40 Japanese Names Associated With Spring Season

JAPANESE names associated with spring season

Looking for Japanese names associated with Spring season? We curated a list of all the Japanese names related to spring. Check it out!

Spring is often associated with warmth, freshness, life, and new beginnings. It isn’t just the Japanese, many people name their children with names that are inspired by the season of spring. 

In the Japanese traditional calendar, spring starts on Rzisshun which falls around the 3rd of February and ends on Rikka which is around the 5th of May. 

The Japanese value nature a lot. Each season is honoured and celebrated. What better way to honour something than to name your child after it?

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The Japanese word for spring is haru and the kanji used to represent it is 春. Freshness is also associated with spring time. In Japanese, freshness is represented by the kanji 爽, which reads as so, saya, soyo, and aoi.

Here is a list of some Japanese names associated with the season of spring.

Japanese Boy Names Meaning Spring

Haruya 春弥

Pronunciation: Ha roo ya

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From Japanese for spring and more and more

Haruma 春馬

Pronunciation: Ha roo ma

From Japanese for spring and horse

Haruo 春男

Pronunciation: Ha roo oh

From Japanese for spring and man

Yoshiharu 良春

Pronunciation: Yo she ha roo

From Japanese for goodness and spring

Yasuharu 泰春

Pronunciation: Ya soo ha roo

From Japanese meaning peace or calm and spring

Sogo 爽吾

Pronunciation: So go

From japanese for fresh and myself

Soma 爽真

Pronunciation: So maa

From Japanese for fresh and truth

Soichi 爽一

Pronunciation: So e chee

From Japanese for fresh and one

Sota 爽汰

Pronunciation: So tah

From Japanese for fresh and scour

So 爽

Pronunciation: Soh

From Japanese for fresh

Sota 颯太

Pronunciation: Soh tah

From Japanese for breeze and big

Hinata 日向

Pronunciation: Hee nah tah

From Japanese for the sun and facing

Ruka 流風

Pronunciation: Roo kah

From Japanese for flow or stream and wind

Atsuki 暖希

Pronunciation: At soo kee

From Japanese for warmth and hope

Osuke 桜輔

Pronunciation: Oh soo kay

From Japanese for cherry blossom and help or assistance

Shoichi 菖一

Pronunciation: Sho ee chi

From Japanese for iris and one

Toya 藤矢

Pronunciation: Toh yah

From Japanese for wisteria and arrow

Seriya 芹弥

Pronunciation: Say ree yah

From Japanese for dropwort and more and more or long time

Japanese Girl Names Meaning Spring

Chiharu 千春

Pronunciation: Chee ha roo

From Japanese for thousand and spring

Miharu 実春 (Female)

Pronunciation: Mee ha roo

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From Japanese for fruit and spring

Harumi 春美

Pronunciation: Ha roo mee

From Japanese for spring and beauty

Haruna 春菜

Pronunciation: Ha roo naa

From Japanese for spring and greens

Haruka 春香

Pronunciation: Ha roo kaa

From Japanese for spring and scent

Sakiko 爽季子

Pronunciation: Saa kee koh

From Japanese for fresh, season and child

Aoi 爽

Pronunciation: Ah o ee

From Japanese for fresh

Sayaka 爽花

Pronunciation: Saa yaa kah

From Japanese for fresh and flower

Sayano 爽乃

Pronunciation: Saa yaa noh

From Japanese for fresh and from

Soyoka 爽葉香

Pronunciation: Soh yoh kaa

From Japanese for fresh, leaf, and scent

Hana 華

Pronunciation: Ha nah

From Japanese for splendor or flower

Madoka 円花

Pronunciation: Mah doh kaa

From Japanese for circle and flower

Reika 麗花

Pronunciation: Ray kah

From Japanese for beauty or grace and flower

Karin 花凛

Pronunciation: Ka rin

From Japanese for flower and dignity

Satsuki 咲月

Pronunciation: Sat soo kee

From Japanese for bloom and moon or month

Momoe 桃恵

Pronunciation: moh moh

From Japanese for peach and blessings

Fujiko 藤子

Pronunciation: Foo jee koh

From Japanese for wisteria and child

Tsubaki 椿

Pronunciation: Soo bah kee

From Japanese for camellia

Sumire 菫

Pronunciation: Soo mee ray

From Japanese for violet

Sakura 桜

Pronunciation: Sa koo rah

From Japanese for cherry blossom

Ume 梅

Pronunciation: Oo may

From Japanese for Japanese plum blossom


Pronunciation: Ah kee noh

From Japanese for spring flower or spring leaves


Pronunciation: Koh aa roo

From Japanese for late spring

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