create an unforgettable adventure.

  • Raging Spirits

For those seeking a dose of adrenaline, Raging Spirits is a compact but exhilarating roller coaster. 

Set in an archaeological excavation site, this ride features unexpected twists, turns, and a backward drop, making it a favorite among thrill-seekers.

Dining Experiences at Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo DisneySea is renowned for its diverse and high-quality dining options. From Japanese cuisine to international flavors, the park caters to a wide range of palates. 

For a unique culinary experience, you can try dining at Magellan’s, a beautifully themed restaurant in the Mediterranean Harbor, or sample delectable snacks like Gyoza Sausage Buns and Chandu Tails.

Crowds and Wait Times At Tokyo DisneySea 

One concern visitors may have is the potential for long wait times at popular attractions. 

However, Tokyo DisneySea has a unique approach to managing crowds. The Disney FastPass system allows visitors to reserve access to certain attractions, reducing wait times significantly. 

Additionally, the Japanese culture promotes polite behavior and adherence to rules, resulting in a generally more orderly park experience.

Language Barrier You May Face At Tokyo DisneySea

While most of the attractions and entertainment are presented in Japanese, Tokyo DisneySea’s staff is well-versed in English and other languages, ensuring that international visitors can enjoy the park without any major communication issues.

The Overall Value Of Going to Tokyo DisneySea 

The question of whether Tokyo DisneySea is worth it ultimately comes down to personal preferences and priorities. 

While it’s true that Tokyo DisneySea tends to be more expensive than other theme parks in Japan, the unique experiences it offers, the exceptional atmosphere, and the high-quality attractions make it a memorable and worthwhile destination for many visitors.

How many days do you need for Tokyo DisneySea?

To fully enjoy Tokyo DisneySea, it’s recommended to allocate at least one full day for your visit. 

A single day allows you to experience most of the park’s attractions, immerse yourself in the detailed theming, and savor some of the diverse dining options. 

Tokyo DisneySea is known for its efficient crowd management and well-organized FastPass system, which can help you maximize your time. 

However, if you want to explore the park more leisurely, enjoy multiple shows, and revisit favorite attractions, you might consider dedicating two days to ensure a more relaxed and comprehensive experience. Ultimately, the number of days depends on your preferences and priorities.

Is one day at DisneySea enough?

While you can certainly have a wonderful time at Tokyo DisneySea with just one day, whether it’s enough depends on your priorities and what you want to experience. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Attractions: If your goal is to experience the park’s major attractions and immerse yourself in the ambiance, one day is usually sufficient. Tokyo DisneySea is known for its efficient crowd management and FastPass system, which helps reduce wait times for popular rides.
  • Shows and Entertainment: If you wish to see multiple shows, parades, and entertainment offerings, it may be challenging to fit everything into one day. Consider prioritizing the entertainment options that matter most to you.
  • Leisurely Experience: If you prefer a more relaxed, leisurely visit with time to explore every nook and cranny, savor meals, and take in the details, you might want to consider dedicating two days to fully appreciate the park.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to your personal preferences and the pace at which you like to experience theme parks. 

Many visitors find that one day provides a fulfilling experience, but if you have the opportunity and desire to explore more deeply, extending your visit to two days can enhance your overall enjoyment of Tokyo DisneySea.

Does DisneySea have rides?

Yes, Tokyo DisneySea has a wide variety of rides and attractions that cater to visitors of all ages and interests. These attractions include thrilling rides, family-friendly experiences, dark rides, water-based adventures, and more. 

Some of the standout attractions at Tokyo DisneySea include but not limited to:

  • Journey to the Center of the Earth: A thrilling ride that takes you on a journey beneath the Earth’s surface, encountering mysterious creatures and geological wonders.
  • Tower of Terror: A unique version of the classic attraction that offers a captivating storyline and an exhilarating drop sequence.
  • Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull: An action-packed adventure that puts you in the shoes of Indiana Jones as you explore a mysterious temple.
  • Raging Spirits: A compact roller coaster with thrilling twists, turns, and a backward drop.
  • The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Undersea Adventure: A charming dark ride that brings the beloved Disney movie to life.
  • Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage: A family-friendly boat ride that immerses you in the adventures of Sindbad the Sailor.
  • Toy Story Mania!: An interactive 4D shooting game featuring Toy Story characters.

Is DisneySea good for adults?

