Is Pokemon Cartoon Or Anime?

is pokemon cartoon or anime

Ever wondered ‘is Pokemon cartoon or Anime?’ Well, we break it down here! Check it out!

Pokemon is the all time favorite anime show for kids who grew up in the 90s. In fact, it is the first glimpse we all got into a new world of anime and the first era of a huge fandom. 

And yet Pokemon is still conquering the anime world with new seasons and movie adaptations coming in every year. 

Not to mention a load of thrilling and exciting games that has captured all of our hearts too. The Pokemon franchise is ever growing and there seems to be nothing to stop them. 

However, most people are doubtful if Pokemon is actually anime or a cartoon as kids call it. If you have the same doubt then we are here to clear it out. We have discussed the differences between a cartoon and anime and in what category Pokemon will likely fall into.

Is Pokemon Cartoon Or Anime?

Let’s dive into the storyline of Pokemon before getting to the question. Pokemon or Pocket Monsters is an anime series that consists of 24 seasons and over 20+ animated films. 

The protagonist of Pokemon is Ash Ketchum who yearns to become a Pokemon Master. In order to become a Pokemon Master, Ash has to compete against Pokemon trainers and win their Pokemon. 

The first Pokemon Ash receives was Pikachu. There are action scenes and plot twists in the series and it’s mainly targeted towards teenagers.

So let’s get to the real question. Is Pokemon cartoon or anime? Well, Pokemon is definitely anime given that it was originally created in Japan, has anime features like focusing on camera settings, and portrays countless action scenes. 

Although Pokemon can be considered a cartoon it’s best to refer to it as anime since it uses a Japanese animation style and it may cause confusion between people.

However, Pokemon can also be referred to as a cartoon by kids since they are more used to that term than ‘anime’. But every aspect of the Pokemon series and its style hints more anime vibes than cartoons and it’s something we must pay attention to. 

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Nobody would like to refer to Mickey Mouse as anime since it’s not designed that way and it most definitely is fit to be a cartoon rather than anime. Therefore, it’s a matter of opinion and views based on different people.

Difference Between Cartoon and Anime 

What is a Cartoon?

A cartoon is an image that is generally drawn either in an unrealistic or semi-realistic way and is usually depicted for comical and satirical entertainment. A person who draws cartoon images is called a cartoonist however, in recent times they are referred to as animators. 

A cartoon is a concept that began during the Middle Ages when fresco paintings and art were at their peak. In the early 19th Century cartoon was only depicted in newspapers and magazines as humorous images to entertain readers. 

Going forth, cartoons were published in the form of comic books which grabbed the interest of several people. Ironically in the 20th Century, aka the Digital Age, the cartoon was given life by technological advancements. 

The once illustrated images can be given life to them through technology which makes them move and perform actions. Currently, the word cartoon refers to children’s programs broadcasted on TV that depicts anthropomorphized animals, superheroes, and fantasy beings, etc.

The term cartoons were shortened to ‘toons’ and it’s the term widely known by several kids who grew up watching Tiny Toon Adventures or Looney Tunes Cartoons which was published in the late 1990s.

There are multiple cartoon shows now that are aimed mostly towards kids such as Spongebob Squarepants, Ben 10, Mickey Mouse, The Power Puff Girls, and The Simpsons, etc.

Some of the renowned cartoon production companies are Warner Animation Group, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Sony Pictures Animation, and DreamWorks Pictures.

What is an Anime?

Anime as we all know is a term we came to know from the Japanese animated shows. Anime is the short form of the word ‘animation’ which the Japanese used to call their animated shows regardless of their designs, styles, and quality. Anime is generally hand drawn and computer animation used by the Japanese to illustrate animated pictures. 

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The term anime is only used for animated shows that are specifically produced in Japan and even if the same animation style was to be used by countries outside of Japan, then they are referred to as anime-influenced animation.

Unlike cartoons, anime is produced using diverse methods that involve combining graphic art with characterization and imaginative techniques. Japanese animation techniques focus more on the elements of settings and camera effects such as zooming, angle shots, and slow motion effects whereas Western animation focuses more on the movement of animated characters. 

If you’ve watched anime you might have noticed the lack of movement in characters and there are more camera effects in place. One of the most unique characteristics of anime characters is their large and attractive eyes.

The earliest Japanese animation dates approximately back to 1917 and the animation works of Japanese cartoonist Osamu Tezaku attracted several audiences during the 1960s. Anime is usually broadcast in theatres, on TV, and over the internet. Most anime are adaptations of Japanese comics called manga or video games. 

In addition, the Pokemon anime series was in fact an adaptation of a video game called Pocket Monsters: Red and Green which was played in Game Boy devices designed by Nintendo.

Some of the famous anime are Pokemon, Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Fullmetal Alchemist, Attack on Titan, etc.

There are over 430 anime production companies in Japan and some popular ones are Studio Ghibli and Toei Animation. The studio of Pokemon is the OLM inc.

Differences Between Cartoon And Anime

Although both cartoons and anime are animated content produced for entertainment purposes for certain groups of audiences there are a couple of differences that are worth discussing. 

Origin: Cartoons were first originated from the US whereas anime is originated from Japan.

Visual Characteristics: Cartoon characters are designed with unrealistic features that don’t match the rest of the body. Meanwhile, anime characters have more realistic human features. In anime, characters’ eyes are enlarged to make them look attractive and cute.

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Themes: The genres and themes portrayed in cartoons are fiction and are mostly comical. Anime focuses on several types of genres and often relates to real-life incidents and portrays a ton of action scenes.

Length: Cartoon episodes are 5-10 minutes long. Anime episodes are usually more than 20 minutes and anime films can be up to 1 hour or more.

Target Audience: Cartoons are targeted towards children and younger audiences since they’re mostly comical and have a fantasy concept. Meanwhile, most anime are targeted towards teens and adults since they contain action scenes and some may contain graphical content.

Is Pokemon cartoon or anime?

Pokemon is an anime series that was released in 1997. It is considered be an anime because it was produced by Japanese animators and created using Japanese animation styles. Pokemon is the abbreviated term for Pocket Monsters and was initially a video game created by Nintendo.

Is anime a cartoon?

Anime is a cartoon created by Japanese animators who use a certain style of animation that makes it look different from other cartoons produced in the West. However, not all cartoons are anime but anime can be considered a cartoon although they aren’t referred to that way by most people.

Are all cartoons considered anime?

All cartoons cannot be considered anime because anime is produced in a different way of animation. Although both cartoons and anime are animated caricatures they differ wholly from one another. Anime characters are designed with a lack of movement while cartoon characters can be seen moving.

Is Pokemon Go an anime?

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality mobile game that was published in 2016. The Pokemon Go game was developed by a group of companies such as Niantic, Nintendo, and The Pokemon Company. The game is inspired by the renowned Japanese anime series Pokemon.

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