10 Strongest Digimon (Ranked From Least Strongest To Most Strongest)

strongest digimon

Wondering who is the strongest Digimon? Here’s a detailed list of the most powerful digimon in ranking order along with their abilities. Check it out!

Digimon is one of the legendary franchises that has captured the hearts of anime enthusiasts not only by its anime series but also by its manga and video games. 

Digimon is the abbreviation of Digital Monsters which is a fantasy series that portrays digital creatures called Digimon which reside in a Digital World. Mysteriously, a group of children is sent to the Digital World with their own Digimon which they have to use to fight evil Digimon and save the world.

The Digimon franchise is large and consists of more than 1400 variations of Digimon species. It’s quite intricate to find the strongest Digimon out of a whole lot. Don’t let that worry you because that’s why we’re here with a list of the top ten strongest Digimon ranked throughout the franchise.

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Strongest Digimon Ranked: Quick Glance

RankDigimon NameDigimon TypeMain Attack
10LucemonAngelGrand Cross
9QuartzmonUnidentifiedGyuputo Particle 
8ApocalymonUnidentifiedDarkness Zone
7Mega DarknessBagramonCompositionGod of Death Snatcher
6Imperialdramon Paladin ModeAncient Dragon ManOmni Sword
AlphamonHoly Knight Divine Sword Great Alpha
4Omnimon XHoly Knight Supreme Cannon
3Shoutmon X7F Superior ModeComposition Final Xros Blade
2ZeedMillenniummonEvil God Time Destroyer
1GaiamonGod DigimonAdamas

Who is the strongest of the original Digimon?

Among the original Digimon, Gaiamon stands out as the strongest. This Mega-level Digimon possesses immense power and destructive capabilities, making it a formidable force in the Digital World. Gaiamon’s strength lies in its ability to merge with other Digimon, allowing it to harness their unique abilities and unleash even greater power.

#10 —  Lucemonf

Lucemon digimon powers

Lucemon is an angel-type Digimon that has the appearance of a child with 8 angel wings. It’s theorized that Lucemon arrived in the Digital World during an era where it was chaotic and in misery.

Lucemon was believed to have brought peace to the Digital World until it started a mutiny. Lucemon was the main antagonist in the Digimon Frontier and Digimon Xros Wars.

Lucemon’s rookie form looks like a child with blonde hair, angel wings, and a white cloth wrapped around the body. It also has purple tattoos and wears Holy Rings in its arms and legs. 

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Lucemon has 4 levels of Digivolution starting from Rookie, Ultimate, and two Mega forms. The Rookie level Lucemon is more powerful than Mega-level Digimon.

Lucemon possesses divine and devilish abilities and its main attack is Grand Cross which fires heated light spheres.

#9 — Quartzmon

Quartzmon is an unidentified species of Digimon which is more like a colossal Digimon. Quartzmon absorbs data to reinforce its powers. The appearance of Quartzmon is like a large golden globe which is the fusion reactor of its body. 

digimon strengths

This is where the power of Quartzmon comes from which is its main attack, the Gyuputo Particles. These particles are able to completely delete a person and convert them into raw data which Quartzmon can easily absorb. 

This gives it immense power to exist and create more Gyuputo Particles. 

The only intention of Quartzmon is to convert everyone and everything it sees into raw data and absorb the entire world. This makes it similar to Galactimon who also wants to absorb the entire Digital World. 

#8 — Apocalymon


This is also an unidentified Digimon and most fans compare it to a demon just by its appearance. Apocalymon came into existence when every form of darkness and negativity was prevalent. 

The appearance of Apocalymon looks like a blue-skinned, skinny humanoid that wears a black and red cape with a gray helmet. It has large hands with red claws and it looks like a creepy demon.

Apocalymon has the ability to warp time and space in the Digital World which makes it a dangerous Digmon to deal with. 

Apocalymon also has the power to destroy multiple dimensions with its Total Annihilation Attack but it comes with a price that Apocalymon has to sacrifice himself for it to happen. 

Its main attack is the Darkness Zone which spreads unlimited darkness that can delete anyone who gets caught in it.

#7 — Mega DarknessBagramon

Mega DarknessBagramon

This is a Composition Digimon which is a fused form of AxeKnightmon and Bagramon. By fusing the demon lord and dark knight, MegaDarknessBagramon became the evilest and strongest antagonist in the Digimon anime. 

When this Digimon was in its prime form, it was known to rebel against God Digimon.

This Digimon has evil power draining out of its body named ‘Imperium Vicious’ which if anyone weak is bathed then they become a strong subordinate for it. 

This power comes in handy for MegaDarknessBagramon which helps it to take control of useful Digimon to expand its power. It’s main power is the God of Death Snatcher that can rip out anyone’s soul.

#6 — Imperialdramon Paladin Mode

Imperialdramon is an Ancient Dragon Man Digimon and with evolving to Paladin Mode it’s a Mega-Level Digimon. When Imperialdramon evolved to Fighter Mode it acquired the power of royal knight Omnimon which altered it to a holy knight Digimon. 

Imperialdramon Paladin Mode

The Imperialdramon Dragon Mode appeared in the ancient Digital World during a time of chaos and saved the world from annihilation. Its major attack is the Omni Sword which can cut the opponent into two with a single strike and the data is ultimately reset and cleared.

