Is It Hard To Find A Job In Japan As An Immigrant?

Is It Hard To Find A Job In Japan As An Immigrant

Wondering is it hard to find a job in Japan as an immigrant. Here’s the full lo-down on getting a job in Japan. Check it out!

reaming of a job in Japan? Land of the rising sun, delicious food, and fascinating culture. But is the job market just as sunny for immigrants? Let’s explore the challenges and opportunities for foreigners seeking work in Japan.

Is It Hard To Find A Job In Japan As An Immigrant?

Unfortunately, the short answer is yes, but there are a few exceptions to take into consideration. It’s hard to give a definite answer to this question because there are a lot of jobs to cover which range from low-skilled jobs, mid-skilled jobs, and high-skilled jobs.

To put it into perspective, 68.6 million people belong in the Japanese workforce and only an estimate of 1.7 million of that are immigrant or foreign workers. That’s how little the workforce in Japan is for immigrant workers.

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Low-skilled jobs and mid-skilled jobs are hard to get into in Japan because they are prioritizing the Japanese locals for these jobs like any other country would. This ensures that a big chunk of the population is actively contributing to the growing economy of Japan.

The caveat in this however is that if you have a high-skilled job or occupation, you’re most likely needed in Japan and the chances are, you will be hired even as an immigrant. Although this is still very situational because the educational level and status in Japan are very high.

A lot of factors are up for discussion as well, mainly because Japan is not an English-speaking country so it will take a lot more than your CV and job experience to get your dream job in Japan.

We’ll discuss low-skilled jobs, mid-skilled jobs, and high-skilled jobs more as we go along the article, so stick with us!

Is It Hard To Find Low-Skilled Jobs In Japan

These types of jobs are labor-intensive and even though they are dubbed as ‘low-skilled’, they are highly needed in society because they keep the economy running smoothly like a well-oiled machine. In short, they are very important to job positions and they are still highly respected.

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A few examples of low-skilled jobs like fast food crew members, cleaners, parking lot attendants, information desk clerks, laborers, mailmen, delivery crew, driving assistants, line operators, and so on. These jobs are very important to keep a specific business running.

Immigrant Working A Low-Skilled Job In Japan

What makes these jobs important is that they make sure that the specific business is stable and functioning properly on a daily basis. Imagine having no line operators to take your call or delivery people to bring your stuff to your house. These jobs are vital to keeping any business up and running properly.

However, these jobs are given priority to the Japanese locals first before anyone else which makes it hard for immigrants who are seeking to work in Japan for low-skilled jobs to enter. This is understandable since the government’s first priority is its people.

This basically means that it’s nearly impossible for you to get a low-skilled job in Japan, not unless you migrate first and gain citizenship through other ways like studying or through family members already living in Japan for a long time.

Mid-Skilled Jobs In Japan

These types of jobs are still labor-intensive in a way like low-skilled jobs but what sets them apart is that a certain amount of skill or practice is needed to make sure that you can perform the job properly and effectively.

A few examples of mid-skilled jobs are caregiving, construction work, retail salesperson, security personnel, bartender, flight attendant, fisherman, medical assistant, taxi driver, basic mechanic, laundry operator, and so on. Just like low-skilled jobs, these jobs are very important as well for the economy.

Taxi Driver In Japan

What makes these jobs important is pretty self-explanatory; imagine trying to get home when public transportation is unavailable and you couldn’t call a taxi. Or much worse, having no fresh fish to put in sushi or sashimi because there are no fishermen available. They are a vital part of society as well to function and thrive.

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In hindsight, these jobs are still pretty hard to get into Japan as an immigrant because they are giving priority to their people but due to the record low birth rates in Japan and the aging population, Japan is starting to ease their immigration policies to make sure these jobs are still filled.

This basically means that as an immigrant with experience or expertise in the jobs mentioned above, you now have a chance to enter Japan and work as an immigrant in these jobs. You just need to find which specific mid-skilled job is needed in a certain area of Japan and if you’re fit for the job’s requirements and scope.

Is It To Hard To Find High-Skilled Jobs In Japan

This is where it gets easier for immigrants because these types of jobs aren’t as labor-intensive as the jobs mentioned above but it requires an immense amount of skill and practice which often requires a university degree or professional experience in the field for a certain amount of years.

A few examples of high-skilled jobs are language teachers, nurses, mechanics, engineers, chefs, translators, accountants, brokers, stock traders, geologists, meteorologists, and so on. These jobs are vital for any society because they are experts in certain fields that need the utmost attention.

Nurse In Japan

What makes these jobs important is that they require a certain degree of expertise and experience to accurately pull off the job. Meteorologists are needed to accurately predict the weather and engineers are very important as well to ensure the safety of the people in large-scale projects.

And just like we mentioned earlier, these are the types of jobs that will give you easy access to Japan as an immigrant because professionals in these fields are hard to come by and Japan is always in need of high-skilled professionals to ensure the continuous growth and development of their economy.

But, before you assume that if you’re in one of these fields, you can easily get into Japan for a job as an immigrant. Japan exceeds world standards in terms of educational attainment which means the citizens are highly intelligent and these job positions could be easily filled up by other Japanese locals.

Other Factors To Consider When Looking For A Job In Japan

The supply and demand of certain skill-level jobs is not the only thing that we should consider to weigh in on how hard it is for you to get a job as an immigrant in Japan. Of course, there are a number of other factors that we have to consider as well.

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The first factor is probably the most important one and that is your ability to speak fluent Nihongo or Japanese. Nihongo is the primary language used in Japan and people barely speak or understand English. This is why your ability to speak their native language in the workforce is a very important skill to learn and factor.

Japanese Native

Another factor is the experience in the specific work field or the profession that you are trying to get a job in. It’ll set you apart from other applicants and solidify your case as the next person fit for the job if you have sufficient working experience in the job position you are applying for.

Obviously, skill is also a factor that we should take into consideration because just like we mentioned earlier, Japan produces quality graduates with its amazing education system.

You have to make sure that you have the edge of advantage over any other applicant in terms of your skills in the specific job you are applying for.

Certain job positions and companies require global certification as well to get the job. These are certifications that you have to acquire through various testing methods to get extra credibility for the job position you are applying for.

Preparedness is key as well when it comes to applying to Japan as an immigrant. Make sure that your legal documents, professional papers, and certifications are all ready for application. Integrity is very important in this step so you have to make sure that all information stated is true and proven.

Is It Hard To Find A Job In Japan As An Immigrant?

Japan is indeed a wonderful country with a booming economy; it is the perfect place to be as a professional to expand your skills and further your experience in the workforce. Unfortunately, it may not be as easy as you think to work in Japan as an immigrant.

Aside from the availability of jobs in certain skill levels, you have to consider a lot of external factors as well like language, skills, and experience.

We hope that this article has been helpful in determining whether it’s hard to get a job as an immigrant in Japan or not.

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