Are Japanese Girls Attracted To Americans?

Are Japanese Girls Attracted To Americans

Have you ever wondered if American guys hold a special charm for Japanese women? We explore the cultural allure, adventurous spirit, and potential downsides of American-Japanese relationships.

Dive in and discover if opposites truly attract in this world of love and dating!

Are Japanese Girls Attracted To Americans

Are Japanese Girls Attracted To Americans?

For 2021, Japan has an estimated female population of 64.3 million. With that being said, we can’t just give a straightforward answer and claim that all 64.3 million Japanese women are attracted to Americans or the other way around.

What we can do is look at key statistics and see patterns to confirm if only a few or a majority of Japanese women are attracted to Americans. Sadly, the data that is currently available to this scale only relates Japanese women to foreigners in general and not specifically to Americans.

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Even though this is the case, this will still give us a good indication and the level of attraction that Japanese women have to Americans or foreigners in general. A number of cases even lead up to marriage!

In the later parts of the article, we’ll discuss a few key factors on why we believe that more and more Japanese girls are getting attracted to Americans.

Japan’s Relationship Statistics

Generally speaking, interracial dating between Asians and Westerners isn’t new to the ears, in fact, interracial dating, in general, has been widely accepted and understood by everybody because that’s just how relationships are and race shouldn’t be a barrier to love.

Statistically speaking, around 3-in-10 Asian newlyweds have a spouse of a different race or ethnicity (29%). That’s a lot considering the difference in culture, traditions, and distance geographically too.

Now if we go to Japan, according to the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare, a whopping 6,329 Japanese women married foreigners in the year 2016. That’s a lot considering the below-average marriage rate in Japan.

In 2021, the recorded marriage rate in Japan is only 4.1 per 1000 people and there are two factors to consider on why that is the case, individualism ideology and a decline in macroeconomic performance.

Both discourage the Japanese youth from the thought of starting their own families and marriage.

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Married Japanese Couple

A quick analysis of these statistics indicates that to some degree, Japanese women are attracted to foreigners, specifically Americans, but to an extent only. We still can’t say that the majority of Japanese women are attracted or only a few of them given the lack of data and research available.

What we can say for sure though is that there are a growing number of Japanese women getting attracted to Americans given the rising number of Japanese women marrying foreigners as well. This is a good indication to prove our point that they are attracted to Americans to some extent.

Another good indication is the very low marriage rate found in Japan and if thousands of Japanese brides marry a foreigner or Americans, it is a positive sign that a growing number of them are attracted to Americans up to the point that they are willing to marry them.

Bear with us on this one as statistics are kind of hard to find to get a specific answer for such a specific question. But we have much more in store and factors to consider on why there’s a growing number of Japanese women getting attracted to Americans.

Japanese Media And Its Influence

As mentioned in our previous article, both Japan and the United States have a solid relationship and alliance in the aspects of economy, politics, and military. This is why they put each other in high praise whenever they discuss each other in the media.

This also translates to how Japanese media portrays Americans in lifestyle shows and they generally put them in good faith and standing. They show the lives and good qualities of Americans and that could be a very strong factor why a growing number of Japanese women are attracted to Americans.

Japan Media Television

Without a doubt, the media has a very strong influence on the daily lives of the Japanese people, and news or shows that portray Americans in a good light could help influence women more to have increased attraction to Americans.

On the other hand, the United States returns the favor by putting Japan in high praise as well, and given the increasing influence of anime and the likes in America, more and more Americans are starting to be attracted to Japanese women as well.

Western Beauty Standards As The ‘Standard’

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We all know that American culture is big in Japan and with that comes American pop culture, Hollywood, and many more indicators that have influenced Japan and how they perceive beauty or attraction.

Given the huge influence that the United States has in Japan with this aspect, we can consider this as another factor on why a growing number of Japanese women are starting to get attracted to Americans.

We often associate American media through Hollywood films, fashion shows, and TV shows as the standard of film and literature all over the world and aesthetics could also come with that. Basically what we’re trying to say is that the Western or American beauty standard has slowly become the ‘look to die for’ globally.

American Man

A quick explanation of that is global, we desire to match or even exceed Western or American beauty standards because everybody sees it as the universal definition of beauty. This could be an indication of why Japanese women are attracted to Americans because we see them as the ‘standard’.

Western Attraction To Japanese Women

If we were to look the other way around, Westerners or Americans are also no strangers to being attracted to Asians or Japanese women to be specific. This was already proved by the high marriage count of Japanese women to foreigners as mentioned earlier.

We can’t really give definitive reasons why this is the case but from the numbers that we saw, it is happening and our best bet to explain is that both nationalities have a very different set of physical traits and qualities. This could be the reason why they are attracted to each other.

American and Japanese Couple

If a Japanese woman or an American is to find something different or something unique, what better way to find attraction than on the other side of the globe. Despite the unending list of cultural and traditional differences, the attraction was still surprisingly able to transcend that.

And as mentioned earlier, Japan has also influenced the United States in many ways in the form of anime and the like. The growing familiarization of Japan in the United States could be used as a factor for the growing attraction that they have for Japanese women.

Japanese Sentiment Towards The Influence Of Western Beauty Standards

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We all know that Japanese culture is centered on respect and understanding. With this fact alone, it is safe to assume that they don’t mind interracial attraction or relationships as long as their cultures and traditions are continued to be valued and respected.

In some cases, it is even a good thing for some Japanese to be attracted to or to get into a relationship with a Westerner or an American given the high praise the Japanese media gives them. Few famous American actors/singers have a Japanese partner and most of the locals are thrilled by that fact.

On the contrary, there are some Japanese people who oppose this idea because they believe that it might not be good for their culture and tradition that dates back centuries ago. They do have a point because a Japanese man is much more aware of these than a Westerner or an American.

All in all, it is important for foreigners, in general, to be respectful and understanding of the cultures and traditions in Japan not just in the dating scene but in all aspects. We talk about this a lot in our articles to make sure that you’re all ready to go for your next visit to Japan.

Are Japanese Girls Attracted To Americans?

It is safe to say that the majority of Japanese women are attracted to Americans to a certain degree. It might not be the overall consensus for all but one thing’s for sure, most of them find Americans attractive due to their physical traits and qualities.

Despite having a difference in a lot of things like culture, tradition, and physical traits, it seems like it is not a problem at all. In fact, it might even be one of the reasons why Japanese girls are attracted to Americans.

We hope that this article has been helpful in determining if Japanese women are attracted to Americans.

What do you think?

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