What Are Manga Chapters?

what are manga chapters

Here’s a crash course on what are manga chapters. Manga chapters are group of manga panels that together comprise an episode or section of a comic book. There is no set standard for how many manga panels are in a manga chapter. A chapter may have 5 panels, 10 panels or more. Each chapter will have its own title.

The Japanese entertainment industry is never lacking extraordinary content to impress all of us living around the world. And Japanese manga is one entertainment subject most otakus are fond of. 

Any anime geek knows how important a manga is if their favorite anime was an adaptation of a manga series. Manga is the Japanese term for comics and it’s not just ordinary comics. Manga is the lifeblood for most anime series you’ve seen.

Manga is a broad subject and it has several volumes, chapters, and whatnot. If you’re a beginner to the manga fandom then welcome and if you want to learn about relative terms and what manga chapters are about, you’re in the right place. 

We’ve made it easier for you by explaining what manga chapters are, what they contain, and how they’re supposed to be down below.

What Are Manga Chapters?

Manga chapters are the continuation of the manga’s storyline which divides the entire plot. The length of the manga chapters depends on the manga and how it’s published. A collection of the manga chapters is called a tankobon volume.

What are Mangas?

Mangas are Japanese comic books and graphic novels that differ a lot from English comic books. Manga writers in Japanese are called Mangakas and each manga has a group of writers, editors, and artists working together. 

This is because mangas can be way too long and have several volumes hence to keep the story relevant there are many people working to keep things right. 

The major difference between mangas and English comics is that mangas are printed in black and white. Mangas are not released in a single book initially. 

They are released episode by episode in manga magazines either weekly or monthly depending on the manga and once the entire story is completed each manga episode is collected in a book.

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Manga has several genres such as action, martial arts, fantasy, drama, romance, mystery, comedy, sci-fi, adventure, and erotica. Of course, mangas have a large group of audience from all age groups and they have specific mangas released for a specific demographic. 

If the mangas are well received by the audience they’re adapted to anime series and films and live-action movies. Some of the mangas that were adapted to popular anime series are Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball, Case Closed/Detective Conan, Attack On Titan, Black Jack, etc.

As of 2020, the manga market in North America had a massive value of approximately $250 million and it’s still growing exponentially around the world.

Do Manga Have Chapters?

Since manga is serialized in manga magazines weekly or monthly, there ought to be chapters in the manga to make it convenient for readers, mangakas, and the publishers as well. A manga chapter is one section of the manga plot and just like the storybooks we read, a manga chapter is the progression of the manga’s storyline.

It depends on the manga if each chapter is to be released weekly or monthly and sometimes it would also take a while to serialize the entire manga chapter on the manga magazines.

Some mangas are released in volumes which means all the manga chapters are republished in a single book known as the tankobon volumes. 

Tankobon is the Japanese term for an independent book but this term is widely used to refer to the volumes of an entire manga series. As mentioned before tankobon volumes consist of multiple manga chapters compiled into a single book.

Some of the renowned tankobon publishing imprints are Jump Comics, Shogakukan Shonen Sunday, and Kodansha Shonen Magazine Comics.

How Many Chapters Does a Manga Have?

This is a very broad question that doesn’t have an absolute answer. Why you may ask because the number of chapters a manga should have depends on the type of manga, its target audience, publishers, and the manga artists themselves. 

During the initial publication of the manga, the manga artists and publishers analyze how the manga is viewed by the audience.

If the viewers are satisfied and attracted to the published manga episodes, the manga artists would work on creating more episodes in order to publish them. The length of the manga episodes and the number of pages required to publish the manga episodes can vary from time to time. 

In addition, the manga artists are assigned a set of tasks and quotas by the editors and publishers. 

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This can cause the manga chapters to drag on for a long time until the manga artists reach the target set by the publishers and editors hence there’s not a particular number of chapters a manga should have.  

