13 List of Japanese Candy | Best Japanese Candies To Try!

list of japanese candy

Here’s a list of Japanese candy you have to try from Japan! Check it out!

I am a huge fan of candies and for several reasons. Candies transport me back to my carefree childhood days when sucking on them was the purest pleasure of life. Japanese candies are so diverse and delightful, with flavors you will not find anywhere else. 

I have grown up relishing them and today, I want to make you a part of my love for these candies. The sheer variety of Japanese candies available will excite your sugar cravings, but there are just way too many to choose from. 

So, to help you with that confusion, I have brought to you a list of Japanese candy that you will definitely devour deliciously.

List of Japanese Candy — Quick Summary

List of Japanese CandyTypeFlavor
Pocky ChocolateBiscuit sticks Chocolate
CaplicoWafer ConesVanilla, Strawberry
Meiji ChocolateChocolate BarChocolate
Morinaga ChocolateSoft CandyCaramel
Meiji MacadamiaChocolateMacadamia
Black ThunderBarChocolate
Otoko Ume CandyCandyPlum
Kasugai Soda Flavor Tsubu Gumi Jelly BeansGummiesAssorted
Kanro PureGummiesGrape
Koala’s MarchCookieChocolate
Tohato Caramel CornPuffCaramel

List of Japanese Candy

Pocky Chocolate

pocky japanese busicuit stickks candy

I am sure you must have also tried out this Classic Japanese Candy called Pocky. It is one of the most famous candies in Japan. These biscuit sticks have now become extremely popular around the globe. The long and fragrant sticks covered in chocolate are probably the most comforting candies that you can try. 

The texture of the candy is what appeals to me. It is so good, I cannot stop after the first stick. There are so many different flavors that you can get including Litchi, Matcha, and banana. 

However, no matter how many flavors are available, nothing beats the Classic chocolate for me. You can try out all these different flavors. I am pretty sure they will be your new favorite.

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japanese candy list

Apollo is very peculiar but delicious. These bitesize candies appeal to me a lot and they come in a Tetra-shaped package. Because of its size, it is just so easy to eat and also finish. 

Apollo is standard chocolate that is loved by people of all ages. I love how these little candies are a perfect balance of strawberry, chocolate, and milk chocolate. The flavor is exquisite and delicious, and it will leave you wanting more of it. 

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If you are craving something sweet and delicious, I strongly recommend that you go for Apollo.


candy in japan

Do you remember having those sweet cones as a child? I remember those days quite clearly and believe me, these sweet treats are absolutely delicious. Caplico takes you back to those days. These cone candies have a very fluffy texture and there is so much chocolate in the cone that you will be completely satisfied. 

There are different assorted flavors available so there is absolutely no chance of getting bored. I would recommend that you do not finish it off in one go; instead, eat a little every day or share it with the people you love. 

Apart from its delicious taste and texture, I also love Caplico because of the nutrients it contains, including calcium and magnesium. Thanks to these nutrients, you cannot stop your little ones from munching on them.

Meiji Chocolate

meiji japanese chocolate

I love chocolates; I think you can comprehend. There are so many chocolates that I have tried, but nothing beats the milk chocolate from Meiji. I prefer Meiji chocolate because they are very rich in flavor; the creamy deliciousness is really addictive. 

This chocolate does not contain vegetable oil; it is quite simple. The chocolate by Meiji can be eaten just like it, or you can use it to make sweets or cakes.

Morinaga Milk Caramel 

After Meiji, if there is one chocolate I cannot say no to it is the Classic Morinaga Milk Caramel. I love the exquisite flavor of milk that this chocolate brings out. The flavor is, however, not too overwhelming. I am not a huge fan of milk, but this chocolate does it do well, I just cannot say no to it.

The texture is soft and yet quite firm. It just melts in the mouth and I most often chew my way through it. The packaging is also very convenient. You get 12 cubes of caramel candies in each box; these candies are also individually wrapped. 

This is highly convenient as you can simply take a couple of candies and pop them in your bag for later. If you love caramel, these candies will be your next favorite.

Meiji Macadamia

I am sure you must have heard of Macadamia nuts; these are extremely popular in Japan and in other parts of Asia. These are quite simple candies that contain Macadamia nuts covered in a delicious and rich chocolate coating. 

One box contains about 10 pieces, which will be finished before you know it. The rich sweetness of these little candies is quite appealing to me; this sweetness is immediately followed by the crunchiness of the nuts. 

