Nissin X Family Mart Collab: Seven New Rice Ball Flavors

Nissin X Family Mart Collab- Seven New Rice Ball Flavors

Attention all onigiri enthusiasts! Family Mart has rolled out a fresh lineup of rice balls, including savory editions inspired by Nissin’s famed cup noodles. With seven unique onigiri hitting shelves as part of their Spring Omusubi celebration, your snack game is about to level up.

Nissin Infused Flavors:
Imagine the comforting taste of Donbei Kitsune Udon’s tender deep-fried tofu right at the heart of your rice ball. Each region brings its own twist, with local flavorings giving these treats a unique kick.

The Dongitsu Omusubi might just have you planning a mini culinary road trip.

Then, there’s the Sobameshi Rice Ball, a creative take on Nissin’s hearty Yakisoba U.F.O. sauce, capturing that signature taste in a compact rice delight.

Gochimusubi Series Hits:
Fancy something a bit more opulent? Try the Gochisomusubi Ikura Shoyuzuke, brimming with soy sauce-marinated salmon roe. It’s like a royal feast with ingredients like high-grade Honzen soy sauce and premium seaweed.

More Gourmet Selections:
Don’t miss out on the Wagyu-infused rice ball, featuring succulent Japanese Black wagyu beef, or the collaborative Spam Musubi Three-Cheese edition with its cheesy, meaty goodness. These gems are perfect for those days when you crave something extra indulgent.

Coming Soon:
Mark your calendars! More meaty options are on their way, like the Chicken Nanban rice ball, and for the fried rice fans, a Kogashi Shoyu Chahan rice ball infused with the rich scent of caramelized soy sauce awaits.

Remember, these specialty onigiri won’t stick around forever. So when you see them, grab them—your snack cravings will thank you. Oh, and for a sweet finish, don’t forget to peek at the cat-themed desserts!

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Note: Availability may vary by region; Okinawa’s offering differs and some varieties are not available in Hokkaido.

Newly Released Onigiri Varieties in Partnership with Nissin

Last spring, FamilyMart has unveiled a selection of seven fresh onigiri flavors, including exciting options inspired by Nissin instant noodles. These include rice balls that capture the essence of some of Nissin’s most popular noodle dishes.

Where to Get the Limited-Edition Nissin Onigiri

To get your hands on these special edition onigiri, simply head to your local FamilyMart. Look for the promotional signage or ask an employee to point you in the direction of the Nissin-inspired offerings.

Availability Across FamilyMart Outlets

While these special onigiri are expected to be found at most FamilyMart locations, availability might vary. It’s a good idea to check in with your nearest store for their specific selection.

Cost Details for the Onigiri with Nissin Flavors

You might wonder about the cost of these limited-edition snacks. Prices may vary slightly by location, but generally, you’ll find them on par with other premium onigiri options offered by FamilyMart.

Duration of the Onigiri Collaboration

Curious about how long you have to try these treats? The collaboration is part of a Spring campaign, so expect these to be available seasonally, and perhaps, only while supplies last.

Online Purchases of FamilyMart’s New Onigiri

Wondering if you can enjoy these onigiri without leaving home? Check FamilyMart’s online platforms and food delivery partners to see if they’re available for online ordering and delivery.

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