10 Best Manga Box Sets (Updated 2023)

Top Manga Box Sets

Looking to buy the best manga box sets? Well, check out this curated list of the top manga box sets that you’d love to read. Read further to know more about it. 

If you’re a manga geek then you probably like collecting your favorite manga books or reading them online. But if you’re particularly into collecting manga books then you might as well opt to buy a whole manga box set of your favorite manga.

Best Manga Box Sets: Quick Summary

Best Manga Box SetsNo: of Volumes
One Piece Box Set1 – 23
Tokyo Ghoul Complete Box Set1 – 14
Demon Slayer Complete Box Set1 – 23
Attack On Titan Season 1 Part 1 Manga Box Set1 – 4
Sailor Moon Box Set1 – 6
Dragon Ball Complete Box Set1 – 16
Fullmetal Alchemist Complete Box Set1 – 27

Manga box sets contain the entire collection of manga volumes or a large part of the manga if the series is still ongoing.

These collections of manga are placed in a medium-sized box that is designed with the manga’s cover picture. In addition, manga box sets also contain exclusive limited edition items that you cannot get anywhere else.

Moreover, buying a manga box set is relatively cheaper than buying individual volumes. Therefore, we’ve curated the best manga box sets below that you may like to get your hands on.

Best Manga Box Sets

The Ghost in the Shell Complete Manga Box Set

The Ghost in the Shell Complete Manga Box Set is a must-have for any serious manga collector. 

It is a deluxe edition hardcover released by Kodansha in 2020, collecting every installment of Masamune Shirow’s groundbreaking cyberpunk manga series. 

From the very first volume, released in 1989, to the final release in 2017, this set is sure to delight even the most die-hard manga fan.

The Ghost in the Shell Complete Manga Box Set

Ghost in the Shell has captivated readers for decades, and this box set offers the perfect opportunity to (re)discover the series.

With all seven volumes contained within in their hardcover glory, it is a neat encapsulation of the story and its themes. The wealth of detail contained within is also sure to impress: Shirow offers an epic journey across a futuristic world, full of ostentatious settings and visually arresting images.

The inside covers contain a wealth of additional goodies, including interviews with the author, notes from the publisher, and even a poster. 

It all makes for a perfect, complete package. The craftsmanship of this box set is also incredible: each volume’s hardcover is adorned with beautiful full-colour illustrations, testament to Shirow’s own level of artistry.

The high-quality paper used within the books is also a welcome addition. It truly does justice to the incredible artwork contained within, making for a truly remarkable manga reading experience. 

What’s more, Kodansha has also released a Super Deluxe Edition version of the set, boasting all seven volumes with gilt edges!

Overall, this box set is an all-encompassing celebration of Masamune Shirow’s classic series. Containing every volume of Shirow’s saga, this is the perfect way to experience all the thrills, chills, and visceral action of the Ghost in the Shell. 

With the Deluxe Edition hardcovers containing the highest quality paper, and the Super Deluxe Edition boasting gilt edges and additional goodies, it is an essential purchase for any manga enthusiast.

Naruto Manga Box Sets

When it comes to one of the most famous and beloved manga series of all time, Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto, there are truly no better ways to collect these amazing stories than with three manga box sets that fully contain them. 

When purchased as individual paperbacks, a full collection of Naruto can come amount to 72 books and cost a pretty penny – but the box sets come in to save buyers from hefty wallets. 

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These manga box sets are so popular that they’re constantly out of stock on Amazon, which can be a bit of a bummer, and waiting for them to be restocked can be a pain.  But, really, it’s worth it when you consider the convenience and cost savings that these box sets can offer. Instead of collecting all 72 of the individual paperbacks, these box sets make it possible to buy the entire series in a much more manageable and wallet-friendly way.

The savings are no joke; getting these box sets instead of all of the individual paperbacks could save you around $200 dollars! 

While that may still sound like a lot, it is nothing compared to the hundreds you would spend when getting each volume separately. 

Plus, this box set doesn’t even count in any of the other books and merchandise that’s also part of the Naruto universe – so all in all, this saving is just the tip of the iceberg.

When it comes to collecting all of the amazing stories that Masashi Kishimoto created with his beloved series, Naruto, nothing can even compare to the collection that can be acquired through these amazing box sets! 

It’s true that they might always be out of stock on Amazon, and waiting for them to come back is really no fun; but, in the end, they are more than worth it when you consider the convenience and savings that getting the box sets will offer you. 

Don’t miss out on the beloved adventures of Naruto’s crew – make sure to get the box sets before they’re all out of stock!

