Family Mart’s Lineup of Green Tea Sweets In Japan – Taste Test! 

family mart Kinsei Uji Matcha Zukushi

In recent developments, Family Mart, a prominent convenience store chain, has collaborated closely with a renowned tea supplier with deep historic roots, resulting in an impressive offering for matcha enthusiasts. 

Their Kinsei Uji Matcha Zukushi series translates into an array of meticulously sourced Uji matcha delights.

The Kinsei Uji Matcha Zukushi collection is a testament to the provider’s expertise, Kanbayashi Shunsho Honten, a tea wholesaler established during the Eiroku period, known for their profound understanding of matcha products. 

The collection boasts 16 exclusive matcha items, demonstrating a union of tradition with modern convenience. Here’s what customers can anticipate:

  • Rich Matcha Beverages and Desserts: The Uji Matcha Frappe is a fusion of Uji matcha and milk, priced at 330 yen, highlighting the matcha’s fragrance and sweetness.
  • Decadent Confectioneries: Matcha lovers can rejoice over Uji Matcha Nama Choco Mochi, consisting of four mochi pieces at 268 yen, featuring matcha centers enveloped in rice cakes and ganache.
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Several items were released on March 28, including the Uji Matcha Cream Daifuku, Uji Matcha Dorayaki, while the remaining offerings are set to hit nationwide shelves on April 4. 

Highlights from the remainder of the collection include the Uji Matcha Melon Pan, a treat combining a crunchy exterior with a sweet matcha filling, and Uji Matcha Baumkuchen, where dual varieties of matcha harmonize for an exquisite taste. 

Another standout is the Uji Matcha Terrine Chocolate—Uji matcha seamlessly blended with white chocolate for a creamy experience.

  • Innovative Sweet Snacks: For those who prefer bite-sized options, the Matcha Fragrant Matcha & Cocoa Cookies incorporate the perfect balance of matcha and cocoa notes, and Karinto with Matcha Chocolate combines traditional deep-fried snacks with a matcha twist.

The ice cream section isn’t left behind, featuring the Waffle Cone Uji Matcha and Crispy Textured Matcha Cookie Ice Bar, each for a unique matcha-infused dessert experience.

Family Mart’s Green Tea Sweet Collection – Taste Test!

This limited-time matcha arrangement from Family Mart offers a taste of the esteemed Kanbayashi Shunsho Honten legacy. 

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The collection is a representation of enduring traditions and present-day trendsetting, delivering a flavor of authenticity to the convenience store scene for a brief period while supplies are available.

With the 15th generation at the helm, which can trace roots back to a distinguished tea master with connections to historical shoguns, the tea wholesaler guarantees a matcha sensation ubiquitously available across Japan. 

It’s an extraordinary illustration of how heritage can intertwine with innovation to produce something truly special.

Kinsei Uji Matcha Zukushi Collection Taste Test

Uji Matcha Frappe

This icy beverage was a refreshing punch of pure matcha. The first sip delivered a smooth, intense matcha flavor that lingered pleasantly on the tongue. The consistency was perfectly balanced between frothy and light, making it ideal for a hot day.

Uji Matcha Nama Choco Mochi

These bite-sized treats were a delightful textural experience. The chewy mochi exterior gave way to a rich, creamy matcha chocolate center. The sweetness of the chocolate perfectly complemented the earthy bitterness of the matcha, creating a harmonious and satisfying mouthful.

Uji Matcha Cream Daifuku

This classic Japanese dessert got a matcha makeover! The soft, chewy mochi exterior held a sweet and creamy matcha filling. The contrasting textures were delightful, and the matcha flavor, while subtle, was well-balanced against the sweetness of the cream.

Uji Matcha Dorayaki

This fluffy pancake sandwich offered a comforting and familiar taste. The dorayaki pancakes were infused with a mild matcha flavor, perfectly complementing the smooth, rich matcha bean paste filling. This treat was perfect for those who enjoy a more subtle matcha experience.

Uji Matcha Melon Pan

This reimagined melon pan surprised with a delightful combination of sweet and savory. The signature crispy cookie crust held a soft, fluffy interior infused with a subtle matcha flavor. The real star was the dollop of sweet matcha whip cream on top, adding a touch of creamy indulgence.

Uji Matcha Baumkuchen

Each layer of this delightful ring cake revealed a burst of matcha goodness. The high-quality matcha had a complex flavor profile, offering hints of bitterness and sweetness that balanced beautifully. The soft and fluffy texture made it perfect for savoring piece by piece.

Uji Matcha Terrine Chocolate

This luxurious dessert was a sophisticated take on matcha. The smooth, silky texture of the terrine melted in your mouth, revealing a rich and intense matcha flavor. It was decadent and perfect for those who appreciate a strong matcha punch.

Waffle Cone Uji Matcha

This classic ice cream cone got a delightful matcha makeover. The crispy waffle cone held a generous scoop of smooth and creamy matcha ice cream. 

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The matcha flavor was vibrant and refreshing, offering a delicious twist on a familiar treat.

Crispy Textured Matcha Cookie Ice Bar

This bar offered a fun and textural treat. The ice cream had bits of crunchy matcha cookie mixed in, creating a delightful contrast between smooth and crunchy. The matcha flavor was moderate, perfect for those who enjoy a balance of sweetness and bitterness.

What Green Tea Treats are Featured at Family Mart?

Family Mart offers a diverse array of green tea delicacies, including but not limited to Matcha Cream Daifuku, with its matcha bean paste encasing a creamy center and soft matcha mochi on the exterior. 

Then there’s the Matcha Dorayaki which presents a classic pairing of fluffy pancake layers with a smooth matcha filling.

Update Frequency of Green Tea Dessert Selection at Family Mart

New green tea dessert choices are introduced regularly at Family Mart, coinciding with different seasons or special promotions. 

This helps to ensure that customers can always look forward to fresh and innovative takes on matcha-infused treats.

Cost of Matcha Desserts at Family Mart

Prices for green tea desserts at Family Mart typically fall into an affordable range:

  • Uji Matcha Cream Daifuku: Approximately 165 yen
  • Uji Matcha Dorayaki: Around 180 yen These prices reflect the establishment’s commitment to providing quality treats at accessible rates.

Seasonal and Regional Exclusives

Certain green tea sweets at Family Mart are unique to specific regions or times of the year, such as items infusing locally sourced Uji matcha only available in specific prefectures or seasonal offerings that cater to particular celebrations or weather.

Comparison with Other Convenience Stores

Green tea sweets at Family Mart are often considered competitive in quality and variety when compared to offerings at other convenience stores in Japan. 

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While each store may present its own unique matcha products, Family Mart is recognized for its robust selection and frequent updates to the matcha sweets lineup.

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