Absolutely, Tokyo DisneySea is a fantastic destination for adults. While Disney parks are often associated with family-friendly experiences, Tokyo DisneySea offers a unique blend of entertainment and sophistication that caters to adult visitors in several ways:

  • Immersive Theming: The park’s attention to detail and immersive theming create an atmosphere that appeals to adults as much as it does to children. The beautifully designed areas, architecture, and landscaping provide a visually stunning experience.
  • Unique Attractions: Tokyo DisneySea features exclusive attractions like Journey to the Center of the Earth and Tower of Terror, which are known for their storytelling, advanced technology, and thrilling experiences that can be appreciated by visitors of all ages.
  • Dining Experiences: The park offers an array of dining options, from fine dining to unique and exotic cuisines. Adults can savor gourmet meals, international flavors, and signature cocktails in a variety of themed settings.
  • Entertainment: Tokyo DisneySea hosts spectacular shows and entertainment offerings, some of which are tailored for older audiences. The evening entertainment, including Fantasmic! and the fireworks show, is especially popular among adults.
  • Ambiance and Relaxation: For those seeking a more relaxed day, the park’s ambiance, waterfront views, and tranquil areas provide an enjoyable escape. You can take leisurely strolls, enjoy live music, or simply soak in the atmosphere.
  • Shopping: The park’s shops offer a wide range of unique and high-quality merchandise, making it a great place to pick up souvenirs or indulge in some retail therapy.

In summary, Tokyo DisneySea offers a well-rounded experience for adults, combining the magic of Disney with elements that cater to more mature tastes. 

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Whether you’re a Disney enthusiast or simply looking for a captivating and entertaining day out, DisneySea has plenty to offer adult visitors.

Does DisneySea have fireworks?

Yes, Tokyo DisneySea does have fireworks displays as part of its nighttime entertainment offerings. The park features a stunning fireworks show known as “Fantasmic!” 

This nighttime spectacular combines water, lights, music, special effects, and fireworks to create a mesmerizing and magical experience.

“Fantasmic!” typically takes place in the Mediterranean Harbor area of the park, utilizing the park’s central lagoon as a stage. 

The show features beloved Disney characters, including Mickey Mouse, and takes the audience on a journey into the realms of dreams and imagination. It’s a spectacular production that culminates with a dazzling fireworks display that lights up the night sky.

The exact schedule and details of the fireworks show may vary seasonally, so it’s a good idea to check the park’s entertainment schedule or inquire with park staff for the most up-to-date information during your visit.

Who should not go to Tokyo DisneySea?

While Tokyo DisneySea is a magical and inclusive destination, there are a few considerations for individuals or groups who may want to think twice about visiting:

  • Those with Severe Health Issues: Some attractions at the park involve physical activity, sudden movements, or have height or health restrictions. If you have severe health issues, motion sickness, or disabilities that prevent you from safely enjoying rides, you should carefully assess whether the park is suitable for you.
  • Those Who Dislike Crowds: Theme parks, including Tokyo DisneySea, can get crowded, especially during peak seasons and holidays. If you have a strong aversion to large crowds, waiting in lines, or navigating through bustling areas, you might find the park less enjoyable.
  • Visitors on a Tight Budget: Tokyo DisneySea is known for being one of the more expensive theme parks in Japan. Admission, food, merchandise, and transportation costs can add up quickly. If you’re on a strict budget, consider whether the expense aligns with your travel priorities.
  • Individuals Who Don’t Enjoy Themed Attractions: The core appeal of Tokyo DisneySea lies in its immersive theming and storytelling. If you’re not a fan of Disney characters or themed attractions and prefer more traditional amusement park experiences, you might not fully appreciate what the park has to offer.
  • Those with Time Constraints: To truly savor the experience and explore the park’s many offerings, it’s recommended to allocate at least one full day to Tokyo DisneySea. If you’re on a tight schedule with limited time in Tokyo, you may not be able to make the most of your visit.
  • People Who Don’t Enjoy Planning: While Tokyo DisneySea offers a fantastic experience, it often requires some planning, especially for FastPass reservations, dining reservations, and navigating the park efficiently. If you prefer spontaneous travel without much planning, you might find the park less enjoyable.

Does Tokyo DisneySea have Fastpass?

Yes, Tokyo DisneySea does have a FastPass system, similar to other Disney parks around the world. 

The FastPass system is designed to help visitors reduce their wait times for popular attractions and shows, allowing for a more efficient and enjoyable experience at the park.

Here’s how the FastPass system at Tokyo DisneySea typically works:

  • Obtaining FastPasses: You can obtain FastPasses for select attractions and shows by using designated FastPass distribution points located near the participating attractions. These distribution points are typically indicated on the park map.
  • Selecting Your FastPasses: You’ll need your park admission ticket or a dedicated FastPass ticket to obtain FastPasses. At the distribution point, you’ll insert your ticket into a machine, and it will provide you with a FastPass for a specific attraction and a return time window.
  • Using Your FastPass: Return to the attraction during the designated return time window, and you’ll enjoy a much shorter wait time compared to the regular standby line.
  • Additional FastPasses: After you’ve used your initial FastPass or after a certain amount of time has passed (usually noted on your FastPass ticket), you can obtain another FastPass for a different attraction. This process can be repeated throughout the day, subject to availability.

