10 Scary Looking Pokémon That Could Be Antagonists In Horror Movies

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Check out some scary looking Pokémon that will horrify you out of your wits below. These Pokémon could be part of a horror movie. Read further to know more about them.

Pokémon is a well-known card game, manga, anime, and video game franchise. All of this stuff has one similar theme: they are all monsters with extraordinary, and sometimes terrifying, abilities. We got to see what Pokémon might look like in real life in the film Detective Pikachu. Previously, they were always animated or depicted on cards and manga pages.

Although many Pokémon enthusiasts may have wished for a nice Pokémon friend, few have considered how frightening they actually are. Some are adorable and huggable, while others are horrific and disturbing. 

Many Pokémon have human-like teeth, hair, eyes, and facial gestures that would make anyone flee in terror. While these characteristics may appear appropriate, or even regular, in a drawing, they are unlikely to translate well into the real world.

It’s not like all Pokémon are as cute and sweet as a Lillipup or an Eevee. When picturing Pokemon in reality, consider the real-world animal kingdom, which contains a mix of sweet and scary creatures. There are cute and fluffy penguins, but there are also piranhas. 

We present a list of Pokémon that we believe would make excellent horror film monsters. All of these creatures look like they could star in their own horror film, from Pokémon that look far too living creatures to Pokémon that look like actual monsters and one that could be your father.

Let’s check out some of the scary looking Pokémon that could be antagonists in horror movies.

 Scary Looking Pokémon 

10. Necrozma

Necrozma is, of course, the first Pokémon here on the list. They are mythic/psychic Pokémon with the ability to merge with the iconic Pokémon Solgaleo and Lunala, giving them extremely powerful armour. Necrozma has the ability to transform into three different forces at any time. 

It’s a terrifying Steven Universe transition. Its main form is depicted in the image above, where its body appears to be made of black crystal-like material. It’s a scary looking Pokémon.

scary pokemon

Having said that, I wouldn’t want it where ever near me. Necrozma appears to be lurking in the shadows, ready to strike. With the ability to transform into various versions of itself, who knows what it will do to a mere mortal? Necrozma could appear in a film stalking you through the forest. 

This movie, however, would not end well because there is no appropriate way for anything to get through its armor’s crystal-like material. The only way you’ll make it out alive is if Necrozma decides to relieve you, which is nearly impossible.

9. Machamp

Machamp is a master warrior with a powerful fighting style. They could easily handle multiple people at once, so teaming up is pointless. They don’t appear to be dangerous, but if Machamp was pushed to the limit or had an evil trainer, they’d be frightening to face. Machamp’s humanoid body also allows them to easily creep up on someone.

scariest looking pokemon

Assume stopping to ask for directions in a mountain region and noticing one of the rocks shifting… grunting… approaching. It’s unmistakably like being stalked by a wrestler with four arms. 

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You know what’s coming for you, but there’s nothing you can do as its knuckles pound you to mush. While Machamp is the least frightening of the monsters on this list, it should not be neglected as a great horror movie monster because it’s a scary looking Pokémon.

8. Mimikyu

Mimikyu first appeared in the Pokémon Sun and Moon series. It is known to be able to masquerade itself as any Pokémon it desires. Mimikyu disguises himself as a rag doll-like Pikachu. It is a ghost/fairy Pokémon with a tragic plot line.

scariest pokemon ever

Mimikyu disguises itself as Pikachu in order to make friends, which is both cute and unfortunate. Nonetheless, this Pokémon can transform into anything it wants and resembles a nightmarish version of Pikachu.

Mimikyu, like Machamp or any other Pokémon, is not naturally evil unless it has a purpose to be or has an evil coach. 

Mimikyu’s power to transform into anything it desires allows it to cause significant damage from within a group of people. Mimikyu is a scary looking Pokémon.

7. Muk

Muk is a poison/dark version Pokémon from Generation 1. They’re a living puddle of purple muck. There’s a reason why it wasn’t animated to look realistic in the Detective Pikachu film. It has a massive mouth, tiny eyes, and massive sludge arms — gross. 

Besides, I’m sure Muk stinks as well. Consider yourself stuck in a location with a Muk. Because of its composition, it kills everything in its path. If this Pokémon captures you, you’re toast. Muk is a scary looking Pokémon that will horrify you.

Scary Looking Pokémon That Could Be Antagonist In Horror Movies

With the way it looks and moves, Muk reminds me of the legendary horror movie monster, the Blob. They could star in their own Blob movie adaptation, but this Pokémon is a little spookier because it has a face and arms to touch you with. Muk’s victims, like those in the Blob films from 1958 and 1988, would be unable to flee this purple sludge monster.

Its colour would allow it to simply hide in dark areas and go unnoticed. They may remind you of black pudding if you’ve ever got to play “Dungeons & Dragons,” but this is far worse. Muk would not be pleased with totally destroying your weapons. In this horror film, as the lights disappear out, so does your life.

6. Relicanth

Relicanth is a Pokémon of the rock/water form. Their bodies can withstand the ocean’s bottom depths and have the tough, craggily surface of a rock. They are very good at disguising themselves as rocks or the ocean floor. It’s a scary looking Pokémon.

