Most Popular Onsen In Northern Japan According To Japan Truly Users: Hot Spots You Can’t Miss

Onsen In Northern Japan

Here are the most popular onsen in Northern Japan. Check it out!

If you’re seeking a getaway that combines relaxation with cultural immersion, you’ll be thrilled by what Morioka City has to offer. The renowned Kimori no Yu has earned its place as a crowd favorite among Japan’s northern onsen enthusiasts. 

This gem within the Tohoku region is cherished for its natural hot spring waters and an array of soothing experiences.

What to Expect at Kimori no Yu:

  • Natural Hot Spring Water: Sourced from deep underground, the onsen provides a direct tap into nature’s warmth.
Popular Onsen in Northern Japan
  • Diverse Bathing Options: You have 11 different types of onsens to choose from, including a figure-enhancing bath and a unique electric bath.
  • Carbonated Springs for Soft Skin: Indulge in one of the top carbonated springs in Tohoku or lay back in a luxurious carbonated basin for silky-smooth skin.
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  • Beauty Bubble Basins: A notable feature of these baths is their crafting from Shigaraki ware – a touch of artisan tradition to your spa experience.
  • Aroma Stone Saunas: Five distinct stone saunas will envelop you in a swath of comforting scents and warmth, including an exclusive one for female visitors.
  • Rest and Entertainment Nook: Unwind with a vast collection of manga or simply recline and enjoy your favorite show.

Why Kimori no Yu Stands Out:

  • It’s not just any onsen; it’s a comprehensive relaxation station that’s clinched the top spot in Iwate Prefecture for five consecutive years.
  • Its acclaim spans multiple categories such as Word-of-Mouth, Stone Sauna, and Comprehensive Facilities.
  • Plus, it’s been awarded a Special Prize, making it clear that your visit will be nothing short of exceptional.
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So if you’re clad in your yukata or just wrapped in a robe, longing for a scenic view or a sociable foot bath, this inviting spot in northern Japan waits. 

And let’s not overlook the convenience – just a hop from Morioka Station, so you’re away from the hustle of Tokyo but still within easy reach.

You could be sinking into your very own slice of paradise even sooner than you think. Why not treat yourself to the warmth and tranquility of Kimori no Yu – a hot spring retreat that’s already captured the hearts of countless visitors?

Top Onsen Retreats in Northern Japan

Northern Japan is known for its tranquil onsen destinations. One highly regarded spot is Kimori no Yu, recognized for its consistent popularity and comprehensive facilities.

Private Onsen Experiences in Tohoku

For those seeking a secluded soak, the Tohoku region offers numerous onsens with private bathing options. Some of these can be explored through official tourism guides.

Well-Loved Onsens in Morioka

In Morioka, favorite onsens among travelers include spots like Yuukaen at Hanamaki Onsen, known for its aesthetic and healing properties.

Hidden Onsen Gems Recommended by Locals

In search of lesser-known onsen treasures? Insights from locals can lead to hidden gems which may not be as prominent on mainstream travel sites.

Choosing an Onsen in Snowy Regions

When visiting onsens in snowy regions, consider accessibility, the type of outdoor baths available, and whether they offer views of the snow-clad landscapes.

Scenic Winter Onsens in Tohoku

The winter season accentuates the beauty of Tohoku’s onsens, with some offering stunning views that are picturesque during the colder months.

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