The availability of FastPasses and the specific attractions included in the system may change over time, so it’s a good idea to check the Tokyo Disney Resort website or inquire at the park for the most up-to-date information during your visit. 

Using the FastPass system effectively can significantly enhance your experience at Tokyo DisneySea by minimizing wait times for popular rides and shows.

Which is better Tokyo DisneySea or Universal Studios Japan?

The choice between Tokyo DisneySea and Universal Studios Japan (USJ) depends on your personal preferences and what kind of experience you’re seeking. 

Both parks offer unique attractions and experiences, so here are some factors to consider when deciding which is better for you:

Tokyo DisneySea:

  • Disney Magic: If you’re a Disney enthusiast or love the classic Disney characters and storytelling, Tokyo DisneySea is the place for you. It offers a more traditional Disney park experience with immersive theming and a focus on beloved Disney characters and stories.
  • Unique Atmosphere: Tokyo DisneySea is renowned for its exceptional theming and attention to detail. It’s often considered one of the most beautifully designed theme parks in the world, with its diverse and intricately themed areas.
  • Family-Friendly: Disney parks are known for being family-friendly, making it a great choice if you’re visiting with children.

Universal Studios Japan:

  • Film and Pop Culture: If you’re a fan of popular movies and pop culture beyond Disney, USJ may be more appealing. It features attractions based on a wide range of blockbuster franchises, including Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, and Spider-Man.
  • Thrill Rides: USJ offers a variety of thrilling attractions, including some high-speed roller coasters and 4D experiences. It’s a good choice if you’re seeking adrenaline-pumping rides.
  • Harry Potter World: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a major draw at USJ and offers a highly immersive experience for fans of the Harry Potter series.
  • Japanese Pop Culture: USJ also incorporates elements of Japanese pop culture, such as anime and video games, into its attractions.

Ultimately, the “better” choice between the two parks depends on your interests and preferences. If you’re looking for classic Disney charm and storytelling, Tokyo DisneySea is the way to go. 

On the other hand, if you’re a fan of blockbuster movies, thrilling rides, and pop culture beyond Disney, Universal Studios Japan may be the better fit. 

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Many visitors to Japan even choose to visit both parks to enjoy the diverse experiences each has to offer.

Can you do DisneySea and Disneyland Tokyo in one day?

While it’s technically possible to visit both Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo Disneyland in one day, it would be a very ambitious and tiring endeavor. 

Both parks are large and offer a wide range of attractions, shows, dining options, and entertainment. 

Attempting to see everything in both parks in a single day would likely result in a rushed and exhausting experience, and you may not have time to fully enjoy or appreciate everything each park has to offer.

If you’re limited to just one day and want to visit both parks, here are some tips to make the most of your day:

  • Prioritize: Research the attractions and experiences that are most important to you and your group in each park. Create a plan to visit your top choices first.
  • Use FastPass: Take advantage of the FastPass systems at both parks to reduce wait times for popular attractions. Be strategic in selecting your FastPass reservations.
  • Plan Meals: Plan your dining options in advance and make reservations if possible to minimize waiting for meals.
  • Arrive Early: Arrive at the parks well before opening to make the most of your day. Many visitors recommend a “rope drop” strategy where you’re at the entrance when the park opens.
  • Stay Late: If you have the energy, consider staying until closing time to enjoy nighttime shows and entertainment.
  • Be Realistic: Understand that you won’t be able to see and do everything in both parks in one day. Focus on having a good time and experiencing the highlights.

Is DisneySea suitable for kids?

Yes, Tokyo DisneySea is suitable for children and families. While the park offers a variety of attractions and experiences that can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages, it is particularly well-suited for families with kids. Here are some reasons why DisneySea is a great choice for children:

  • Family-Friendly Rides: Tokyo DisneySea offers a wide range of rides and attractions that are suitable for children, from gentle boat rides and dark rides to character meet-and-greets. Attractions like Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage and The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Undersea Adventure are perfect for young children.
  • Disney Characters: Kids often adore meeting their favorite Disney characters in person, and DisneySea provides opportunities for character meet-and-greets and photo opportunities with beloved Disney figures.
  • Immersive Theming: The park’s incredible attention to detail and immersive theming can captivate children’s imaginations. The beautifully designed lands and attractions create a magical and enchanting atmosphere.
  • Entertainment: DisneySea hosts entertaining shows and parades throughout the day, featuring Disney characters and music, which kids typically enjoy.
  • Kid-Friendly Dining: The park offers a variety of dining options, including kid-friendly menus and character-themed dining experiences that can add to the fun for children.
  • Child Care Facilities: Tokyo DisneySea provides facilities for parents with young children, including Baby Care Centers equipped with changing tables, nursing rooms, and feeding areas.
  • Efficient Crowd Management: The park’s efficient crowd management and use of the FastPass system help reduce wait times for attractions, making it easier for families with kids to enjoy more experiences in a day.