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Many people around the world are terrified of the sea and what lies beneath its cold, dark waters. That is why Relicanth is so terrifying. We have no idea what sorts of animals live in the ocean. 

scary pokemon pictures

Relicanth appears to be the star of a movie in which you are trapped in the middle of the ocean and a bundle of them try to eat you and your friends. It could be a movie in which underwater seafarers are looking for wealth or new species of fish when they come across a pack of old but evil fish ready to devour their flesh. 

Swimming is your only option when you hear its jaws flex.

5. Haunter

Haunter is a Pokémon of the ghost/poison characteristic. Folks in anime and manga are usually at least a little afraid of Haunter. In the episode “The Tower of Terror,” Ash is initially terrified of the Pokémon because it is deliberately scaring him. 

Even though the Haunter the gang encounters in that episode is whimsical and playful, he has the potential to turn dark and become their worst disaster. It’s a scary looking Pokémon.

scariest legendary pokemon

The film would be similar to Crimson Peak in that you move into an old house to live and it later turned out to be a living nightmare. It’s a purple ghost who can appear anywhere and at any time to harass you. 

Haunter may even frighten you while you sleep. You have the impression that something is watching you, but you can’t see anyone at all. It’d be a conventional ghost haunting story, but with a ghost/poison Pokémon.

4. Darkrai

Darkrai is a legendary Pokémon of the dark category. They first appeared in Generation IV. Darkrai is a shadowy creature with enormous claws and, in some cases, extremely long feet. It has the ability to enter a person’s or creature’s dreams and cause them to have never-ending nightmares. 

Clearly, this is a film in which the victim never awakens from a nightmare. Pokémon is clearly from Nightmare on Elm Street. Imagine Freddy kidnapping a Darkrai in Sinnoh and terrorising Ash and his friends. It’s a scary looking Pokémon.

scariest pokemon in real life

It would be the strangest, but most terrifying, Pokémon crossover episode ever to bless the earth. Aside from any jokes or interesting ideas, Darkrai would be an invincible monster in a horror film. From its abilities to its scary appearance, you’d want to get out of its hellish experience as swiftly as possible.

3. Cofagrigus

Cofagrigus is a sarcophagus with a brain, moving parts, and four arms. It’s been seen in anime, manga, and video games. This is not even the Pokémon’s true appearance, as Cofagrigus conceals its true size. 

It is a moving, “speaking” animated object. The card’s description is even more terrifying: “Grave robbers who mistake them for real tombs and get too close end up stuck inside their carcasses.”

scary pokemon team

Cofagrigus would undoubtedly appear in a film such as The Mummy or Indiana Jones. An attractive sturdily built archaeologist believes he has discovered the score of a lifetime: a pharaoh’s sarcophagus that has been dead for hundreds of years.

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The main protagonist and his team, however, discover a living coffin prepared to kill them. It’s an extremely scary looking Pokémon.

Of course, a Cofagrigus knows where they’re buried like the back of its creaky hand, so the archaeologist has nowhere to stay hidden. Unless you’re playing “Dungeons & Dragons,” a living sarcophagus chasing you through the halls of a dark tomb ain’t fun.

2. Gothitelle

The next humanoid Pokémon is Gothitelle. She has an upside-down teardrop-shaped head with eight pegs protruding from it. Nonetheless, she is not particularly frightening in appearance, but her power is. It’s a scary looking Pokémon by its looks. 

With her appearance, Gothitelle reminds me of Lydia from Beetlejuice. Something to keep in mind about Pokémon is that they do not wear clothes. Their hats, bows on their clothes, and even their sleeve cuffs are all made of skin.

scariest ghost type pokemon

Gothitelle is also a psychic who can see past events in the environment. Consider a film in which the lead character is trapped in a space that keeps replaying past events all around them. 

Seeing all of these things that make you flinch at night could result in your death from humiliation. Or, more realistically, it will scar you for life by showing you these terrifying weird dreams. Gothitelle would undoubtedly be a witch who follows you around and makes your life hell.

1. Mr. Mime

Mr. Mime is terrifying, regardless of what anyone thinks. They have psychic/fairy abilities. Mr. Mime resembles a humanoid figure but has long distorted hands and two horns that appear to be hair but are actually blue growths coming from its head.

It’s a cross between a mime and a clown. Mr. Mime is not appealing to the eye, and he is not wearing amusing clown shoes. The odd-looking blue shoes with curled tips are not shoes at all, but rather their feet. It’s a scary looking Pokémon!

Scary Looking Pokémon

When you realise Pokémon don’t wear clothes, you realise how bizarre they all are. To top it all off, there’s the fan theory that Mr. Mime is Ash’s biological father. Mr. Mime assists Ash’s mother around the house, and the two appear to have a close connection. This theory was developed by Reddit user u/justaddrance. 

These Pokémon Should Give You Nightmares

With all of this in mind, do you see why they’d make great horror movie monsters? Pokémon would look, act, and use their powers in any horror situation.  Got a few new scary looking Pokémon to add to this list?

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