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anime like attack on titans

Loved watching Attack on Titan? Here are more anime like Attack on Titan. Check it out!

Attack On Titan is one of the best anime series that has made the spotlight in the anime fandom. The gripping storyline has attracted several fans around the globe with its brave and amazing characters. 

The story focuses on an apocalyptic city where humans live in cities that are surrounded by humungous walls to protect themselves from massive humanoids who prey on humans. 

The protagonist of this anime is Eren Yeager a boy living in the town whose mother was eaten by a humanoid. He embarks on a journey to avenge his mother’s death by promising to destroy all humanoids. 

If you’re looking for anime that has fantastic action scenes and enthralling plots like Attack on Titan then you’re in the right place. We have curated a list of the best anime to watch if you like Attack on Titan.

Anime Like Attack on Titan — Quick Summary

Anime like attack on titanGenreEditor’s Rating
Demon SlayerAction, Dark Fantasy9/10
Fullmetal AlchemistAction, Adventure, Dark Fantasy10/10
Tokyo GhoulDark Fantasy, Thriller8.5/10
High school Of The DeadAction, Horror, Thriller7/10
Akame Ga KillAction, Adventure8/10
Ergo ProxyAction, Adventure, Psychological Thriller8/10

Anime Like Attack On Titan

Demon Slayer

This anime is one of my favorites that has a dark fantasy theme. The story focuses on a city in Japan where demons and humans have been fighting a chaotic war for centuries. The humans have formed a secret society called the Demon Slayer Corps. 

The Demon Slayers’ job is to slaughter the demons and to prevent them from killing any humans. The Demons were once humans who sold their souls in return for greed and power and they feed on humans for their survival.

The protagonist of this anime is a teenage boy called Tanjiro Kamado who was raised by boars after the death of his family. Previously, Tanjiro was the breadwinner of his family after his father’s death. 

He was caught by surprise after returning to his home where his family was brutally murdered by demons. Luckily enough Tanjiro’s sister Nezuko Kamado was still clinging to life although she turned into a half-demon. 

When the Demon Slayers set out to kill his half-demon sister, Tanjiro defends her and promises to avenge the death of his family by becoming a Demon Slayer. 

He meets a veteran Demon Slayer called Sakonji Urokodaki who trains him to become a demon slayer. With receiving top-notch training Tanjiro sets out to slaughter demons to avenge his family’s death and cure his sister.

This anime series was released in February 2016 and has 23 volumes. This is an ideal show for Attack on Titan fans as it features profound action scenes and has similar aspects like saving humanity from evil forces.

Fullmetal Alchemist

The story focuses on two brothers called Edward and Alphonse Elric who became orphans after the tragic death of their mother and the sudden abandonment of their father. The brothers who loved their mother dearly were devastated by her death and hence decided to bring her back from the dead.

They use their amateur knowledge in alchemy to resurrect their mother but ultimately fail in the process. This utter failure leads to both the brothers losing parts of their bodies with Alphonse losing most of his body.

This has led to Alphonse’s soul entering into an armor suit in order to stay alive.

Edward, the elder brother who lost his arm during the resurrection process, is determined to look for a cure to restore their bodies back to their original state. He joins the military and then gets promoted as the Fullmetal alchemist of the state. 

This helps him to look for the Philosopher’s stone which is known to possess magical abilities. In order to obtain the stone, a price has to be paid of the same value.

Edward digs into the military archives to find the location of the mythical stone. As both, the brothers set out on a quest to look for the stone they are faced with a bigger and fatal threat.

To know what happened next watch Fullmetal Alchemist and I guarantee you’ll be happy that you did. It features an intriguing concept of the dark fantasy theme and Attack on Titan fans would adore this show.

Tokyo Ghoul

The events in this anime take place in Tokyo where humans and ghouls live together. The ghouls look just like humans but prey on human flesh for their survival.

They hide their real selves in order to prevent getting charged by higher officials. Ghouls possess special powers, unlike humans. Their powers include regeneration and higher physical strength.

