Best Japanese Acne Spot Treatment 2021 | 7 Products To Heal Acne Scars

Top Japanese Acne Spot Treatment

Are you looking for the best Japanese acne spot treatment to cure your acne and treat the marks? Well, check out the best products in Japan that will treat your acne and result in spotless skin.

There are no worse enemies than pimples. It ruins all your plans, hurts and the worst part, leaves scars and marks on your skin. Acne spots make the skin look dull and spotty. 

What are the best Japanese acne spot treatment products?

  • Mentholatum Acnes Face Wash
  • Fancl Cleansing Oil
  • ORBIS Medicated Clear Wash
  • Albion Skin Conditioner
  • Labo Labo Super Pores Lotion
  • Akunebaria Medicated Protective Acne Spots
  • Cure Aqua Gel

In my puberty, I had so many acne spots I remember, I used to be so unconfident and would cancel all the plans that my friends made just because of my acne spots. 

Thanks to the best Japanese acne spot treatment for clearing my skin in no time and making me confident again. I’d always be grateful to these products for making my skin glow and plumpy.

These products are the best not only just for acne spot treatment but works in various ways like revitalising, rejuvenating and refreshing the skin. 

Without further ado, let’s check out the best Japanese acne spot treatment that will help you get rid of acne spots, scars and marks. 

Top Japanese Acne Spot Treatment

Mentholatum Acnes Face Wash

best Japanese acne spot treatment

This is one of the best Japanese acne spot treatment products that’s really effective. It is easily available in any drugstore in Japan. It is decently priced so you can give it a try. 

This face wash cleanses away the dirt and extra oil that is on top of your skin responsible for causing acne. If you continually use it, it will also help you get rid of your acne scars and spots. 

It contains Isopropyl methyl phenol  that sterilizes acne causing bacteria and keeps the skin safe. This is the product version of hormonal acne treatment in Japan, yes it works that well. 

It is mostly recommended for teen skin but works well (and causes no harm) on adult skin as well. 

Mentholatum Acnes face wash comes in a tube form that is easy to use. It also feels extremely refreshing after a single use! Try this with other products like lotion, tint milk etc from the same brand for best results. 


  • Easily available and affordable
  • Gets rid of scars and spots


  • Meant for teen skin only

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Fancl Cleansing Oil


Definitely,  the best Japanese acne spot treatment cleansing oil that seeps deep into the skin to clean the sebum and lights the acne spots. It doesn’t irritate the skin and leaves no oil residue behind.

I’ve been using this cleansing oil since so long and there’s only one conclusion I could make and that is, it’s the best Japanese acne spot treatment product of all times. It is great for sensitive skin types but works well on all skin types.

It leaves the skin smooth and even and shows quick results. It’s a no-rub makeup remover that makes the cleansing process so simple and easy.

The packaging is also super nice as it comes in a bottle with a pump. Just pump a few pea size drops to use it on your skin and feel the difference.

It’s a little pricey so you’d want to consider looking for other products before choosing this, but believe me it’s worth every single penny you’ll pay.


  • Deep Cleanses the skin
  • No rub makeup remover
  • No skin irritation


  • Pricey

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ORBIS Medicated Clear Wash

Check out Orbis medicated clear wash, the best Japanese acne spot treatment product that is medicated. It is rich and creamy in texture that provides perfect lather and removes all the impurities from your face.

It is soothing for acne prone skin and lights up the dark spots and scars caused by it. This face wash also unclogs pores and also soothes the skin. It is a quasi-drug product and dermatologically safe for skin.

This face wash comes in a tube form, so squeeze and take a pea sized amount to apply on your face. Rinse off and wipe with a clean towel, daily twice a day. It is free of oil, no artificial coloring is added as well as free of fragrance. 

It contains amino acids that supply proteins to the skin. It is quite expensive, more than Fancl cleansing oil but shows amazing results. You can get the entire kit of Orbis with lotion and moisturizer to see the change. 


  • Quasi-drug product
  • Free of oil
  • Fragrance-free


  • Expensive

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Albion Skin Conditioner

It’s very expensive but one of the best Japanese acne spot treatment products in Japan. This Japanese acne scar cream removal is medicated and does wonders to the skin. 

It contains eyelet extract that is the main ingredient for moisturising the skin. It restores skin to stable conditions, prevents oiliness and removes darkened spots caused by acne. 

It contains alcohol and you can smell it but doesn’t cause harm as there are so many positive reviews about it. It is great for sensitive skin.

It is quite expensive in the US but in Japan, it is decently priced. The conditioner comes in a pump bottle with a small hole. Press for however much you want and use it on your skin for difference.

If you are in the west, go for cheaper products whereas definitely go for it if you’re in Japan as you’ll get it at affordable prices. 


  • Restores severe skin conditions
  • Quasi-drug product


  • Expensive in the US
  • Contains Alcohol

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Labo Labo Super Pores Lotion

Although Labo Labo lotion is not really known for treating acne spots but trust me, it works so well on curing and reducing scars and spots on the face. 