As a result, a manga can have several chapters depending on the manga artists, storyline, and how the parties concerned want the manga to be published. 

Some mangas that have a higher chapter count are:

  • Golgo 13 – 552 chapters
  • KochiKame: Tokyo Beat Cops – 1960 chapters
  • Minami no Teio – 1395 chapters
  • Cooking Papa – 1488 chapters
  • Grappler Baki – 1227 chapters

On the other hand, there are mangas called the “One Shot” mangas which are mangas that have only one chapter due to their stand-alone concept. 

One-shot mangas are written to test how well they perform and if they’re well received, these mangas are later developed into a manga series. Some of the famous manga which started off as one-shot manga are Dragon Ball, Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Fist of the North Star, Death Note, Berserk, etc.

How Long Is A Manga Chapter?

Now that we know that the number of chapters a manga should have depends on various other factors, it’s time to look into the length of a certain manga chapter. 

Manga chapters can be very long and short as well, depending on how the publishers and editors want it to be published in the manga magazines. In addition, it also can depend on the type of manga that’s going to be published.

If a manga is set to be serializing chapters on a weekly basis then an average manga chapter can have from 18 to 22 pages per chapter and if the manga is set to serialize monthly chapters then the average number of pages per chapter can range from 40 to 50.

 The mangas that serialize monthly chapters tend to have more pages than those serialized weekly because the readers would prefer to have a large page count due to the time period the manga takes to publish its next chapter.

Despite the length of weekly and monthly mangas, every manga on its initial release is set to have a very long chapter. This is because with an informative and engrossing plot more viewers can be attracted by the publishers and editors.

An example of a weekly published manga is One Piece which has almost 19 pages per chapter and a monthly published manga like Shingeki no Kyojin has a standard number of 45 pages per chapter.

However, mangas like Berserk which was released in 1989 initially had nearly 100 pages per chapter which is higher than the monthly average number of pages per chapter. Later in 1992, Berserk published an average number of 20-40 pages per chapter under a bi-monthly magazine called Young Animal.

How Many Pages Are There In A Manga?

Again, mangas can be either very long or short and it all depends on the stakeholders, as in manga artists, publishers, editors, and the audience. 

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Unlike light novels that have a word limit of a maximum of 50,000 words, there are no particular amount of pages a manga should have. Hence the number of pages for a manga can vary.

It can be stated that the average number of pages for a manga book is 180-250 pages. However, this can differ a lot because there are several mangas with different genres. Some mangas are serialized only for a short period while others are serialized for years and decades. 

For example, the Naruto manga has 700 manga chapters with a total of 14,000 pages. In addition, one of the longest-running manga series called Kochira Katsushika-Ku Kameari Koen Mae Hashutsujo has a total of 1960 chapters and 39,200 pages.

If the manga series is loved by the audience the publishers and editors would encourage the mangakas to lengthen the storyline hence more manga chapters can be published in return for a huge profit.

What Are Manga Chapters?: FAQs

How do manga chapters work?

Mangas are released in large manga magazines on a weekly or monthly basis. Usually, manga chapters are released either weekly or monthly. If the manga attracts a large audience then the manga chapters are collected and published in volumes called the tankobon volumes.

How long is a typical manga chapter?

There’s no particular length for a manga chapter as it depends on the type of the manga itself. If the manga is serialized every week then the manga would have nearly 18 to 22 pages whereas a manga published monthly will have approximately 40 to 50 pages.

How many chapters should a manga have?

The number of chapters a manga should have depends on the publishers, manga artists, and how well the manga is received by the fans. Mangas that have received positive reviews among the audience are likely to have more chapters than those with moderate reviews. Hence the number of manga chapters will depend on the length of the manga itself.

How many pages are there in a manga chapter?

The number of pages in a manga chapter depends on the basis a manga is published. Weekly mangas have nearly 18 pages per chapter and a monthly manga would have an average of 40 to 50 pages per chapter.

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