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The Imperialdramon Dragon Mode appeared in the ancient Digital World during a time of chaos and saved the world from annihilation. Its major attack is the Omni Sword which can cut the opponent into two with a single strike and the data is ultimately reset and cleared.

#5 — Alphamon

Alphamon is a Holy Knight/Warrior Digimon who’s the carrier of the X antibody. He’s one of the leaders of the Holy Knights who acts as a deterrent force. He’s also called the Aloof Hermit. 

Alphamon possesses the Alpha inForce ability which helps it to replay an elapsed battle instantly. It can leash several attacks within an instant which can destroy any opponent in a given time.

Alphamon digimon strength

Alphamon has the ability to release a magic circle of Digicode which can perform offense and defend it from other Digimon attacks. 

This Digimon’s main attack is Divine Sword Grade Alpha. Alphamon can reach the Alphamon Ouryuken stage if it merges with Dragon Digimon and Ouryumen.

#4 — Omnimon X

Omnimon X is another Holy Knight Digimon that also is a carrier of the X antibody. He’s also one of the leaders of Holy Knights just like Alphamon. Omnimon X acquired the Omega in Force ability which can read and respond to any movement and techniques during battle. 


Omnimon is immensely powerful and has defeated some of the evil and strongest Digimon Arkadimon, Ordinemon, and Diaboromon. 

His ability to foresee the future makes him extremely undefeatable. Omnimon’s major attack is the Supreme Cannon which can shoot the opponent and freeze them immediately.

#3 — Shoutmon X7F Superior Mode

Shoutmon is a Composition Digimon and the Shoutmon X7F Superior Mode is the final form of DigiXros Shoutmon. Shoutmon X7F Superior Mode is a combination of Shoutmon and nearly all other Digimon in existence in the whole Digital World. 

This Digimon is also regarded as the most powerful good Digimon out there in the Digital World. Shoutmon X7F Superior Mode has a body that’s fully coated with gold with 6 golden large wings. 

This Digimon is so vast that other Digimon has to revolve around it and in fact, it’s also the liberator of the Digital and Real Worlds.

stringest digimon

Since Shoutmon X7F Superior Mode is a collection of all the good Digimon in the Digital World he’s unbeatable and invincible. He could tackle any evil Digimon before they can even unleash their abilities. 

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The major attack of Shoutmon X7F Superior Mode is Final Xros Blade which possesses large amounts of concentrating energy. If the sword is struck on a good Digimon they’re unharmed but if an evil Digimon is struck their data is rest and they turn into a Digi-Egg.

#2 — Zeed Millenniummon

This Digimon is a Mega-level evil god Digimon who played the main antagonist in the Digimon Adventure and Digimon Xros Wars. Zeed Millenniummon is the final form of Millenniummon which was believed to have died in a battle. 

Later, the Millenniummon was possessed by an evil entity which caused the birth of ZeedMillenniummon. 

strongest digimon groups

This Digimon travels freely between space and time with the objective of annihilating all the worlds in between by using the Time Destroyer attack. 

However, the evil and intense powers of ZeedMillenniummon are controlled by a band in ZeedMillenniummon’s body which if destroyed can make this Digimon unleash all of its fatal abilities.

#1 — Gaiamon

Gaiamon hasn’t appeared in any of the anime and manga but it’s regarded as the strongest Digimon of all time because it’s an amalgamation of the entire Digital World which creates the single most powerful Digimon ever. 

This is a humanoid god Digimon which has a black underbody covered with white armor which has red stripes. The stripes go all over its body which connects to an orb.

It has a golden halo hovering on the back which has a red design that looks like a compass. There are only 2 Digimon who have the ability to fuse all Digimon to become the ultimate Gaiamon and they’re Galactimon and Quartzmon. 

However, it’s extremely difficult to amalgamate every Digimon and if successfully done then the whole Digital World could go extinct.

Strongest Digimon (Ranked): FAQs

Who is the god of Digimon?

In the Digimon franchise there are several types of Digimon and God Digimon is one of them. There are a few types of God Digimon like God-Man, God Beast, Evil God, and Demon God. Despite these categories the literal God of Digimon Gaiamon who’s the amalgamation of all the Digimon species.

How strong is ZeedMillenniummon?

ZeedMillenniummon is the strongest form of Millenniummon which came into existence when Millenniummon died in an intense battle and when an evil entity overtook it. The major attack of ZeedMillenniummon is the Time Destroyer Attack which helps it to travel between space and time and destroy multiple worlds.

Who is the strongest rookie Digimon?

The strongest rookie Digimon is Lucemon which is an Angel-type Digimon. Lucemon in its rookie form looks like a child with an angelic appearance. Lucemon has four stages of evolution such as Rookie, Ultimate, and two Mega. The rookie form of Lucemon is able to battle Mega levels of Digimon and its main attack is Grand Cross which can shoot lighted spheres.

Who is the strongest Royal Knight Digimon?

There are several types of Royal Knight Digimon in the franchise. The strongest out of them is Omnimon which is an ultra-level Digimon. Omnimon has defeated many evil Digimon like Arkadimon and Ordinemon. Omnimon’s main attack is the Supreme Cannon that can shoot and freeze opponents.

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