Japanese Blood Type Theory: A Crash Course

Are you looking for a guide on Japanese blood type theory? Well, here it is!

Being judged and determined by one trait or characteristic of yours is bad as it is, but to be classified and made presumptions about based on a trait you don’t have control over is worse.

Keep reading to find out more about the Japanese blood type theory. It is quite astonishing, and frankly ridiculous, how prevalent this phenomenon in Japan is.

The Japanese’s belief in the blood type theory states that the person’s blood group determines the person’s personality, their tendencies and their compatibility with others.

What is the Japanese blood type theory? 

Japanese believe that the blood type of a person determines their personality, temperament, and compatibility with others. It is a pseudoscientific belief in Japan and  South Korea. A person’s blood type matters more than anything to the Japanese.

As far-fetched as it may sound, the Japanese strongly believe in this and upon conducting a survey, it was found that at least 29% of the male population and 45% of the female population believed in this theory.

But how did this come to be? Let’s dig deep into Japanese blood type theory.

How The Blood Personality Type Obsession Began

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Well, in 1916, Dr Kimata Hara had written a paper that linked the blood types and their corresponding personalities.

But the theory opened to the public only when Takeji Furukawa, a professor wrote a paper called  “The Study of Temperament Through Blood Type” and published it in a scholarly journal.

From that point on, there was no stopping. This theory spread like wildfire even though he had no expertise or even scientific credentials. All he put forth were his observations. 

In fact, the Japanese military ordered a study in 1930 to “breed” soldiers based on their blood types to produce better soldiers.

The fad started to die as some people began questioning it but was revised back again 40 years later. Japanese blood type theory started gaining popularity.

In 1970, after World War II, journalist Masahiko Nomi, under the influence of Furukawa’s study wrote a book regarding relationships between blood types and personalities.

It became a bestseller and the theory was back in action. The media started covering it as if it was pop culture. Japanese blood type theory is quite bizarre!

This time it went big. What is the Japanese blood type theory though?

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Do You Know Your Blood Type?

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If you’re planning on living in Japan or visiting for a few weeks, it is likely that someone will ask you your blood type. About 90% of the people living in Japan know their blood type.

As soon as they know your blood type, it is as if they scan you with an X-ray vision.

Suddenly they have an explanation about why you’re behaving the way you’re behaving. You should know what they’re thinking. So here’s a gist of Japanese blood type theory.

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Japanese Blood Type Theory

Type A: Well-Organized, Kind

This blood type constitutes the highest percentage of Japanese people. They are regarded highly because of their compassionate nature and their attention to details.

They make for excellent team players, but they get stressed out just as easily. If you’re going to date a Type A or be friends with them, take it slow. They are sensitive and get hurt easily.

It is often found that Type A is most compatible with Type A because they understand how intensely their personalities work. Their personality traits make them the perfect employee.

Their eye for detail, hard work and determination make them a model for how one should be in a workplace. This is one of the most wanted blood type according to the Japanese blood type theory.

Best Traits: Responsible, punctual, perfectionist, calm, patient

Worst Traits: Obsessive, uptight, overcautious, self-conscious, stubborn

Percentage in Japan: 40%

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Type B: Selfish, Rule Breaker

By being passionate and creative, Type Bs want to carve their own paths, which might come across as selfish. They don’t follow rules and get bored easily when they lose interest in something.

Being in a relationship with Type Bs can be quite a challenge, especially since they are ‘selfish’.

While you can’t particularly define them as heart-breakers, they’re likely to move on quickly from a relationship if it has come to an end. 

Type Bs have their own way of doing things and that might come across as ‘difficult’ to some people.

That’s why those with blood type O seem to gel most with B because they’re not intimidated by their carefree nature and self-worth.

Their creative side does give them an edge when it comes to problem-solving at work, but their selfishness and unreliability scares some people at work because they feel that they can’t count on them.

According to Japanese blood type theory, this type isn’t really appreciated.

Best Traits: Passionate, creative, flexible, free-spirited

Worst Traits: Irresponsible, self-centred, forgetful

Percentage in Japan: 20%

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Type AB: Eccentric, Dreamer

Even though this is a combination of blood types A and B, this is the rarest found blood type in Japan.

Since A and B are strikingly opposite, a combination of the two produces a mysterious, yet amusing combination. Some call them odd, some call them cool and eccentric.

They’re quite balanced, these AB people. Their sensitiveness gives birth to their empathy. They’re shy and confident at the same time. They’re rational and keep it real, but that won’t stop them from chasing their dreams.

