Coca-Cola Japan Released Canned Jack Daniel’s Cocktails: A New Twist on Classic Spirits

Hey, have you heard? You’ll soon be able to grab a canned cocktail that fuses two iconic flavors without the need to mix! 

That’s right, Jack Daniel’s & Coca-Cola is hitting shelves, and it’s ready to drink straight from the can. Whiskey lovers in Japan have something cool to look forward to as Coca-Cola Japan spices up the market with this convenient option.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Name: Jack Daniel’s & Coca-Cola
  • What is it? A pre-mixed canned cocktail featuring famous Tennessee whiskey and cola.
  • Alcohol content: 7% ABV
  • Launch date: April 10
  • Price: 210 yen (~$1.55)

Alright, so this isn’t Coca-Cola Japan’s first rodeo with canned alcoholic beverages. They’ve played around with “Demon Lemon” and Nomeji’s hard lemonade before. 

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But this is their maiden voyage highlighting their classic cola in an alcoholic mix, and boy, they’re not shy about it. 

Branded boldly, the can declares it’s “born ready” with a promise of a match made in beverage heaven.

Want a drink that stands out but isn’t too heavy? At 7% alcohol, this cocktail aligns with some of the stronger convenience store offerings, meaning it’s got just enough kick without going overboard. It’s perfect for those evenings when you want a familiar taste without the fuss of playing bartender. 

Where to Score the Latest Canned Jack Daniel’s Cocktails in Japan?

If you’re on the hunt for the latest buzz in Japan, look no further than convenience stores and supermarkets across the country. That’s where you’ll find the nifty canned Jack Daniel’s cocktails for a grab-and-go tipple.

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Global Availability of Jack Daniel’s and Coca-Cola Canned Cocktails

Wondering if you can get your hands on these canned delights outside Japan? Currently, these canned Jack Daniel’s and Coca-Cola concoctions are exclusive to Japan, but keep an eye out; they might just pop up on international shelves in the future.

Discover Available Jack Daniel’s and Coca-Cola Canned Cocktail Flavors

Thirsty for variety? The canned range primarily features the classic cola flavor, which is a tried-and-true favorite for many.

Ready to Drink or Mix?

No shaker or stirrer needed here. These canned cocktails are ready to drink straight from the can. No mixing, no fuss!

Alcohol Strength of Canned Jack Daniel’s and Coca-Cola Cocktails

Each of these canned cocktails comes with a 7% alcohol by volume (ABV) so you can enjoy a pre-mixed drink that’s just right—not too strong, not too light.

Online Shopping for Canned Jack Daniel’s and Coca-Cola Cocktails

Looking to click ‘add to cart’ on these? While primarily sold in physical stores, keep an eye on online retailers who might just stock them, so you can sip without the trip.

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