The story begins when the protagonist of this anime Ken Kaneki goes out on a date with Riz Kamishiro. 

To Ken’s surprise, he learns that his date is a ghoul who tries to eat him. Ken is saved by an accident that causes his date to die but he’s faced with injuries which leads a mysterious doctor to transplant Riz’s organs to Ken.

Ken who recovers from the accident begins to notice bizarre differences in himself. He despises regular food and starts to crave human flesh. Eventually, Ken starts to learn about his body and how he turned into a ghoul. 

He endures several challenges like concealing his true nature by trying not to indulge in cannibalism. However, Ken comes across a group of ethical ghouls who don’t kill humans for food but rather scavenge on corpses. They teach him about his new body and how to survive in society.

This series contains extremely violent and action scenes that Attack on Titan fans would love. It also depicts the cannibalistic aspect of ghouls and how humans try to be safe from them.

Highschool Of The Dead

This anime series was released in 2006 which features an apocalyptic event that affects the entire world. The story begins with the world being affected by a fatal pandemic in which humans are turning into zombies. 

A high school in Japan has few survivors of a few high school students and the school’s nurse. The students are forced to kill their own colleagues to save themselves from turning into zombies.

As they try to survive the zombie apocalypse they are faced with multiple challenges along the way as they witness the downfall of human civilization.

Takashi Kimuro is the protagonist of this anime who had to kill his best friend who turned into a zombie. He and the rest of the students move out to look for their parents and other possible survivors. 

Will the students be able to reach their families and come across survivors? To find out watch High school of the dead and this show will definitely keep you hooked till the end.

Akame Ga Kill

The protagonist of this anime is a young boy called Tatsumi. As the country is stricken by poverty, Tatsumi and two of his friends set off to the Capital in search of opportunities to make money. 

As Tatsumi decides to join the military he pays off all of his money to a woman who promised to get him a position in the military. 

To his rotten luck, the woman betrays him and Tatsumi is left with no money to fend for himself. As he sleeps in the street a young beautiful woman helps him and takes him to her home. The lady who took him in is from a noble family. 

That night a group of assassins called Night Raid attack the noble family and abduct Tatsumi. He learns from the Night Raid learn that the noble family were intending to torture and murder him similar to what they did to his friends. 

Hence Tatsumi joins the Night Raid and helps them in their mission to overthrow the Prime Minister and his corrupt regime. Tatsumi befriends the assassins in the group and learns about them.

Attack on Titan fans would find the best action scenes in Akame Ga Kill. This anime has interesting story plots and lovable characters. It was released in 2014 and has 24 episodes that are going to impress you.

Ergo Proxy

This is another anime that features a post-apocalyptic atmosphere only to be hit by another apocalypse. The events in this story take place in the city of Rondeau where humans and androids called AutoRiev coexist together in harmony. The city is surrounded by domes where the population resides after an ecological disaster.

The androids in this city are affected by a virus called Cogito which causes them to be self-aware and murder humans in great numbers. 

This puts humanity at great risk as they have to run for their lives. The government which runs the city conducts secret experiments where they test on humanoid beings called Proxies.

The Proxies are immortal beings and the government believes that only the Proxies could save humanity from the disastrous androids.

This anime was released in 2006 and has unique cyberpunk and thriller themes to it. Attack on Titan fans would be able to experience a similar aspect of how humanity attempted to survive the apocalypse without giving up.

Anime Like Attack On Titan: FAQs

Is Attack On Titan the best anime ever?

Attack On Titan is regarded as one of the best anime that has ever been made. It’s one of the most popular anime shows that has received worldwide popularity.

What anime should I watch if I like Attack On Titan?

You can watch anime such as Demon Slayer, Tokyo Ghoul, Ergo Proxy, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Akame Ga Kill.

Is Attack On Titan better than Naruto?

Attack On Titan is better than Naruto even if it hasn’t made it into the Big 3.

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