Is ASICS Cheaper In Japan? | Comparing ASICS Prices in Japan Vs US, UK, and Singapore)

is asics cheaper in japan

Are you wondering is Asics cheaper in Japan than in other countries? We compare the prices of Asics in Japan Vs US, UK, China, Singapore, and the Philippines. 

As a runner (or a shoe enthusiast!), you might be wondering if scoring a deal on Asics is possible in the land of its origin, Japan.

While not always guaranteed, there’s a chance you can find Asics shoes at a more attractive price compared to other parts of the world.

Let’s delve into the factors that influence the cost of Asics in Japan and see if you can snag a bargain!

Is Asics Cheaper In Japan?

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Asics are generally cheaper in Japan. They’re a domestic brand, and you might find deals at outlets or during sales. However, factor in travel costs and compare prices online before you jet set.

To determine whether ASICS products are cheaper in Japan, it is crucial to comprehend the underlying factors that influence pricing. 

Several key elements contribute to price fluctuations, including manufacturing costs, import/export fees, taxes, transportation expenses, and local market conditions. 

By examining these factors, we can gain insight into the potential price differences in Japan compared to other countries.

Is ASICS Cheaper In Japan or the US?

Yes, Asics are often cheaper in Japan compared to the US. This is because Asics is a Japanese brand and there can be fewer markups on domestic products.

Let’s explore the price difference with a real-time example: The popular Asics Gel-Kayano 29 running shoe might retail for around ¥18,000 (around $165 USD) in Japan, while the same shoe could cost $130 USD on sale in the US, but typically sits around $150 USD.

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Remember, you’ll also need to consider factors like sales and shipping costs when deciding where to buy.

The Asics Advantage in Japan:

  • Home turf advantage: Asics is a Japanese brand, so production and distribution costs can be lower there. This translates to potentially lower retail prices compared to the US.
  • Sales and special offers: Japan frequently holds sales and promotions throughout the year. You might score a fantastic deal on popular Asics models during these events.
  • Outlet stores: Japan has a strong outlet store culture, offering past-season Asics shoes at significantly discounted prices
LocationTypical Retail PriceSale PriceAdditional Considerations
Japan¥18,000 (approx. $165 USD)Can be lower during sales* Potential import fees when buying from Japan and importing to US * Currency exchange rates may affect final price
US$180 USD$130 USD (on sale)* Sales may not be as frequent * Limited access to outlet stores with discounted past-season models

Is It Cheaper to get ASICS in Japan or the UK?

here’s a good chance you’ll find Asics cheaper in Japan compared to the UK.

Let’s consider a popular model, the Asics Gel-Nimbus 25:

  • Japan: At a regular store, you might find them for around ¥20,000 (approx. £130). During sales or at outlets, the price could be even lower.
  • UK: Typical retail price might be around £150. While sales happen, they might not be as frequent as in Japan, and discounted past-season options could be more limited.

Here’s a comparison table with a few more Asics products to give you a broader idea of potential price differences between Japan and the UK (as of April 16, 2024):

Asics Price Comparison: Japan vs. UK (April 16, 2024)

ProductJapan (¥)Japan (Approx. £)UK (£)
Asics Gel-Kayano 2918,000£115£160
Asics Gel-Nimbus 2520,000£130£150
Asics Contend 88,000£50£60
Asics Novablast 315,000£95£110

The Verdict:

While not guaranteed, Japan often offers better deals on Asics due to their domestic status and sales culture. However, factor in potential import fees and currency exchange before making your decision.

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You might find it helpful to compare prices online from retailers in both Japan and the UK before you buy.

Is ASICS Cheaper in Japan Or Singapore?

Asics can be cheaper in Japan compared to Singapore, but it’s not a guaranteed win. Here’s a breakdown:

Asics Price Comparison: Japan vs. Singapore (as of April 16, 2024)

ProductJapan (¥)Japan (Approx. S$)Singapore (S$)
Asics Gel-Kayano 2918,000$165$200 – $230
Asics Gel-Nimbus 2520,000$185$220 – $250
Asics Contend 88,000$75$85 – $95
Asics Novablast 315,000$140$160 – $180

Real-time Example (as of April 16, 2024):

Let’s look at the Asics Gel-Kayano 29:

  • Japan: You might find them for around ¥18,000 (around $165 USD). During sales or at outlets, the price could be even lower.
  • Singapore: Typical retail price could be in the S$200-S$230 (around $145-$165 USD) range. Sales might bring it down to similar prices as Japan.

The Verdict:

Japan has the potential for lower prices due to being the home country. However, consider:

  • Import fees: Buying from Japan and importing to Singapore might incur fees.
  • Currency fluctuations: Conversion rates can change, affecting the final cost.
  • Singapore sales: Watch for deals from Singaporean retailers to potentially match Japanese prices.

Recommendation: Compare prices online from both countries before you buy. Factor in potential import fees, currency exchange, and any ongoing sales to make the most informed decision.

Is Asics cheaper in Japan than in the Philippines?

ASICS products tend to be more competitively priced in Japan compared to the Philippines. Japan is the home country of ASICS, which often results in a wider availability of ASICS products and a more established market presence. 

The competition among retailers in Japan may lead to more competitive pricing and potential cost savings for consumers.

On the other hand, in the Philippines, ASICS products may be subject to import costs, taxes, and shipping fees, which can contribute to higher prices compared to Japan. 

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These additional expenses associated with importing the products can impact the overall affordability for consumers in the Philippines.

It’s important to note that the specific price difference can vary depending on factors such as currency exchange rates, local market dynamics, and retailer pricing strategies. 

To determine the most cost-effective option, it is advisable to compare the prices of specific ASICS products in both Japan and the Philippines, taking into account any additional costs associated with importing the products. 

Online shopping platforms, official ASICS stores, and authorized retailers in each country can provide insights into the pricing differences and help consumers make informed purchasing decisions.

Why Is ASICS cheaper in Japan?

  • Asics’ Manufacturing Costs in Japan and Proximity 

ASICS, like many other sportswear brands, has manufacturing facilities both in Japan and in other countries, particularly those with lower labor costs. 

Products manufactured in Japan may have lower production expenses due to reduced transportation and import fees.

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  • Import/Export Fees and Taxes

When ASICS products are exported from Japan, import fees and taxes imposed by the receiving country can significantly affect their final price. 

These additional costs are often passed on to consumers, potentially making ASICS products more expensive outside Japan.

  • Local Market Conditions

Local market conditions, including competition, demand, and supply, play a vital role in determining product pricing. 

In Japan, ASICS enjoys a strong market presence and has a wide range of offerings, which could potentially lead to more competitive prices compared to other countries.


In conclusion, ASICS products can indeed be more competitively priced in Japan compared to other countries. 

Factors such as manufacturing costs, import/export fees, taxes, and local market conditions contribute to potential price disparities. While the affordability of ASICS products in Japan is appealing, the feasibility of purchasing them directly from Japan depends on several factors. 

Travel costs, logistics, currency exchange rates, and the availability of international shipping services should be carefully considered. 

Moreover, consumers must ensure product authenticity and be mindful of additional costs such as customs duties and taxes. 

Ultimately, individuals should evaluate their specific circumstances, including budget, convenience, and product availability, to determine the most cost-effective approach for acquiring ASICS products.

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