Overall, Tokyo DisneySea offers a magical and memorable experience for children, making it a fantastic destination for families looking to create lasting memories in a magical Disney-themed setting.

What is the scariest ride at DisneySea Tokyo?

Tokyo DisneySea is known for its immersive and family-friendly attractions, and while it offers thrilling experiences, it doesn’t have the same level of intense, scary rides as some other theme parks. 

That said, the park does have a few attractions that may provide a sense of excitement and mild thrills for some visitors:

  • Tower of Terror: While not necessarily “scary” in a traditional sense, Tokyo DisneySea’s version of Tower of Terror has a unique and captivating storyline with unexpected drop sequences. It’s more about suspense and surprise than outright fear, but it can be thrilling for some visitors.
  • Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull: This attraction features some thrilling moments, including sudden movements, darkness, and simulated dangers. It’s an adventure ride with intense elements, but it’s not overly scary.
  • Raging Spirits: This roller coaster in the Lost River Delta area offers moderate thrills with twists, turns, and a backward drop. It can be exciting for those seeking a bit more adrenaline.

While these attractions offer some thrilling elements, Tokyo DisneySea primarily caters to a family-friendly audience, and it doesn’t have extremely intense or frightening rides like you might find at some other theme parks. 

If you’re looking for more intense thrills, you might consider visiting a dedicated thrill park or roller coaster-focused amusement park in addition to DisneySea.

What is so special about DisneySea? 

Tokyo DisneySea stands out as a one-of-a-kind Disney park due to its exceptional blend of creativity, immersive theming, and unique attractions. What makes it special:

  • Unparalleled Theming: The park’s seven distinct areas, such as Mediterranean Harbor and Arabian Coast, transport visitors to immersive, intricately detailed worlds. Each land tells a captivating story, creating a sense of wonder and adventure.
  • Original Attractions: Tokyo DisneySea boasts exclusive attractions like Journey to the Center of the Earth, Tower of Terror, and Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage. These rides blend cutting-edge technology with storytelling to deliver unforgettable experiences.
  • Japanese Culture Integration: DisneySea seamlessly weaves elements of Japanese culture into its storytelling, creating a park that feels both authentically Disney and uniquely Japanese.
  • Top-notch Dining: The park offers an array of dining options, from fine dining to snacks, showcasing global cuisines. The attention to quality and presentation makes dining a memorable experience.
  • Efficient Operations: Tokyo DisneySea is known for its crowd management, ensuring shorter wait times and a pleasant park experience.

In sum, Tokyo DisneySea’s meticulous theming, exclusive attractions, cultural integration, dining, and efficient operations combine to create an extraordinary and truly special Disney park.

How much would i need to go to Tokyo DisneySea\

The cost of a trip to Tokyo DisneySea will vary depending on a number of factors, including the time of year you visit, how long you stay, and your budget. However, here is a rough estimate of the costs involved:

  • Park tickets: A 1-day passport for adults costs 7,900 yen (about $70 USD), and a 2-day passport costs 13,200 yen (about $120 USD).
  • Transportation: The cheapest way to get to Tokyo DisneySea is by train. The JR Keiyo Line or Musashino Line will take you to Maihama Station, which is about a 15-minute walk from the park. The fare is 240 yen (about $2 USD) one way.
  • Accommodation: There are many hotels near Tokyo DisneySea, ranging from budget-friendly options to luxurious resorts. A standard hotel room for two people will cost around 10,000 yen (about $90 USD) per night.
  • Food and drinks: Food and drinks at Tokyo DisneySea are not cheap. A meal at a sit-down restaurant will cost around 2,000 yen (about $18 USD) per person. You can save money by bringing your own food and drinks into the park.
  • Other expenses: Other expenses you may incur include souvenirs, souvenirs, and souvenirs. These can add up quickly, so it’s best to set a budget before you go.

Overall, a 2-day trip to Tokyo DisneySea for two people will cost around 30,000 yen (about $270 USD). This is just a rough estimate, and your actual costs may vary.

Do they speak English at DisneySea?

Yes, at Tokyo DisneySea, you can expect to find staff who speak English. While Japanese is the primary language used throughout the park, Tokyo DisneySea is a popular destination for international visitors. 

As a result, many of the park’s employees, particularly those in guest services, shops, and restaurants, have a basic understanding of English and can communicate with visitors effectively.

Additionally, the park provides written materials, maps, and attraction descriptions in English, making it easier for English-speaking guests to navigate and enjoy their visit. 

Tokyo Disney Resort recognizes the importance of catering to a diverse international audience, and they go to great lengths to ensure that visitors from around the world have a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

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