5 Best Japanese Diet Pills 2022

best japanese diet pills

Need something to help in your weight loss journey? Here are the best Japanese diet pills that can help you stay on track with your diet! 

I’ve always struggled a lot in maintaining my diet and fitness. No matter how many diet plans I follow or the regular exercise routine that I keep, I never seem to be able to stay on top of the game.

Which is the best Japanese diet pill?

My team and I tested various Japanese diet pills on the basis of ingredients, efficacy and time period. We found ISDG Diet Enzymes to be the best.

ISDG Diet Enzymes contains a total of six million enzymes. It contains a combination of ingredients such as coleus forskohlii and the enzyme, yeast, and koji. contains 232 kinds of fermented plant extracts. This supplement helps in clearing out body toxins. It’s available to buy on Amazon.

It was then when I was introduced to the best Japanese diet pills that literally changed my entire outlook on diet and fitness. Now, these diet pills work i n several ways:

  • It makes you feel full so that you do not overeat and consume fewer calories. 
  • It can also reduce the absorption of nutrients like fat so that your body takes in fewer calories.
  • It also promotes fat burning.

Best Japanese Pills — Quick Summary

Best Japanese Diet PillsKey Features
ISDG Diet EnzymesClears toxins from the body and regulates weight
Onaka- Japanese Diet PillsDoes not cause weight gain even without proper diet
DHC New SlimCurbs appetite and does not contain caffeine
FINE Japan Calorie Burn TabletsHelps with weight management in those with sugar cravings
FINE Japan Yeast, Coffee, Enzyme Diet PillsHelps maintain your beauty and diet

Despite knowing all the benefits of diet pills, I agree that we tend to get a little skeptical when it comes to actually trying them out. This is why I have tried all of these diet pills myself and have witnessed changes in myself. 

So, based on my experience, I have brought to you these diet pills that you can also take safely to maintain your diet and fitness.

Top Japanese Diet Pills

ISDG Diet Enzymes

This diet enzyme is perfect for anybody who is looking to follow a healthy diet. I came across this when I was Surfing the internet for Japanese diet pills. This diet enzyme contains a total of six million enzymes. It contains a combination of ingredients such as coleus forskohlii and the enzyme, yeast, and koji.

diet pills in japan

When I researched about this product I found out that this contains 232 kinds of fermented plant extracts. I was absolutely stunned by this information. By taking this supplement, I did not have to sacrifice my favorite foods at all. I tried this product for about 2 months and believe me, I actually saw a considerable difference in my fitness.

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I also noticed that this supplement was clearing out my body from toxins and making me beautiful from the inside out. The ingredients are all natural, which is perfect because it is quite gentle for the body.

kokando japan slimming pills review

There are 120 pills in a pack. You need to take between 2 to 4 pills in a day.


  • Helps maintain your weight
  • No need to sacrifice your favorite foods
  • Clears body of toxins
  • Natural ingredients

Find the best Japanese diet pills by ISDG below!

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Onaka- Japanese Diet Pills

Onaka Japanese Diet Pills work like magic in reducing weight. I took these pills for about 3 weeks and could see visible changes in no time. I love how it increased my metabolism and made me feel more energetic throughout the day. 

japan diet pills

Onaka Japanese diet pills also shaped my tummy and helped me lose stubborn fat around my thigh and belly region. It’s formulated with Kudzu flower extracts that help in weight loss. These diet pills also control your appetite. I must say, it’s one of the best Japanese diet pills. 

There are 60 pills in one pack of Onaka Diet Pills.


  • Safe ingredients 
  • Fast results 
  • Affordable 
  • No side effects


  • Unflavoured

DHC New Slim

DHC is a brand that I highly trust and recommend. Before trying the DHC new slim tablets, I was taking the DHC collagen. It worked really well and it significantly changed my skin and believe me, my skin is literally glowing because of it.

top diet pills that actually work in japan

Because of the success I received from the collagen, I decided to try the DHC slim tablets. When I first got the product, I was a little worried because I could not decipher the ingredients in English. But a simple Google search revealed everything and I found out that all the ingredients used in these pills are safe for use.

The biggest plus point of these pills is that it does not contain caffeine. So, if you are sensitive to caffeine and even the tiniest of amounts can give you a jittery and weird feeling, these pills are definitely for you.

These pills help curb your appetite. The daily dose limit is 4 tablets a day but depending on your food intake per you can decrease the level to 1-2 tablets a day.

These pills are also completely natural and will not cause negative effects.


  • Safe to use ingredients
  • No caffeine
  • Curbs your appetite
  • Natural

Find the best Japanese diet pills by DHC below!

FINE Japan Calorie Burn Tablets

I cannot say no to foods that contain sugar. It is very difficult for me to control myself when I get those sudden cravings for sweet things. If you are like me, you will know how difficult it is to maintain your diet when all you can think about are doughnuts and sweets.

With these pills, I can literally eat anything without worrying about calories. Ever since I started on these pills, I have been living stress-free.

neko slim weight loss

The daily dose limit of these tablets is 5 per day. You can take these 5 tablets all at one or divided throughout the day.

These tablets contain sodium, Vitamin B1, vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Mulberry leaf powder, Mulberry stem powder, and Chitosan, among other ingredients.


