6 Best Japanese Face Lotions 2022

best japanese face lotions

We tried and tested Japanese face lotion to find some of the best Japanese face lotions. Here’s what we found out. Read on to get detailed reviews of the best face lotions, Japanese beauty brands have to offer. 

With the amount of pollution and toxins that we are exposed to these days, it is difficult to maintain good skin. Using the right kind of products goes a long way in battling all those pesky skin problems. 

Japanese skincare products have carved out a niche for themselves in the beauty industry. They have some of the best skin care products available on the market. Their skin nourishing formulas are mild yet effective. 

Best Japanese Face Lotions — Quick Summary

Best Japanese Face LotionsBest forIngredients
DHC Super Collagen CreamOily, combination, SensitiveOlive, grapeseed and jojoba oils, vitamin C derivatives
Tatcha The Water CreamOily, combinationJapanese wild rose, Japanese leopard lily
Naturie Skin Conditioning GelAcne prone skinJob’s tears (Hatomugi)
Kikumasamune Japanese Sake CreamCombination  skinSake (rice fermented broth)
Hadalabo Hyaluronic Perfect GelAll skin typesFive separate hyaluronic acids
Sana Nameraka Soy Milk CreamCombination skinHydrogenated castor oil, fermented soybean milk, soybean seed extract, soybean protein
Minon Amino Moist Charge MilkDry, irritated, sensitive skin11 different amino acids

When choosing the best Japanese face lotion for yourself, it is important to keep in mind that every skin type is different. What works for your sister or mum may not suit you and vice versa. So always keep in mind to test out your skin care products on yourself before adding them to your skin care routine. 

We researched a bunch of popular Japanese face lotions and consulted some of the top dermatologists to put together this list. The research was done based on four factors like ingredients, moisturizing power, type of skin the product is best suited for (we usually prefer gentle products that work for sensitive skin too), What skin issue does the product target?

  • Ingredients: The quality and type of ingredients used in formulating the product
  • Moisturizing power: does the skin feel hydrated and moisturized after application? We tested this by checking the moisture levels of the skin before and after application. 
  • Type of skin / sensitivity to skin: What skin type is the product suitable for. For example, oily skin, combination skin, etc.
  • Skin issue: What problem is the product targeting. For example, acne, patchy skin, etc.
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Which is the best Japanese face lotion?

Based on the tests conducted by our in house dermatologists, it was concluded that the DHC Super Collagen Cream is the best Japanese Face Lotion. And here’s why:

DHC Super collagen cream is a medium weight moisturizer that works for day or night. This Japanese face lotion is loaded with antioxidants and easily available in the market. It’s suitable for oily, combination and sensitive skin types and is formulated with moisturizing ingredients like Olive, grapeseed, and grapeseed oil. 

Top Japanese Face Lotions

DHC Super Collagen Cream

Best Japanese Face Lotion for Dry Skin

First up on our list is the DHC Super Collagen Cream. This face lotion is a medium weight moisturizer that is loaded with high impact antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C derivatives.

The dipeptide-8 delivers the highest concentration of micronized collagen for smooth and supple skin. It maintains the natural moisture barrier of your skin while also brightening it. It protects your skin free radical damage that is known to speed up the aging process of your skin.

best japanese face lotions


  • Non fragrent
  • Does not contain any parabens
  • Contains natural ingredients that nourish skin


  • Slightly more expensive than other products mentioned on this list

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Tatcha The Water Cream

Best Japanese Face Lotion for OIly Skin

Next on our list is this oil free, anti aging water cream. This face lotion is packed with Japanese nutrients that work to give you pure and poreless skin. It provides hydration without leaving any sticky residue. It is lightweight and leaves your skin feeling fresh and hydrated.

top Japanese face lotions 2021


  • Non sticky formula
  • Contains natural botanicals
  • Good for sensitive skin


  • Not very affordable

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Naturie Skin Conditioning Gel

Best Japanese Face Lotion for Acne prone Skin

Formulated with Job’s tears, the Naturie Skin Conditioning Gel is suitable for every skin type. The natural grain us known to enhance the texture of skin making it smoother and brighter. The lotion has a light weight formula that locks in moisture and is non sticky.

top japanese face lotions


  • Contains Job’s Tears
  • Affordable
  • Non sticky
  • Lightweight
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  • None

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Kikumasamune Japanese Sake Cream

Best Japanese Face Lotion for combination skin type

Looks like Sake is not just meant to tingle your taste buds. The Kikumasamune Japanese Sake Cream is infused with sake which is fermented rice liquid. It is known to gently exfoliate skin to remove dead skin cells.

