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Where To Buy Cosplay Wigs 2022 | Get Your Best Cosplay Game On!

where to buy cosplay wigs

Want the perfect costume for cosplay? Read on to find out where to buy cosplay wigs to complete your costume!

The one crucial thing we often end up ignoring when dressing up as our favorite characters from a Japanese anime, movie, TV, or book is the hair. So if you’re thinking where to buy cosplay wigs to nail your costume – it’s Amazon! 

Where to buy cosplay wigs? 

I love cosplay and dressing up for cosplay. My favorite character to dress up for cosplay is Eri in My Hero Academia. But cosplaying as this character is next to impossible if I don’t have the right wig. And I finally found the perfect cosplay wig on Amazon! 

Amazon is the best place to buy cosplay wigs. You will find a wide variety of wigs on Amazon, no matter which anime or movie character you choose to dress up as. The price range for cosplay wigs on Amazon is quite affordable and can range anywhere between $2.00 – $100.00.

Where to buy Cosplay Wigs — Quick Summary

Where to buy cosplay wigsCosplay wig known for
ColorGround Long Curly Cosplay Wig
ImstylePlatinum Blonde Lace Front Wig
MapofBeautyWavy Lolita Cosplay Wig
LinfairyHalf Red and Silver Cosplay Wig
ColorGroundShort Fluffy Anime Cosplay Wig
YOPOPink Long Big Wavy Cosplay Wig
Kadiya Short Orange Anime Cosplay Wig
AlibuyLight Blonde Cosplay Wig with Pigtails
DAOTSLight Blonde Long Curly Cosplay Wig
RightOnShort Curly Synthetic Wig with Air Bangs

Top Picks For Where To buy Cosplay Wigs

  1. ColorGround store on Amazon
  2. Imstyle store on Amazon
  3. MapofBeauty store on Amazon 

So, are you ready to delve into the colorful and fascinating world of cosplay wigs? Continue reading.

Where to Buy Cosplay Wigs

ColorGround Long Curly Cosplay Wig

The ColorGround Long Curly Cosplay wig is probably one of the best wigs you can find on Amazon. It is vibrant and oh-so-pretty. You can get this in a wide range of other colors, both solid and multi-colored.

Having so many color options is great because you will be able to find the correct hue for whatever character you are dressing up as.

The wig is versatile and stands out for its hues, length, volume, and style. It has bouncy curls, which is again another plus point as you can directly wear it without spending any time on styling it.

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Though if you prefer, you can apply heat to style it in any other way that you want. It also has adjustable straps that help the wig fit various head sizes. 

The wig has a main body and two detachable ponytails on either side. You can wear the wig as shown in the picture, or style it in different possible ways. It really leaves a lot of room for experiments. 

Imstyle Platinum Blonde Lace Front Wig

Are you looking for a cosplay wig that lets you play around with styles more? In that case, you should opt for lace front like this Imstyle Platinum Blonde Lace Front Wig.

There are several characters you can portray with this blonde wig. But if it is not blonde you need, there are several other colors available, including pastel shades. 

The reason why I love lace fronts is that they allow the hairline to look more natural. With lace fronts, you also have the option to part your wig whichever way you want without worrying about the weave of the wig peeking.

The wig cap is breathable, which makes it easy and comfortable for long hours. 

The wig is 26 inches long and comes with beautiful bouncy curls. It is heat-resistant so you can use heat styling products to style it according to your preference without damaging the hair. 

MapofBeauty Wavy Lolita Cosplay Wig

If you want a wig but do not want to spend a bomb on it, you will love the MapofBeauty Wavy Lolita Cosplay wig; it surely is the best budget buy. You may think that just because it is low on the price factor, the quality may not be good. 

However, that is not the case; it is the volume of the hair that is different from the others. It is thinner than most wigs, so if you want a voluminous wig, this is not the one to go for. 

