What Is The Clan of Jiraiya In Naruto?

clan of jiraiya in naruto

Wondering what is the clan of Jiraiya in Naruto? Here’s everything you need to know about clan of Jiraiya. 

 Naruto is an ever loving and one of the top favorite anime shows for any anime weeb. The anime is quite legendary and depicts flabbergasting action scenes that have made all of us go awe over it. 

It features lovable characters that all of us love to cosplay and fantasize about. There’s one legendary character in Naruto that deserves praise and recognition for being a literal warrior. It’s none other than Jiraiya we’re talking about.

Today we’re not only going to talk about Jiraiya and his heroic life but also about his origins and in particular which clan he comes from. So hang in tight and read further to know about the entire life of Jiraiya right here.

What Is The Clan of Jiraiya In Naruto?

Who is Jiraiya in Naruto?

Jiraiya is one of the most renowned, powerful, and inspiring warriors in the Naruto anime and manga. He was a Sannin, one of the three legendary ninjas in Konohagakure who was regarded as the greatest of the time. 

He was also a hermit who lived all his life mastering extraordinary ninja skills and traveling the world to broaden his knowledge and pass it on to his friends. He is also the mentor and godfather of Naruto and he’d always teach Naruto with what he learned by traveling the world.

What Is The Clan of Jiraiya In Naruto?

Jiraiya has a selfless character who’d always want to share whatever he has and knows with others to ensure that everyone around him is educated and trained well. He would go on to teach Naruto his best moves and fighting techniques and intending that Naruto would become a great shinobi in the future. 

In fact, Jiraiya is also regarded as one of the best mentors in the Narutoverse and the entire anime fandom.

Although Jiraiya likes to teach and mentor others he used to be boisterous, mischievous, and a self-proclaimed pervert. He gives overdramatic self-introductions about himself during fights and mocks anyone to make them feel insecure. Jiraiya has a very weird habit of spying on women when they bathe and would take pride in doing it. 

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In addition, he was also called ‘Perverted Hermit’ by Naruto which Jiraiya disliked. Jiraiya was basically a debauchee who lived the best of his life and write novels about love and his failures in life. 

Jiraiya had extreme love for his friend Tsunade Senju despite her thrashing him when he was caught peeping at her while bathing. However, he respected her and would always accompany her in battles.

Jiraiya always had severe insecurities mainly because of his past and his failure to impress Tsunade and with his quirky personality, he thought he wouldn’t be fit to be a Hokage. Moreover, Jiraiya was extremely competent, intelligent, loyal to his friends, teammates, and his village, and would always do his best to defend them. 

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What is the background of Jiraiya?

Jiraiya’s childhood life is not much known although Naruto fans speculate that Jiraiya is the son of Kakashi and Sakumo Hatake. Jiraiya’s grandfather is presumed to be named Tobirama Senju who died when he was a toddler. 

Jiraiya never showed concern to get to know his parents since they abandoned him when he was young. Many of the reasons why never wanted to have children later in life.

naruto clan

Jiraiya was a student in Konoha Ninja Academy and after his graduation, he teamed up with his friends Tsunade and Orochimaru and they were guided by Hiruzen Sarutobi. 

Jiraiya would often fail to complete tests and tasks given by Hiruzen and Hiruzen used to compare Jiraiya to Orochimaru who was rather a splendid student. However, Jiraiya reveals that his Transparent Escape technique was more remarkable than anything else as he uses it to peep at women bathing without getting caught.

When Jiraiya used this technique to spy on Tsunade she almost tried to kill him when she caught him.

Eventually, Jiraiya discovers Mount Myoboku where toads live and he tries to summon a toad. He meets Fukasku, the leader of the toads who trained him in Senjutsu. The Great Toad Sage predicts Jiraiya’s future saying he would travel the world and meet the Child of the Prophecy.

Later in life, Jiraiya became an elite ninja and have his own team in which he’d teach his students. He’d come across talented young ninjas who Jiraiya thinks to be the Child of the Prophecy and he’d teach them many skills. 

During the 2nd Shinobi World War, Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru fight together. After a while, Jiraiya was offered the Hokage position but he refuses hence Minato becomes the Fourth Hokage. When Minato dies trying to save his newborn son Naruto, Jiraiya becomes his godfather.

