What Happened to Annie on Attack on Titan?

what happened to annie on attack on titan

Want to know what happened to Annie in Attack on Titan? Here’s everything you need to know about Annie on Attack on Titan!

Attack on Titan is one of the greatest anime that is renowned for its unique storyline and thriller sequences. Attack on Titan has captured countless fans worldwide with its enthralling anime series and movies. 

The storyline of Attack on Titan focuses on how humanity is threatened by a deadly fate, called the Titans. These Titans are humungous human-like beings that feed on humans and reside outside a large circular base. Inside the base are humans who attempt to fight against the titans by joining the Survey Corps, a group that seeks to put an end to all titans.

So let’s get to the real matter here – what happened to Annie on Attack on Titan? 

What Happened to Annie on Attack on Titan?

One of the antagonists of this anime is a female titan called Annie. Annie has definitely grabbed the attention of anime enthusiasts with her incredibly written character arc and the twists behind her personality. 

To all the Annie fans, we’ve discussed everything you need to know about Annie and her character.

What Happened to Annie on Attack on Titan?

Who is Annie in Attack on Titan?

Before talking about what happened to Annie in the anime it’s crucial we get to know about Annie and her background. Annie Leonhart was an ex-member of the military police brigade and became a graduate of the 104th Training Corps. 

She became an exceptional soldier in the military after mastering sword skills and unarmed combat. Annie is also portrayed as a very reserved person who spends most of her time being alone.

During her time in the military, she meets Eren Yeager, the protagonist of Attack on Titan and. Annie eventually learns that she has the ability to turn into a titan and she battles brutally with Eren who also learns about his titan form. 

Annie as a human has a very small yet strong physique. She’s short, has blonde hair, pale skin, and blue eyes. When Annie transforms into a titan she looks completely different from her human form. Just like most titans, Annie’s body as a titan exposes its body tissues, muscles, and bones. Her facial features are quite the same when she turns into a titan. 

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Annie’s titan physique is much stronger and larger compared to other titans portrayed in the anime. In addition, she’s the only titan to have a female physique thus she attained the name ‘ Female Titan’. 

Annie has quite a cold personality and doesn’t express any human emotions. She’s more dedicated to her work and wants to fulfill all her duties. She rarely smiles and also doesn’t converse much with the people around her. She reflects her monstrous titan traits most of the time and has no empathy.

How did Annie become a Titan?

When Annie was a child she joined the Marley’s military as a warrior candidate following the orders of her father. 

In the Marleyan military, she met her fellow mates Bertolt Hoover, Marcel Galliard, and Reiner Braun. Annie would go on to be an invincible fighter who’d later be chosen as one of the deserved candidates who is bound to take over the power of Titans.

Since Annie was a professional fighter who possessed unbeatable fighting skills, she was offered the power of the Female Titan. Annie and her warrior mates would all become strong titans who were ordered to annihilate an entire nation as their first test mission. After proving to be successful Annie and her comrades would get selected for their next mission. 

In their next mission, Annie and other titans were ordered to attack the nation called Eldians who lived within the walls. 

The crucial objective of their mission is to steal a titan called the Founding Titan. Annie was assigned with several complicated missions and she would never fail to depict her ruthless side.

What happened to Annie in Attack on Titan?

Annie makes her way into the Survey Corps and meets Eren Yeager who learns about her Titan form. 

Eren who also learned about his ability to transform into a titan fights Annie. Eren was almost about to destroy Annie during a match in the Stohess district and their bodies started to burn. 

However, Annie shields herself in a crystal barrier to protect herself from harm and also from the military. This led to Annie being frozen in the wall for 4 years.

The wall was made out of colossal titans who were encased in the wall. In the manga Eren figured out Annie’s ability to form a crystal shield, he’d later disturb the shield, and by using the power of the Founding titan which frees Annie and other titans from the walls.

Is Annie alive on Attack on Titan?

In the anime, Annie is still frozen in the underground crystal walls in Paradis Island along with several other titans. However, in the manga, Eren uses the power of the found which ultimately releases Annie and the rest of the titans from the wall. She was free and in great condition after being released from the wall.

Will Annie be back on Attack on Titan?

Annie comes back on the Attack on Titan manga and her arrival has kept most fans intrigued. Annie was frozen in the wall in season one of the anime series, however, Eren used the founding power to unharden the walls and the Female Titan was back in action. She showcased her intense fighting skills and made all the fans happy and excited. 

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Annie’s redemption journey begins from then onwards as she and other Titans such as Armin, Mikasa, Reiner, Jean, and Connie, and several other titans work together to find Eren. Annie aims to capture Eren and put an end to his merciless annihilation of humans.

Is Annie a protagonist or an antagonist in Attack on Titan?

This is a very intricate question to be answered given that Annie has a very complex character. To some people, Annie has seemed like an antagonist and there’s sufficient reasoning behind this claim. 

She has an apathetic and cold personality which made her commit deeds which she shouldn’t have. Annie as the Female Titan form has murdered other titans out of rage and also humans for no reason. She’s talented in physical combat which she trained during her days in the military. 

Her bitter childhood has also been one of the vital reasons for her ruthless nature. In fact, Annie also played as an antagonist in season 1 of Attack on Titan.

But is Annie entirely a merciless villain that deserves to be berated? There are some anime geeks who say otherwise.

On the other hand, Annie is also looked upon as a hero or one of the main protagonists of the show. Although Annie is a dutiful warrior candidate who wants to complete all her missions, she does see the world with pitiful eyes. 

In the manga, Annie’s character arc is eventually explained as to why she is the way she is. Annie just wants to follow the orders of the Marleyan service and complete all her duties so that she can head home and stay with her father. She also perceives she has committed heinous acts that are unforgivable. 

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We can also see her redemption journey when she wants to capture Eren and prevent him from causing more harm to the humans.

She often expresses herself by crying when she realizes that she has failed her missions. She also feels sympathetic to some humans and gets frustrated when they are killed in battles.

Overall, Annie has a complex personality and it’s quite tough to judge her based on all of her actions. She’s merciless and is also tired of following the orders of her officials. She’s waiting for the day where she can stop fighting and finally meet her father and rest easily. 

Therefore, it’s not easy to conclusively rule out Annie as an antagonist or as a protagonist.

What Happened to Annie on Attack on Titan: FAQs

Is Annie a boy or girl Attack on Titan?

Annie Leonhart is one of the main antagonists of Attack on Titan and she’s also known as the Female Titan. This is because she earned the power of the Female titan after passing her mission in the Marleyan service.

Was Annie Leonhart brainwashed?

Annie was adopted by Leonhart who made her a child soldier and trained her to fight. Hence, she grew up in a bitter environment and was later put into the Marleyan military where she was brainwashed even more and encouraged to complete ruthless missions.

How Annie become a Titan?

Annie inherited the power of the Female titan after she successfully passed her mission in the military. She was able to transform into the Female Titan by injuring herself with a small blade that’s fixed on her ring and she becomes unstoppable.

What are female titan’s powers?

The female titan has the power to crystalize and harden herself when facing danger. This could prevent the female titan from being harmed by other forces. It also has the ability to imitate features of Pure Titans which will attract them when the female titan screams.

Does Annie return?

In the mange, Annie Leonhart, the Female Titan was encased in the wall for 8 long years and her return was hinted at the end of the chapter. The Female Titan has returned back after 8 years and she’s back to doing her unfinished business.

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