There are various color options for you to choose from. You can also easily cut and style it to get your preferred hairstyle. Find a hue that works for your costume, style it, or wear it straight with its soft curls. 

Linfairy Half Red and Silver Cosplay Wig

I love the dramatic color split of this wig. The half red, half silver may not be the most versatile wig out there, but you can use this to portray one of the most popular anime characters, female Todoroki.

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That said, you can also style this for several other costume parties that have generic or futuristic as their themes. 

The striking wig has pointed fringe works great for the anime character mentioned above. But, you can easily sweep the bangs on one side and tweak the style. The quality is excellent and there’s a certain amount of shine to the wig. You can also easily use heat styling products. 

ColorGround Short Fluffy Anime Cosplay Wig

The fluffy and short anime cosplay wig is available in several color options and works for various anime characters. Also, because the wig has a classic style, you can pull this off for a generic anime character.

The hair has a soft and fluffy texture that allows you to make effortless spikes and style it without using a lot of products.

The wig cap has adjustable straps that help the wig fit various head sizes. It is also lightweight and breathable, making it comfortable and easy to wear all day. 

YOPO Long Big Wavy Cosplay Wig

Firstly, just look at how vibrant the color of this wig is, and this is not the only color you get. There are 12 shades available, including a forget-me-not blue. 

The hair is natural and if looked at from a distance, it looks real. Up close, there is a bit of shine to it but that can easily be fixed with some talc.

The length of the wig is long, and with long wigs, tangles are inevitable.

But fret not, it is easy to detangle the knots. You can also easily use heat to style the wig without worrying about the hair shedding. 

Kadiya Short Orange Anime Cosplay Wig

Getting an orange wig can be risky, considering the fact that many can get the orange in the hair wrong.

After all, you do not want your head to look like a bright parking cone. But this short orange hair has got the color right. It’s toned down and more natural.

It comes pre-styled, so you can wear it as it is.

The fibers of the hair are thick; there are hardly any chances of the base showing. Also, it holds up the style really well, even if you put it inside a ziplock. 

Alibuy Light Blonde Cosplay Wig with Pigtails

The curls in this blonde wig are tight and give you quite a natural look. You will notice that there is minimal shedding, frizzing, and tangling.

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All of these factors basically make it an easy job to take care of this wig. 

The hair is thick, bouncy, and quite silky. You will not see any peeking from the base even without the pigtails.

DAOTS Cosplay Wig

The DAOTS cosplay wig has a very good length and volume, but despite that, it does not shed or tangle. The hair flows naturally and you may not need to style it much. It is just the bangs that need some styling. 

The wig is thick, which can lead to struggles when trying to get them to lie flat. But having so much volume means that you can curl, trim, and thin it to your liking.

There are adjustable straps in the back. There are several other colors that you can choose from.

RightOn Women Girls Short Curly Synthetic Wig with Air Bangs

These beautiful and short wigs have toned down colors that give a natural effect. This wig is a great choice if you are portraying a character with short shoulder-length hair.

But you do not have to limit the wig to just that, you can also wear this for generic costumes.

The wig is soft and flows naturally. The hair is quite full, but you may need to style the wispy bangs to your liking. However, you may want to note that the hair sheds so you may want to take extra care. 

What should be the fit of your cosplay wig?

A cosplay wig should be tight enough to not slide off your head, but it should not be so tight that you begin to feel uncomfortable. 

When cosplaying every single detail needs to be right, including the hair. While we cannot go about dyeing and styling our hair every other day, we can get cosplay wigs to transform our look into the character of our choice. 

You might dress up for a costume party, fancy dress, or just for a fun time with friends and family – no matter what your reason for dressing up is,  good quality cosplay wigs that complete the transformation for you. 

There are various styles and designs of cosplay wigs available on Amazon, but if you are still wondering where to buy cosplay wigs, we have done the job for you. Here are some of the best cosplay wigs that will change your entire game and seal the deal. 

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