12 Best Legal Anime Streaming Sites 2022

best legal anime streaming sites

Looking for legal anime streaming sites to enjoy your favorite anime? We curated a list of reliable and best legal anime streaming sites so you can binge-watch your favorite anime for hours with minimal ads and absolutely no spammy redirects!

Are you tired of waiting to watch your favorite anime every week to come up on the television? Not to worry, I’ve got a simple and legal way for you to watch all your favorite anime movies and anime series. So you can continue your anime journey at your time and convenience.

Below are the top legal anime streaming sites that helped me catch all my favorite anime. Some sites are subscription-based and require a monthly renewal to keep your account active. 

But I’ve added some sites that require you just to watch an ad to stream anime on their website for free. So I’ll leave it to you.

Let’s get started with Best Legal Anime Streaming Sites

Top Legal Anime Streaming Sites


best anime streaming services and apps

Netflix is the first site I have on my list, known for its popularity across the globe and its wide range of world-class anime series and anime movies. They offer their service across 200 countries, with a variety of video options that support any bandwidth and internet speed. 

Subscription: You can get a single subscription for one mobile device and Laptop for $10 a month. They offer a free trial for a month.

Top Anime Picks: Hunter x Hunter, Neon Genesis: Evangelion, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

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best anime streaming services

Here is another excellent legal anime streaming site called Hulu, it was founded in the US in 2007 offering unlimited streaming of anime. The site has a wide range of anime classics covering both recent anime series as well as classic popular titles like Akira. 

Subscription: Hulu offers a starting monthly subscription for less than $10 and goes up depending on the number of viewers. They offer a free trial for a month as well. 

Top Picks: Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, Black Clover.

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Amazon Prime Video

top ;egal anime streaming site

Apart from offering an excellent range of products Amazon Prime Video has an equivalent range of entertainment to offers when it comes to anime as well. Amazon Prime Video made its debut around the same time as the above two sites around 2006. 

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They have a large collection of old-school anime and the latest anime out as well. They’ve purchased rights for some exclusive anime series and movies that are really worth checking out. 

Subscription: This service is available only to Amazon Prime subscribers, This is actually a big advantage if you order regularly from Amazon. As amazon prime video is a free ad on. 

Top Anime Picks: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Dororo, Elfen Lied

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anime streaming for free

Crunchyroll started its exclusive legal anime site in the United States around 2006, This site is popular among anime fans outside japan. This shows that the site showcases exclusive anime loved by the people who’ve created it. The best part of Crunchyroll is that you can watch all these animes if you register for their free plan and legally watch all their animes they showcase. 

Subscription: Crunchyroll offers a free plan you have to register to subscribe to, they also offer a plan for $7 which removes ads when watching your favorite anime. 

Top Picks: My Hero Academia, Naruto, Fate series

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top anime legal streaming services

Funimation is the best legal anime streaming site in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and Ireland. They are probably the oldest online platform and channel that started all the way back in 1994 that showcased the most amazing anime to date, Dragon ball. It has fans all over the world and is also my top recommended anime to start with for beginners. 

Subscriptions: The subscription varies from country to country. Please click on the link below to check for tariffs in your location. 

Top Picks: One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist, Attack on Titans

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Anime streaming sites

U-Next is a popular Japanese anime streaming site that started back in 2007 and is the go-to anime site by most in japan. They have a showcase of over a whopping 3,000 anime videos and over 100,000 videos to choose from. 

U-next offers various online streaming platforms options like smartphones, laptops, tablets, desktops, and game consoles.  

Subscription: The subscription varies from country to country. Please click on the link below to check for tariffs in your location. 

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Top Picks: Dragon Ball, One Piece, My Hero Academia


free legal streaming site

CONTV is a free legal streaming anime site that will require a VPN if you are not in the region where it is supported. They offer a wide range of original shows, anime comics, and more that are available to you on the web and smartphone. It is currently exclusive to the United States. 

Subscription: It is a free streaming website with ads to support the site.

Top Picks: Kite


best anime streaming services

9anime is one of my favorite sites to watch anime. It has all the most ongoing and most-watched anime movies and anime series. They offer various categories of anime like action, comedy, drama, games, and more. 

Their anime filtration system allows you to filter season, year, quality, type, and language that makes this site stand out as it is easy to find what you’re looking for from their vast library. The site also takes requests from their viewers on what they would like to watch on their site. 

Subscription: This is a free streaming site that plays ads in between the anime series to support them.

Top Picks: One Piece, Ghost Detective, Jojo’s Bizzare Adventures


Legal anime streaming services

AnimeDao is a good site to watch anime to watch the latest anime release and they have a wide collection of exclusive English dubbed anime if you’re not into watching them with subtitles. All the anime they showcase are categorized in alphabetical order. 

You can activate notifications for all the new upcoming anime which is a really cool feature. 

Subscription: This is a free streaming site that shows ads in-between the series to support itself.

Top Picks: My Hero Academia, Fullmetal Alchemist, One Piece.


legal anime streaming apps

Here is my top selection for anime movie fans, Gogoanime has one of the largest collections of anime movies from old-school classics to modern sci-fi. They’ve got it all and more. They also showcase new anime series as well. 

So this free site can be your one-stop anime site for all your favorite anime. They offer large genres to choose from like action, cars, horror, drama, game, kids, and more. The site also takes requests from their viewers on what they would like to watch on their site. 

Subscription: This is a free streaming site that shows ads in-between the series to support itself.

Top Picks: A Whisker Away, Flavours of Youth, A Silent Voice.


legal anime streaming sites

Masterani is available worldwide and is one of the fastest anime streaming services that requires no additional registration or additional info. They have information and rating on all their anime movies and anime series making it convenient for you to choose a new anime to start. 

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It offers a user-friendly UI that makes it easy to browse through anime and get what you’re searching for. This website is perfect for people who travel a lot and require an anime site that will be available to them wherever they might travel. 

Subscription: Plays four ads in total for you to watch an episode on their site, and does not require you to register and does not require any additional information. 

Top Picks: Fierce Battle, What’s your name, Trips Wisdom.


anime streaming sites

Kissanime is known for its extensive and modern anime movie collection, they are up to date with all ongoing anime as well as completed anime series. They also provide you with the option for you to request your favorite animation clips that you can download or watch at your convenience. 

The site provides a large variety of options and categories like action, comedy, dub, adventure, and more. The site is available in all major regions and is worth checking out. 

Subscription: This is a free streaming site that shows ads in-between the series to support itself.

Top Picks: Crossing Swords, Cardfight Vanguard, Princess Lover!

Best Legal Anime Streaming Sites: FAQs

Do I need a VPN to stream legal anime streaming sites?

Some anime streaming sites may require you to use a VPN in order to access exclusive anime content of another region. But using a VPN will provide a stable stream that would provide you with a better viewing experience.

Will Adblock on anime streaming sites sites to skip unwanted ads?

Adblock may work on some anime streaming sites. However, you must keep in mind that ads are the main source of revenue for a lot of free and legal anime streaming sites. Some anime streaming sites also have a subscription plan that allows you to watch your favorite anime ad-free.

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