This lotion contains lactic, malic and hyaluronic acid that help in dissolving the dead skin caused by acne and heals the skin gently. It refines pores and doesn’t let blackheads develop. 

Labo Labo lotion is good for combination of skin but if you have too dry skin, please avoid using it as it may react as cause issues. 

The bottle is perfect as it doesn’t let the lotion come in contact with oxygen which ruins the product. It’s the best Japanese acne spot treatment product that’s decently priced.


  • Dead skin removal
  • Packed with hyaluronic acid
  • Affordable


  • Not good for too dry skin

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Akunebaria Medicated Protective Spots

This is the best acne scar treatment in Japan, just take a drop of it and apply wherever and whenever you feel like the pimple will pop out. 

It feels generous on skin and is packed with tea tree, lavender, and rosemary oils that shrinks pimple, reduces sebum and also heals scars and marks that the acne causes. 

It is great for hormonal as well as seasonal breakouts. Akunebaria protective spot is medicated and safe for skin. 

This pimper barrier comes in a bottle with a dropper so take a drop and apply it to the place you feel like it’s gonna breakout. I use it all the time to get rid of my pimples and it always works!

It’s good for all skin types but if you have extra sensitive skin, please avoid. It should definitely be included in the list of best Japanese acne spots treatment products. 


  • Natural herbs present
  • Good for seasonal as well as hormonal breakouts


  • Not too good for extra sensitive skin

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Cure Aqua Gel

Cure Aqua gel is extremely effective and soothing which is why it’s one of the best Japanese acne spot treatment products. 

Exfoliation keeps away the acne but if you go too harsh, it can be worse so use it gently. It contains 91% of active hydrogen water that is good for skin hydration as well as soothing pimples. 

It doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals. This cure aqua gel is great for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin. It removes dead skin and reduces acne scars, marks and spots caused by it.

I use it in my hands and legs also sometimes and it feels so good. A bottle lasts upto 4 months if you use it twice a week and 1 month if you use it daily. 

It comes with a pump so it is easy to use and handle. I’d definitely recommend it as it feels extremely soothing and good. 


  • 91% active hydrogen water
  • Can be used in the entire body

How I tested the best Japanese acne spot treatment products?

With the help of a few skincare experts, I tested over 10+ Japanese acne spot treatment products based on 4 factors to find the best one. On a scale of 1 to 5, I rated the products based on these 4 factors: 

Ingredients: The kind of ingredients and it’s quality that go into making the formula of the product. Making sure no harmful chemicals are involved. 

Treatment power: We compared the products on the basis of its primary use: How well it works on the skin and how fast are the results. 

Results: Checking if the products display the result it promises. The products must show the result that it is meant for.

After effects: Checking if the products cause any damage or harm to the skin. Checking if it’s safe for use.

Which is the best Japanese acne spot treatment product?

I’ve used various acne spot treatment products but I found Mentholatum Acnes Face Wash to be the best for its ingredients, price and quality. 

Mentholatum Acnes Face Wash is best for teen skin types but works well on adult skin as well. Its key ingredient is isopropyl methyl phenol that sterilizes acne bacteria and also helps in removing darkened spots and marks. The face wash is medically tested and safe for use. It is available on Amazon for sale.

How to choose the best Japanese acne spot treatment product?

To choose the top Japanese acne spot treatment products, look out for:

Ingredients: Check products that contain hydrating as well as dead skin removal qualities. Do not go for products that are loaded with harsh chemicals like mineral oil, parabens etc.

Scent: Go for mildly scents or fragrance-free products for best results.

Packaging: Go for tube or pump type packed products because it will keep the product safe, easy to use and away from the contact of oxygen.

Price: Go for products that are decently priced if you’re picking the daily use products. You can go for luxury products if you use it once in a while.

Best Japanese acne spot treatment Best ForKey Ingredient
Mentholatum Acnes Face WashTeen skinIsopropyl methyl phenol
Fancl Cleansing OilAll skin typesGlycerin, soybean oil
ORBIS Medicated Clear WashHealing poor skin conditionsAmino acids
Albion Skin ConditionerSensitive skinEyelet extract
Labo Labo Super Pores LotionCombination skin typeHyaloronic acid
Akunebaria Medicated Protective SpotsAll skin typesTea tree, lavender, rosemary oils
Cure Aqua GelSensitive skin, all skin types91% active hydrogen water

Goodbye Scars!

These products work extremely well to get rid of the darkened spots, acne scars, and marks. Try it yourself and feel the difference. 

Hope this article helped you find out the best Japanese acne spot treatment for yourself!

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Face Wash

Check out Best Japanese Acne Spot Treatment if you're tired of your pimple marks and scars that lower your confidence and irritates your skin. These products are extremely soothing and show great results. Also, check out Mentholatum Acnes Face Wash which is the best on the list.

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