  • Helps maintain your diet
  • Perfect for those who cannot stop their sugar intake
  • Works from the inside out
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Find the best Japanese diet pills by FINE Japan below!

FINE Japan Yeast, Coffee, Enzyme Diet Pills

These are the pills that contain a combination of vitamins and minerals. Apart from these, it also contains 219 types of plant enzymes. All of these mixed together make the skills perfect for your beauty and diet.

slimming pills japan

The daily dose limit of these pills is 5 tablets. You can take these tablets with cold or lukewarm water. This tablet can be taken all at once or you can separate them and take them throughout the day.


  • Contains a combination of vitamins and minerals
  • Great for beauty and diet

Find the best Japanese diet pills by FINE Japan below!

How to choose the best Japanese diet pills?

You cannot just decide on any diet pill from the market. There are so many different things that you need to consider before finally committing yourself to diet pills for months. Always make sure that you go through the ingredients list of the diet while you are checking out so that you know if there is any ingredient there that could trigger an allergic reaction.

Most of the diet pills in the market contain caffeine that could lead to sensitivity in some. It can cause issues with your digestion, mood, or sleep.

When I choose my diet pills, these are the points that I always take care of:

  • The ingredients list should be clear. There should be no confusion ingredient in the list. 
  • Everything on the label should be understandable and I always make sure I am 100% clear about everything. 
  • I also make sure that all the ingredients listed on the label are safe for me and that they will not trigger any allergic reaction or cause side effects like sleeplessness or an upset stomach. 
  • Make sure that the diet pill enhances your energy for your workout. 
  • The diet pills should also curb your appetite and you should be able to manage your fat loss diet better.

Ingredients to Look For in your Diet Pills:

  • Caffeine
  • Glucomannan
  • Orlistat
  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract
  • Chromium Picolinate
  • Collagen
  • Citrus Aurantium
  • Guarana

Ingredients to Avoid in your Diet Pill:

  • Bitter orange/synephrine 
  • Fenproporex
  • Phenolphthalein 
  • Ma huang/ephedra/ephedrine/pseudoephedrine 
  • Sibutramine

If the ingredients label have any of these above-mentioned ingredients, then please avoid them as you might suffer from dangerous side effects after consuming them.

How do diet pills work?

Diet pills can work in several different ways. These are some of the ways in which your diet pills can affect you:

  • Diet pills can increase the energy rate in your body so that you can exercise more and burn more calories. 
  • They can also help you focus. 
  • Most diet pills contain natural ingredients that enhance your body’s ability to burn more calories. 
  • Diet pills help to curb your appetite so that your calorie intake is low. 
  • There are certain diet pills that eliminate fat from meals by binding the fat with dietary fiber from food. This makes sure that the fat is not absorbed by the body. 
  • There are also some diet pills that break down fat and prevent the body from absorbing it.
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There are several brands of diet pills you can find in the market but each brand differs from the rest and functions differently due to the ingredients in them. Drugs that contain appetite suppressants such as diethylpropion, sibutramine, and phentermine influence the hypothalamus in your brain which controls several roles in your body like your appetite. 

These suppressants block the chemicals in your body like serotonin and norepinephrine thus making you feel full without eating. Hence, you won’t feel hungry and will only eat less leading you to lose weight eventually.

Some diet pills also contain ingredients that have the ability to manipulate the fat content in your body. This happens when the pills hinder an enzyme in our body called lipase. 

When we consume food the fat ingested in our body is broken down by lipase in our intestines. The diet pills hinder lipase from breaking down and absorbing the fat you consume through bowel movements. Hence only a little amount of fat is absorbed in your body. 

Thus you can continue with your regular diet and consume your favorite food without having to worry about putting on weight.

However, it’s always best to consult your doctor before taking diet pills as there are certain health risks involved. You can also introduce aerobic exercises to your fitness regime which helps you maintain a fit and healthy body.

How to use diet pills correctly?

You should never rely on diet pills alone. Along with your diet pills, you should also make sure that you are eating a healthy diet and regularly exercising. The amount of activity you do on a daily basis can also increase the success of the diet pills.

Make sure that you are walking at least 10000 steps every day to increase the metabolism of your body and to burn more calories. Your diet should also be a healthy one that supports your weight loss goals.

Make sure that your diet contains vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Also, in order to lose weight, you need to make sure that your body has a deficit of calories.

Best Japanese Diet Pills: FAQs

Do Japanese diet pills work?

Japanese diet pills work great in cutting down excess fat, increases metabolism and also shapes the body. They’re formulated with caffeine, superfoods and other plant-based ingredients that aid in weight loss.

Is DHC diet pills good for weight loss?

DHC diet pills are slimming tablets that have collagen and caffeine in them. It helps in improving skin, nails, hair as well as boosting metabolism. DHC diet pills also help in maintaining appetite.

Have you found your diet loss pills?

After months of research and experiments, these were some of the diet pills that I would highly recommend you to try. However, do not completely rely only on these diet pills to help you maintain your diet and fitness. There are these diet pills with regular exercise and a healthy eating habit.

ISDG Diet Enzymes

Here are the best Japanese diet pills that actually work! Do check out ISDG Diet Enzymes which is the best Japanese diet pill because it brings out quick and effective results. Read further to know more.

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