There’s no beating around the bush with them. If you like someone straight forward and with a no-nonsense attitude, a person with AB blood type is perfect for you.

They’ll understand all your quirks and you’ll never have a misunderstanding. Such a happening is rare, and so are people with blood type AB in Japan. 

Since ABs are so level headed and sorted, they make excellent diplomats and caregivers. Being a teacher or a lawyer is a great career path for them. 

According to Japanese blood type theory, this is quite a rare type.

Best Traits: Rational, empathetic, organized, cool, composed, spiritual

Worst Traits: critical, indecisive, aloof, unforgiving

Percentage in Japan: 10%

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Type O: Optimistic, Leader

These Type Os have natural instincts to lead the pack or take care of the ones that follow them or are younger than them.

Type Os are great communicators and have strong opinions that they are not afraid to express.

But their opinionated nature doesn’t mean they’re not great listeners. They try to be flexible, accommodate everyone and just have a general likeable vibe.

Sometimes though, they consider their own opinion of the highest value and can come across as rude.

Although, their leadership qualities do make them excellent CEOs or top executives with their take-charge attitude. They keep their temperaments under control and don’t let the work stress get to them.

While in their everyday lives, they like to take charge, in a  romantic relationship, they like to be spoiled and feel protected. They are hopeless romantics and will give their all to their partner.

Best Traits: Outgoing, ambitious, passionate, leadership, self-confident, social

Worst Traits: Insensitive, vain, jealous, ruthless, arrogant

Percentage in Japan: 30%

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The Blood That Taunts

japan blood type personality test
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To draw a comparison in the real world context, let me tell you this: What astrology is to the Western culture, blood type theory is to Japan.

To make it more apparent, Japan’s day time TV offers blood type ‘horoscopes’ every day.  

Since there is no real scientific evidence, the horoscopes are really just self-fulfilling prophecies where the ‘predictions’ come true because of the strong beliefs of the people, steering them into taking actions that aid the possibility of it coming to be true.

The blood type bias runs in the Japanese’s blood now. It is quite common for employers to ask their prospective employees what their blood type is.

Sometimes, being a Type B means your name is at risk. Therefore, some people lie about their blood type, just so they can get a job.

Imagine being in a situation where you’re asked to donate blood to save someone’s life at work but you’re not that blood type at all because you lied about it to get a job?

You can’t really blame the Bs. They go through a lot. 

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What (not only the) Bs Face — Burahara

Japanese Blood Type Theory
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In other words, blood harassment. Most commonly faced by people who have blood type B. However, Japanese blood type theory always finds type A more attractive.

Like in any country, minorities face a struggle. This is not based on skin colour or gender, but it is just as bad. Being labelled B means people automatically assuming you are selfish, ambitious and self-centred. 

The good traits are completely ignored and only the bad ones are taken note of. If one unfavourable incident happens at work, a colleague says, “I knew you were a B, you’re such a B!”

Now ABs are minorities too, but there aren’t enough ABs to know whether they fit the whole no-nonsense stereotype. Sometimes, Type Os get harassed too.

When there is a normal act of aggression like opening a tight door or a stubborn pack of candy, they’re automatically asked if they were O.

It is not that common with Type A, but if a person with Type A blood doesn’t exactly fit the description that goes with it.

It does something that is “out of character”, people automatically say, “That’s not very A-like”, and then smirk.

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Some Weird Things About Japanese Blood Type Theory

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Japan has blood-type dating services where the app or the website asks you to list your blood type and find matches according to it. Exciting! Blood Type Goukon わくわく 血液型けつえきがた 合コン is one such site.

People often take assessments called Atari Masse for their personal blood types to get love and dating advice from automated survey-based responses.

Here, they get ‘consultation’ for all their worries and doubts about their romantic lives. Japanese blood type theory is one of the most unique things about Japan!

b blood type facts
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Finally, the blood type fad is so widespread, that for an exciting sex-life, you buy condoms according to your partner’s blood type.

On the wrapper, you’ll find some quirky advice about how exciting the journey is going to be for you based on the blood type pairing. Yes, you heard that right.

So if you’re heading to Japan, get a blood test, and know your blood type for the Japanese blood type theory is very important in Japan. 

#1– Why is blood type A big deal in Japan?

  The Japanese believe that each blood type comes with different traits that match their personality. It also decides if people are a good match for each other, romantic relationships etc. Blood type A are supposedly kind and well organised so they are a big deal in Japan.

#2– What blood type do most Japanese have?

In Japan, the blood groups are equally balanced, unlike in the other countries. There are approximately 40% of type A, 30% type O, 20% type B and 10% type AB.

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