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Domino’s Japan’s New Cheese Volcano Pizza: A Culinary Eruption Worth Tasting

Domino's new volcano cheese pizza

Domino’s Pizza Japan introduces a culinary innovation with its Cheese Volcano pizza, a distinctive 40-centimeter offering featuring a unique dough design resembling a volcanic structure at the core. 

This whimsical concept not only draws the eye but also promises a taste adventure.

  • Distinctive Design: Central to the pizza is the ‘volcano’, crafted from the dough and housing a chamber brimming with melted cheddar cheese, innovatively mirroring molten lava.
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Pizza Options:

  • Classic Quattro: A combination of four beloved flavors – Tropical, Genovese, American, and Margherita – enveloped in the cheddar’s rich embrace.
  • Premium Quattro: A gourmet selection featuring Chef’s Vegetables, Giga Meat, Seafood, and Korean Short Ribs, each slice dripping with gooey cheese.


  • Classic Quattro Delivery: ¥5,180
  • Classic Quattro Takeout: ¥2,590
  • Premium Quattro Delivery: ¥5,980
  • Premium Quattro Takeout: ¥2,990

In addition to the pizza itself, the Cheese Volcano experience can be elevated with side items designed to perfectly complement the main course:

  • Cheese Volcano Dipping Sauce: Enhance any pizza or side with this dip at ¥799.
  • Cheese Volcano Potenage: Combine your love of cheese with crispy fries and nuggets for ¥1,290.

Being Japan’s most beloved pizza delivery brand, Domino’s is set to share this innovation abroad, starting in Taiwan. 

Cheese Volcano Pizza

This limited-edition pizza will grace the menu until February 18, offering a novel dining experience with its contrasting textures of crunchy and silky cheeses.

A promotion featuring Teruhiko Komori, an accomplished baritone vocalist, captures the excitement of this launch with a performance that spotlights the pizza’s flavor and uniqueness.

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Remember, the Cheese Volcano pizza is a limited-time indulgence, so seize this opportunity for a memorable tasting voyage, and if the mood strikes, why not add a scoop of ice cream to fill that cheese-filled crater for a contrasting delight. 

Enjoy the Cheese Volcano’s eruption of flavor right at your doorstep with Domino’s swift delivery, or grab a takeout to savor this cheesy marvel at your own pace.

Customer Reactions to Domino’s Latest Creation in Japan

Customers in Japan have expressed enthusiasm for Domino’s Cheese Volcano Pizza, appreciating its novel presentation and rich cheesy flavor. The buzz on social media suggests that this unique pizza is well-received, with positive feedback highlighting the pizza’s innovative design.

Pricing Details for the Unique Cheese Volcano Pizza

The cost of the Cheese Volcano Pizza can vary based on the choice of toppings and ongoing promotions. Generally, Domino’s Japan positions its prices to be competitive, often fitting within the range that customers expect for specialty pizzas.

Toppings Found Atop the Cheese Volcano Pizza

Domino’s Cheese Volcano Pizza is topped with a blend of savory toppings that complement the abundance of cheese. Each variation of the pizza may feature different toppings, ranging from an assortment of vegetables to a mix of meats, ensuring there is a version to satisfy every palate.

Creating Your Own Cheese Volcano Pizza Experience

Attempting to recreate the Cheese Volcano Pizza at home would require crafting a dough that can support the central cheese chamber. Ingredients would include high-quality cheeses, your desired toppings, and a pizza base capable of forming the distinctive ‘volcano’ shape.

Variety of Cheeses Gracing Domino’s Pizza in Japan

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This particular pizza boasts a mixture of several types of cheese, each contributing to the depth of flavor and creamy texture. The specific blend has been chosen to create a harmonious taste that is both indulgent and delicious.

Comparing Cheese Burst and Cheese Volcano Pizzas

The Cheese Burst Pizza typically features cheese stuffed into the crust, while the Cheese Volcano Pizza is characterized by its central cheese-filled ‘volcano.’ The latter offers a unique presentation and a different eating experience compared to the more conventional Cheese Burst option.

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