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Although Jiraiya was harsh and unconcerned about Naruto at first, he started caring for him deeply afterward. It took him time to be a parental figure for Naruto whenever Naruto missed his parents but he genuinely loved Naruto and wanted the best for him.

Is Jiraiya a Sage in Naruto?

A Sage is a person who is highly trained in Senjutsu and is competent enough to activate the Sage mode. Senjutsu and Sage Modes are fields of fighting abilities by using natural energy. 

Those who practice Sage and Senjutsu use the natural energy in their body and pair it with their chakra to activate a Senjutsu chakra. 

Jiraiya clan in naruto

Jiraiya is one of the powerful Sages in Naruto and he’s called the Toad Sage. When activating Sage mode he turns into a frog and this is one of the skills he learned from Fukasaku, the leader of the toads. 

Jiraiya uses Shima and Fukasuka during battles to collect Sage chakra which helps him retain the Sage mode longer. When transformed into a toad, Jiraiya finds it easier to fight as his mobility will be increased. 

However, Jiraiya doesn’t like to rely too much on his Sage powers since it makes him look ugly and he’s worried the women might dislike him.

What Clan does Jiraiya belong to?

Jiraiya comes from the Ogata Clan from the land of Ogata. The history of the Ogata Clan plays a significant role in Japanese folklore. Historically, there remained a giant serpent that preyed on humans which wanted to usurp the lands. 

The serpent tried to take control of Ogata but was defeated by invincible ninjas who lived in the land.

Jiraiya was the younger brother of Saburo who was a powerful ninja and after his death, his shrine rests in the land. Jiraiya became the chief warrior of the clan who ordered his armies to build a castle called Oka. The Ogata Clan is a renowned clan in Japan that has a legendary history.

What happened to Jiraiya in Naruto?

In the sixth season of Naruto Shippuden, Jiraiya went on a mission to Amegakure to infiltrate the village and learn about the leader of Akatsuki called Pain. While on his mission he meets Pain and to his surprise it was none other than his former student, Nagato who Jiraiya initially thought was the Child of the Prophecy. 

Jiraiya trained and educated Nagato just like how he did with Naruto. 

naruto clan

Upon their meeting, they didn’t have a proper conversation but they began battling each other. Jiraiya attempts to kill Nagato but unfortunately, he almost gets killed in the conflict. 

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However, Jiraiya fights death and wakes up to write a message to Naruto. The message included the whereabouts of Pain aka Nagato and an animal path.

Tragically, Jiraiya dies by drowning in the sea resting in peace perceiving that he did his best to raise and train Naruto and save Konoha. The death of Jiraiya was one of the most unexpected moments in the Naruto franchise and to this day it remains a tragic death in the entire anime fandom.

Of course, Jiraiya’s demise was a grieving moment for everyone in the Konoha village especially for Naruto and Tsunade, the two most people Jiraiya was close with. 

Naruto was extremely depressed and would cry continuously for days thinking about how his mentor supported him throughout. It would inspire him to work hard to protect his village and bring stature for Jiraiya. 

What is the Clan of Jiraiya in Naruto?: FAQs

What is master Jiraiya’s clan?

Jiraiya comes from the renowned Ogata Clan in Japan. The Ogata Clan is known for defeating an evil serpent that wanted to take control of the land by using the Ogata Clan. Saburo was a powerful ninja in the clan who was the older brother of Jiraiya. After Saburo’s death, Jiraiya became the chief of the Ogata Clan.

What is the last name of Jiraiya?

Jiraiya was one of the talented and powerful sages in the Naruto franchise. Since Jiraiya’s parents abandoned him as a child he never knew who his parents were. Hence his last name wasn’t mentioned. However, Jiraiya goes by several names such as Legendary Sannin, Toad Sage, and was also called Perverted Hermit by Naruto.

How old is Jiraiya in Naruto Shippuden?

Jiraiya has his birthday on November 11th and he was aged between 50 to 51 years in the first part of the Naruto anime. In Naruto Shippuden, he was approximately aged 54.

In which episode Jiraiya dies?

Jiraiya dies in episode 133 of Naruto Shippuden where he goes on a mission to infiltrate the village of Akatsuki and spy on their leader, Pain. He perceives that Pain is his former student Nagato who kills Jiraiya in battle.

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