Where To Buy Tabi Shoes | 6 Best Stores To Buy Tabi Shoes Online

where to buy tabi shoes

Looking for stores to buy tabi shoes? Read on to find out where to buy tabi shoes here! 

We are all a little too addicted to our shoes, and there is no shame in that. However, almost all of us have a certain notion about how these shoes should look, and so, anything out of the ordinary automatically makes our eyes widen up in shock (or surprise). This is what happened to me when I first came across the Tabi shoes. 

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Have you heard of them yet? If not, let me take you on this journey and acquaint you with the split-toe shoes. Yes, you heard me right. Tabi shoes are quite unique and unconventional (at least for Westerners). 

However, these shoes also scream comfort, stability, and flexibility. Today, I am here to tell you all about these unique shoes and you will also find out where to buy tabi shoes. I am sure that by the end of this guide, you will be sprinting to get your first pair. 

The Japanese tabi shoes were originally made for those who had to be on their feet due to constraints of their professional work. These were thus created to be worn by the lower class of the population. 

So, these boots were first worn by farmers, construction workers, and road workers. Also, people preferred to wear these shoes during any important festivals because it looks quite different from anything else. 

Today, however, you do not need any special occasion to wear these shoes. These shoes have now become a part of people’s everyday attire. 

Also, the tabi shoes can be completely customized because of their unique design. There are so many different types, styles, and colors. These shoes also come with different fascinating fastening devices. Some of these fastening devices reach as far as the knee. The tabi shoes are most commonly made of natural rubber. 

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Shoes made using natural rubber are preferred because of the amazing benefits. This excellent material gives you a lot of flexibility and comfort. The material also helps to protect your feet from any obstacles when you are walking. So, you could be walking on gravel or cobblestones and not feel a thing. 

The tabi shoes usually have a metal clasp to help fasten the shoes. This clasp is known as ‘kohaze’. The size of tabi shoes is no different from your regular shoes. If you know your regular shoe size, selecting the correct tabi boot would be no problem for you.

You can also fasten the shoes as per your preference. There is no single way of doing it, and it all comes down to your personal preference and how you like it.

Where to Buy Tabi Shoes

Are you fascinated by these wonderful split-toe shoes and cannot wait to get your hands on them? You can check out the following places to get the best tabi shoes for yourself and for your loved ones:


bjy tabi running shoes

Amazon is a top choice for Tabi shoes. It is a giant e-commerce platform that has tons of options and varieties available for you to choose from. No matter what kind of preference do you have when it comes to Tabi shoes, Amazon is sure to have the one to suit your mood. Check out the website for all the different varieties.

Taiko Center Online Shop

where to buy tabi shoes

Yet another website where you can find Tabi shoes is the Taiko Center Online Shop. Here you can find all kinds of Tabi boots that you can sport during important festivals. There are also a lot of varieties available, including Tabi shoes with air insoles and several clasps. If you are looking for high-quality tabi shoes, this is the place to visit.


We are all aware of AliExpress, an eCommerce giant that has literally taken the world by storm with its extensive range of products. It is a place where you can find everything that you are looking for, right from a needle to a machine for your farm. AliExpress has tabi shoes from some of the best brands. You will also be able to find a lot of discounts on these Tabi shoes.

Maison Margiela Store

buy tabi shoes online

This is the store to check out if you want a modern twist to the Tabi shoes. The store designs the shoes taking inspiration from the traditional Japanese split-toe shoes. 

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You will find a lot of avant-garde options. You can get classy split-toe boots here that will give your outfits a whole new level. And boots are not all that you get here; there are also tabi sneakers, mary-jane pumps, ballet shoes, and loafers. 

If you love the comfort and flexibility of tabi shoes, but want the shoes to be completely modern and stylish, you must check out this store.

Tabis Online Japan

japanese tabi shoes

This is yet another place where you can get top Japanese tabi shoes from the best manufacturers. The tabi footwear available on this website is high in quality and they are all available at reasonable prices. You can also get tabi socks here to go with your tabi shoes.

SOU SOU Online Store

SOU SOU is an online platform that is known for high-quality tabi shoes. Each of the pairs that you get here is hand-made by trained artisans. This is the reason why the shoes that you get here are unique and different. With these tabi shoes, you can build up your personal style. You can also get tabi socks to go along with your tabi shoes.

What are Tabi Shoes?

Tabi shoes are extremely unique because of the design and style. These shoes have a split between the toe and the rest of the fingers. While many of us think it quite absurd, there is actually a very good (and healthy) reason behind this split-toe feature. 

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The shoes are like this because it is believed that this split in the shoes provides additional stability and comfort. Believe me, if you try out these shoes, you will be comfortable for the entire day. 

I have tried these tabi shoes and I have never worn a more comfortable and flexible pair of shoes in my entire years of existence. 

Tabi shoes for you!

These were some of the places where you can find yourself an excellent pair of Tabi shoes. If you are interested in getting these split-toe shoes, check out these places today. 

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