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The flavor and texture go so well together that it is beyond exquisite. I almost always finish off an entire box by myself and then find myself reaching out for more.

Black Thunder

list of japanese candy

I am someone who gets those sweet cravings for candies in the most inopportune moments. And, when the cravings hit, I always want something different to satiate them. Some days, I need something that melts in the mouth, and on other days, I need candies that are crunchy.

When I am in need of something crispy and crunchy with a lot of chocolate in it, Black Thunder is what I go for. 

This chocolate-coated cookie bar with rice is absolutely delicious and will be loved by your tastebuds. Along with the delicious taste of this Candy, the crunchiness is what really gets you. 

Black Thunder first entered Japan in 1994 and it became an absolute favorite amongst the mass. This chocolate is so popular that McDonald’s Japan used this chocolate to debut their Back Thunder McFlurry in June 2020.

Otoke Ume Candy

best candy in japan

I have tried several types of Japanese candies because we are always rewarded with unique flavors. But when I heard of these candies in pickled plum flavor, believe me, I was hesitant. I did not want to ruin the experience so I put off the trial for quite some time. 

But, when I did decide to give these candies a try, it took me a few of them to acquire a taste for them. And after that, I was completely blown over by its deliciousness. It has a slightly sour taste with sweetness to it. It is not soft, so do not eat too many at a time because it can hurt your teeth. 

Kasugai Soda Flavor Tsubu Gumi Jelly Beans

best japanese candy on amazon

The Kasugai Soda Flavor Tsubu Gummy Jelly Beans remind me of all the summers I spent in Japan. These are the candies that you must try if you love the classic Japanese beverage known as Ramun. I grew up drinking Ramun, which is a lemon-lime carbonated drink. If you have lived in Japan, you will know that this is everyone’s favorite summer drink. 

This packet of Jelly beans contains ice blue pop jelly that reminds me of Ramun. There are five different flavors of carbonated drinks available: grape soda, Cola, energy drink, white soda, and pop. You can also get packets with individual flavors. 

With the grape soda, cola, and energy drink flavors, you will get a very straightforward flavor, but I love the taste brought out by white soda. It gives me flavors of cider or lemon-lime. 

One single package of these jellybeans is enough to last you a long time and also for you to share; however, it is so delicious, it will not last you for long. If you have little ones around you, make sure you have at least a few packages around.

Kanro Pure

traditional japanese candy

I love candies that look adorable and that come with the bonus factor of being absolutely delicious. These are heart-shaped candies that are perfect to curb your sugar cravings. These candies are coated in sugar granules. 

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One thing that you must look for when you open a packet is to look for a lucky star-shaped candy. I always try to hunt it down because it makes me feel super lucky. The exterior of these candies is quite firm, however, the inside is chewy and has a fruit puree center. 

The deliciousness and texture are in perfect contrast to each other. Some of the most popular flavors that you can get here include Tangerine, Muscat, and lemon. However, if you ask me, nothing is better than the grape-flavored one. 

Koala’s March

These are such adorable candies that come in the shape of Koalas. These candies have a cream filling and come with pictures of Koalas indulged in different activities or expressing different emotions. There are various flavors available such as chocolate, strawberry, and pineapple.


japanese candy amazon

KitKat needs no introduction. This wafer is extremely popular across the planet. In Japan, however, KitKat has over 400 different flavors, with some of them very unique and unconventional. 

Nestle Japan has flavors like vegetable juice, purple sweet potato, and sake along with conventional flavors like strawberry. I love trying out all these different flavors of KitKat. 

Every unique flavor I have tried till now has managed to win me over. If you are adventurous, you must try out these unique flavors as well.  

Tohato Caramel Corn

popular japanese candy and snacks

These are classic corn puffs that are coated in caramel. These puffs come in a classic red bag that makes them quite easily recognizable. You will also find limited-edition flavors such as custard cream and sherbet lemon.

Which is the best Japanese candy?

The number of Japanese candies available is almost non-exhaustive. However, if I had to choose the best Japanese Candy, I would go with KitKat. There are several reasons for choosing this common and popular chocolate, but the most important reason why I would prefer KitKat any day is because of the delicious flavors available.

I love trying out all the unique flavors that Nestle Japan brings out. The flavors all balance out really well. No matter what flavor you are craving, trust KitKat to have it all.

Are you ready to satiate your cravings?

Pocky Chocolate

Here are best Japanese candy for you to try!

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