Bleach Manga Box Set

When it comes to collecting the entire Bleach manga series by Tite Kubo, the best option right now are the three Bleach manga box sets. Bleach Box Set 1 contains volumes 1-21, Bleach Box Set 2 contains volumes 22-48, and Bleach Box Set 3 contains volumes 49-74. 

If you`re a fan of this awe-inspiring shounen manga series, you don’t want to miss out on these incredible box sets!

These box sets are way cheaper than buying each and every collected volume individually, and as a bonus, they also include a variety of bonuses, like never-before-seen illustrations, commentary, storyboards, and character sketches that can’t be found elsewhere. Plus, they look awesome lined up on your bookshelf!

The boxsets themselves are designed to be visually appealing and they come in a variety of colours to match your personal interests. 

Inside, the books are treated with the utmost care and are very stable so there’s no need to worry about having to reseal them when you’re done reading.

The box sets have something for everyone, from the manga fans who just enjoy enjoying the art, to the hardcore fair-weather aficionados. 

As a fan of the series, myself, I must admit that these box sets are the best way to collect the entirety of the series at a reasonable price. 

While I would definitely recommend you purchase the individual volumes too, if you’d like to be a completist, for regular readers, I would simply recommend these lovely, affordable box sets. 

Well, it`s clear why these box sets are so sought-after. With the quickly-shifting landscape of the manga industry, being able to get a hold of all the Bleach entries of one of Japan`s biggest series has never been easier, more convenient, and more affordable than it is right now. 

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime chance to own a complete set of the incredible Bleach manga series with these box sets!

One Piece Box Set

Let’s begin with the most famous and best-selling manga series of all time. One Piece manga is one of the longest-running manga series in history. It has over 100 volumes and this particular One Piece manga box set has the first 23 volumes of the manga. 

Currently, there are 4 manga box sets for One Piece which contain a total of 90 volumes. 

The storyline of One Piece follows the funny adventures of a pirate named Monkey D. Luffy who goes in search of an extraordinary treasure called the One Piece. Luffy and his pirate crew, The Straw Hat Pirates come across various adventures and thrilling events. 

best cheap manga box sets

If you’re a newbie to the One Piece fandom then it’s recommended to get the first manga box set which contains 23 volumes of the East Blue and Baroque Works story arcs. 

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This manga box set also contains an exclusive two-sided poster of the One Piece cover picture, a bonus mini-comic, and a handle to carry the box. The design of the box makes it look like a wooden treasure box.

However, the price of the box set is overwhelming and it took me a while to financially recover from such a sum when I bought it. But if you’re a diehard One Piece fan then you might find it worth the price. It’s one of the best manga box sets to buy. 

Tokyo Ghoul Complete Box Set

I’m a huge fan of the original Tokyo Ghoul manga rather than the anime series hence I bought the Tokyo Ghoul premium manga box set which contains all 14 volumes of the series. It’s amongst the best manga box sets. 

The plot of Tokyo Ghoul centers around the protagonist Ken Kaneki who’s a reserved college boy whose life turns upside down after turning into a half-ghoul due to an accident. 

If you’ve watched the Tokyo Ghoul anime then I highly recommend you get the Tokyo Ghoul manga box set because it contains in-depth explanations that aren’t portrayed in the anime. 

Best Manga Box Sets

As mentioned the box set only contains the original Tokyo Ghoul manga and not Tokyo Ghoul: re which I was disappointed about. However, getting the box set of the original manga series for a reasonable price as close to $300 delighted me. It’s one of the best cheap manga box sets!

Along with the 14 manga volumes, this box set also comes with a two-sided Tokyo Ghoul poster which looks incredible. The books and the box are in good condition as well which is a win-win situation for Tokyo Ghoul fans.

Demon Slayer Complete Box Set

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is another one of my favorite manga and anime series and I’m quite certain that there’s a huge fan base for Demon Slayer hence I decided to include it. 

The storyline of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba focuses on the protagonist Tanjiro Kamado who’s the sole breadwinner of his family. When he returns home after selling coal, he witnesses his family ruthlessly massacred by demons while his sister Nezuko is still clinging to life after turning into a half-demon.

manga box sets amazon,

Tanjiro takes his sister with him to cure her and to become a powerful Demon Slayer to destroy the demons.

Purchasing the Demon Slayer manga box set is the best decision I’ve made in my life. It contains all 23 volumes of the manga for a very cheap price. Buying individual volumes of the Demon Slayer manga is way more expensive than getting a whole box set hence I’d encourage you to purchase the box set instead. 

However, the only downside is that the box was slightly crushed but it makes up for the reasonable price. 

The Demon Slayer comes with a double-sided poster and an exclusive booklet along with the 23 manga volumes. The box is beautifully designed with Demon Slayer characters and a colorful cherry blossom background. It’s one of the best manga box sets to buy. 