It leaves your skin feeling fresh and glowing. This lotion also has a combination of 4 types of amino acids and three types of ceramindes that are known to be moisturizing in nature. 

best japanese face lotion for oily skin


  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Non sticky texture
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable


  • Has the scent of sake

Hada Labo Hyaluronic Perfect Gel

Best Japanese Face Lotion for All Skin Types

Hyaluronic acid is known to retain water in your tissues to keep them lubricated and moist. It is great ingredient to incorporate into your skin care routine. 

The Hada Labo Hyaluronic Perfect Gel is formulated with five separate hyaluronic acids that work to bring to you a serum and moisturizer combined into this one product. It gently moisturizes skin without producing excess oils. 

best japanese face lotiosn for dry skin


  • Contains hyaluronic acid
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight formula
  • Non sticky


  • None

Sana Nameraka Soy Milk Cream

Best Japanese Face Lotion for Combination Skin Type

If you’re looking for a face lotion that has a brightening and plumping effect, the Sana Nameraka Soy Milk Cream is for you.

It has a texture and consistency that is similar to pudding. It is formulated with fermented soy milk that is gentle on your skin and works to fight against hyperpigmentation and signs of aging.

The lightweight formula makes this product perfect for morning or evening application. This face lotion keep your skin feeling supple and moisturized.

best face lotions from Japan


  • Suited for sensitive skin
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Can be used in the morning and evening
  • Non fragrent


  • Slightly sticky texture

Minon Amino Moist Charge Milk

Best Japanese Face Lotion for Dry, Sensitive Skin

If you have dry and irritated skin and are looking for a lotion that is effective yet gentle, look no further. The Minon Amino Moist Charge Milk lotion is infused with eleven different amino acids. It works gently on your skin to restore the outermost layer. It is ideal for sensitive skin types.

best japanese face lotions for sensitive skin


  • Non fragrant
  • Very gentle on skin
  • Affordable
  • Easily available
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  • May be a little sticky

How to choose the best Japanese face lotions?

There are so many different brands of face lotions available. So how do you know what to choose? Here are some things to look out for while making your purchase:

  • Your skin type

Take into account your skin type. Is it oily, dry, sensitive, or a combination of these? Choose your face lotion accordingly. You do not want to buy an oil based lotion if you have oily skin. In this case you would want something that will reduce the sebum production. In the same way, if you have sensitive skin, you would want something that is gentle yet effective on your skin.

  • Type of ingredients used

Always choose products that are made of natural ingredients. Opting for products that have colourants, artificial fragrances, etc can cause a lot of damage to your skin. Look out for skin nourishing ingredients like collagen, hyaluronic acid and fruit extracts. It is also important to check if you are allergic to any of these natural ingredients before using the product.

  • What skin issue do you want addressed

Buy a product that is meant to target your skin issue specifically. If you have acne prone skin, choose a face lotion that is made specifically  to treat acne. 

Best Japanese Face Lotions: FAQs

What is the best face lotion in Japan?

It has been found that  the DHC Super Collagen Cream is one of the most popular and best selling face lotions in the Japanese skin care market. It is known for its affordability and use of natural ingredients like hyaluronic acid and antioxidants.

Is Japanese skin care any good?

The Japanese have a philosophy of nourishing skin through gentle cleansing and intense hydration. Japanese skin care products are generally gentle and do not contain any harsh formulas. So yes, Japanese skin care products are some of the best available.


The Japanese are known to have flawless skin. It is no wonder that Japanese skin care products are so popular. They are formulated and infused with natural ingredients that are gentle yet so effective. 

Especially for someone with super sensitive skin, these skin care products are a God send! Here’s hoping that my list helps you make the right purchase and wishing you glowing skin always. Cheers!

DHC Super Collagen Cream

Here are the best Japanese face lotions for you to choose from.

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