New Unmanned Hotel in Japan Hotel B4T Iwaki Uses Only Suica Card Check-In/Out Only

Hotel B4T Iwaki

New Unmanned Hotel in Japan Hotel B4T Iwaki Uses Only Suica Card Check-In/Out Only!

In the heart of Japan, there has been a significant development in the way travelers can book and access their hotel stays.

Imagine stepping off the train and into your room without any hassle. This has been made possible through a novel check-in method that involves nothing more than the tap of your train card.

Here’s what you need to know when booking a stay at the futuristic Hotel B4T Iwaki. This establishment, situated directly adjacent to JR Iwaki Station, started welcoming guests in January 2023, eliminating the need for traditional reception staff.

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Arriving at Your Hotel

  • Reserve Online: Secure your room exclusively online, even for last-minute bookings.
  • Suica Integration: Link your train card when booking and use it as your room key.
  • Straightforward Entry: Use your card or a mobile version at the entry points.

Features at a Glance

  • Room Options: Choose from cabin, single, twin, deluxe twin, or universal twin accommodations.
  • Assistance: Real-time human aid through text and video chat.
  • Amenities: Access free Wi-Fi, ice makers, microwaves, storage lockers, and a selection of vending machines.

Room Specifics

  • Cabin Type: Economical and basic, with areas segregated by gender.
  • Single Rooms: Comfort with privacy, including a shower and toilet.
  • Twin Rooms: Spacious rooms with twin beds and additional comforts.
  • Deluxe and Universal Twin Rooms: Ample space, additional luxuries, and some barrier-free options.

Dining Made Easy

  • Hotel B4T Iwaki offers you breakfast choices at H’s Kitchen Mahaloa with an option between a Western-style or a Japanese-style meal. While breakfast may not be included in all plans, you can always pay with cash if you’re feeling peckish.
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Additional Insights

  • Non-smoking Policy: The entire hotel is non-smoking, with specified smoking areas available.
  • Pricing: Rates may vary with weekends and holidays being typically higher, but deals are available for well-timed bookings.

Look forward to the convenience of the discussed Suica operated check-in and check-out, with the added benefit of personal assistance through chat and video if needed. Moreover, keep an eye out for new locations near Tokyo for more of these streamlined services.

Checking In at a Self-Service Hotel

At an unmanned hotel, checking in typically involves an automated kiosk or terminal. You would generally use an electronic card, like a train card, that’s been pre-registered, scanned at the kiosk, and all necessary details for your stay are then processed.

Hotels Using Train Cards for Check-In

Yes, hotels like Hotel B4T Iwaki are pioneering the use of Suica train cards to not only streamline check-ins and check-outs but also simplifying the entire stay process.

Regular vs. Welcome Suica Cards

  • Regular Suica Card
    • Can be recharged
    • Requires a deposit
    • Can be used indefinitely
  • Welcome Suica Card
    • No deposit needed
    • Not rechargeable
    • Valid for a limited time after purchase

Scope of Suica Card for Transportation

Your Suica card is a versatile travel companion, allowing you to ride on many train lines, subways, and buses throughout Japan’s vast transportation network.

Eligibility for the Welcome Suica Card

  • Welcome Suica Card is indeed tailored for tourists.
  • It’s designed to offer convenience without the need for a deposit and is limited for use within a certain period.

Dealing with Issues at Staffless Hotels

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Most self-service hotels have a helpline accessible via phone or intercom. Some steps to deal with issues include:

  • Locate the help desk terminal or telephone
  • Follow the instructions provided on the kiosk for assistance
  • Use emergency contacts provided in your room or the hotel’s lobby

Remember, you are usually not completely alone, even in an unmanned facility, help is generally just a call away!

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