Attack On Titan Season 1 Part 1 Manga Box Set

Attack On Titan manga box set is a must-have if you’re into the Attack On Titan anime series. The storyline of Attack On Titan focuses on a dystopian world where humanity is threatened by massive humanoid beings called the Titans. 

These Titans wreak havoc, kill human beings and destroy everything they see. Humans live within huge walls to protect themselves from these malevolent creatures.

demon slayer manga box set

The Attack On Titan has 34 volumes and this specific box set is the Attack On Titan Season 1 Part 1 box set which consists of 4 volumes that correlate with the 13 episodes of Attack On Titan anime season one. 

The rest of the volumes are sold in other manga box sets which you can purchase after completely reading the first box set. The Attack On Titan manga box sets are cheaply priced and they cost far less than purchasing individual volumes.

Besides, the box sets are designed premium and are made of good quality cardboard that hardly gets crushed. In addition, they also come with exclusive stickers of two Attack On Titan characters, and the manga books have different covers for each volume making them look phenomenal.

Sailor Moon Box Set

Sailor Moon is a popular shojo manga series that was released in 1991 and the manga was later adapted into an anime series in 1992. The plot of Sailor Moon focuses on Usagi Tsukino who’s a middle school girl living in Tokyo. 

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Usagi comes across a talking black cat named Luna that grants her a magical brooch that has the power to transform Usagi into Sailor Moon. 

manga box set english

Sailor Moon is a mystical soldier who must save Earth from evil forces. Both Usagi and Luna must assemble the Sailor Guardians to look for their princess.

The Sailor Moon manga series has a total of 40 manga volumes and it was the best-selling manga series in 2012. This box set specifically has the first 6 manga volumes which you can buy if you’re reading Sailor Moon manga for the first time. It also comes with exclusive stickers of the main Sailor Moon characters. 

If you buy the second box set of the Sailor Moon manga you can join it with the first box set to form a lovely image.

However, the price of this manga box set is quite expensive given that there are only 6 manga volumes but it’s one of the best manga box sets on the list. 

Dragon Ball Complete Box Set

Dragon Ball is a popular martial arts manga that has garnered a huge fan base around the world. The storyline of Dragon Ball centers around the protagonist Son Goku who arrives on Earth with a mission to destroy the planet. However, he meets with an accident and injures his head which erases his memory. 

Goku grew up learning martial arts and became friends with Bulma who tells him about the seven dragon balls and they both embark on a journey to look for them. 

manga box set one piece

Eventually, Goku meets several people and becomes friends with a few, and also makes enemies as well. He becomes a renowned martial arts champion and fights evil. This is one of the best manga box sets on Amazon.

The Dragon Ball box set has the original 16 manga volumes along with an exclusive double side poster, a booklet containing Dragon Ball guides and trivia, and an interview with the Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama. This box set is reasonably charged and comes well packed with a fabulous cover design.

Fullmetal Alchemist Complete Box Set

Fullmetal Alchemist is one of the legendary mangas of all time which has sold above 90 million volumes globally. The original Fullmetal Alchemist manga has 27 volumes and this manga box set has all 27 volumes. 

complete Manga Box Sets

The storyline of Fullmetal Alchemist focuses on two brothers, Alphonse and Edward Elric who’re amateurs in alchemy. One day when they lose their mother they decide to revive her by using restricted alchemy methods but in turn, they lose parts of their body in the process. 

The manga box set comes with 27 volumes along with a double side poster and extra reading material, Fullmetal Alchemist Novel: The Ties That Bind. I personally love this box set because it’s much cheaper and you’re saving 20% than buying individual volumes. Hence, you’ll definitely love this box set and won’t regret getting it.

Best Manga Box Sets: FAQs

What is the 3 most popular manga box set?

Manga is Japanese for comic books and it has a separate loyal fan base just like the anime fandom. The most popular manga based on high ratings, popularity, and a large fan base are One Piece, Attack On Titan, and Fullmetal Alchemist.

What are the best manga box sets to buy?

Manga box sets contain several or if not all volumes of the manga placed in a box that’s designed with the manga’s cover picture. Manga box sets also contain exclusive and limited edition material that isn’t available anywhere else. The best manga box sets to buy are:

– One Piece Manga Box Set
– Tokyo Ghoul Manga Box Set
– Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Manga Box Set
– Attack On Titan Manga Box Set
– Sailor Moon Manga Box Set
– Dragon Ball Manga Box Set
– Fullmetal Alchemist Manga Box Set

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One Piece Box Set

Check out the Best Manga Box Sets here that are amazing to read. Do check out One Piece Box Set which is the best manga box set so far. Read further to know more.

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