6 Best Anime Like One Piece 2022

anime like one piece

Loved watching One Piece? Here are more anime like One Piece for you to enjoy. 

One Piece is one of the best anime that comes to mind when talking about shonen anime. This shonen anime depicts fantastic action scenes and also has an enthralling story plot with interesting characters that has attracted several fans throughout the world.

The storyline introduces a man called Gol D Roger who was a wealthy and powerful pirate and was known to many people as the Pirate King. He was captured by a group of pirates who attempted to execute him. 

Upon his trial, Gol D Roger revealed his secret about a hidden treasure in Grand Line called One Piece.

As the word spread everyone began seeking the treasure to acquire it for themselves. One of the people who go looking for the treasure is a man called Monkey D Luffy. He takes his diverse crew with him including a doctor, cook, archaeologist, swordsman, and musician, etc.

If you’re looking for an anime that has a similar story plot to One Piece, you’re in the right place. Here’s a curated list of some of the best anime like One Piece.

Anime Like One Piece: Quick Summary

Anime Like One PieceGenreEditor’s Rating
Hunter x HunterAdventure, Action, Fantasy9/10
My Hero AcademiaAdventure, Sci-Fi, Comedy8.5/10
Nanatsu no TaizaiAdventure, Action, Fantasy8/10
Fairy TailAdventure, Fantasy8/10
Dragon Ball ZAdventure, Action, 8.5/10
PokemonAdventure, Fantasy, Comedy8/10

Top Anime Like One Piece

Hunter x Hunter

This is one of my favorite animes that is quite entertaining to watch and also parallels One Piece. The story focuses on a young boy called Gon Freecss who lives on Whale Island. When he was a baby, his father abandoned him and was believed to be dead. 

As Gon grew up he learns from a man called Kite that his father is still alive and is a professional hunter who seeks hidden treasures and mythical creatures. A hunter is known to fight off criminals, seek mysterious artifacts and creatures. 

When learning about his father’s profession, Gon aspires to become a hunter like him and look for his father. 

Eventually, Gon decides to enter the hunter’s exam and acquire great skills to pursue his dream. During the hunter’s exam, he comes across a few participants such as Kurapika, Leorio, and Killua. However, the hunter’s examination is quite tough and is renowned to be very brutal and complex which only a few can pass.

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With so many tests to pass and obstacles to overcome, Gon and his friends help each other in their journey to become professional hunters.

Similar to One Piece, Hunter x Hunter has interesting and fun characters who keep you entertained till the end, and both the story plots align with their treasure seeking aspect and emotional endings.

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia focuses on a Sci-Fi setting where superhumans prevail around the globe and coexist with ordinary humans. 

The superhumans possess superpowers called Quirks and are divided into two groups such as superheroes and supervillains. As everyone knows, superheroes fight the supervillains who try to rule the world and spread evil everywhere. 

However, both superheroes and supervillains frown down on ordinary humans who do not possess any Quirk powers and discriminate against them for being powerless.

In this world filled with bigotry, lives a young boy called Izuku Midoriya, who’s the protagonist of this anime. He is obsessed with superheroes with his favorite hero being All Might. 

Izuku dreams to become a famous and powerful superhero like All Might but possesses no quirk powers. And this leads to Izuku getting bullied at school for having unrealistic dreams. However, Izuku’s fate changes when he unexpectedly meets All Might who decides to take Izuku as his heir and pass his Quirk powers to Izuku.

With unlimited power and uncertainty as to what might happen next, Izuku goes on to join the Hero Academy. 

There he learns to control and use his powers and save ordinary people from the evil plans of the supervillains. Just like One Piece, this anime is comedic and is bound to have you enthralled.

Nanatsu no Taizai

This anime is also known as The Seven Deadly Sins. The storyline introduces a kingdom in the medieval ages. The kingdom is called the Liones Kingdom in the area of Britannia which was guarded by a group of mighty knights called The Seven Deadly Sins. 

They were evicted from the kingdom by the Holy Knights who falsely accused the Sins of plotting to overthrow the kingdom.

After their eviction, the people living in the kingdom believed the Seven Deadly Sins to be dead. However, ten years later the Holy Knights plotted to capture the king and overthrow the Liones Kingdom. 

The Holy Knights became the new tyrannical rulers of the kingdom who consume all the wealth of the people and treat them unjustly.

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Upset with the present circumstances of the kingdom, the third princess Elizabeth learns that the Seven Deadly Sins are still alive. She plans to seek out the Sins and bring them back to the kingdom who can help her reclaim the kingdom back. 

As she goes on a quest to look for the Sins she is destined to walk a very long path and is faced with exhaustion and hunger. As she walks by restlessly, she accidentally stumbles upon a talking pig which takes her to its owner. 

Surprisingly, the owner of the pig is a man called Melodias who was the leader of the Sins. Melodias tells Elizabeth that the Sins were long disbanded and went their separate ways.

However, Melodias pledges to seek the rest of the Sins and help her win the kingdom back. To know if they found the Sins and were successful in recapturing the kingdom watch Nanatsu no Taizai.

Fairy Tail

This anime depicts a fantasy world full of magic and wizards. The storyline revolves around a dragon slayer wizard called Natsu Dragneel who’s from the Fairy Tail Guild. 

Natsu goes to the Kingdom of Flore to look for his missing father who’s known as the dragon Igneel. While searching for his father, he befriends a young girl called Lucy Heartfilia who’s a celestial wizard. Upon their meeting, Natsu invites Lucy to join the Fairy Tail.

The duo forms a group of magical allies who have their own powers such as an ice wizard, magical knight, and more dragon slayers. 

The team embarks on an action journey where they eliminate criminals, demons, and dark guilds. They also come across a dangerous and powerful wizard called Zeref who’s cursed with immortality.

Fairy Tail is an ideal anime for One Piece fans and it has flabbergasting sceneries and mindblowing plot twists. The characters in this anime are very lovable and it’s quite fun to watch.

Dragon Ball Z

Everyone knows Dragon Ball Z but not everyone has watched it. The story revolves around a martial arts champion called Goku who lives peacefully with his family. But everything changes for him when a space being called Raditz descends to Earth. 

Raditz claims to be Goku’s long lost brother and reveals Goku’s original identity of being a great warrior from the most powerful Saiyan race that resided on another planet. 

He continues to say that their home planet was completely destroyed and Goku was sent to Earth as a baby to annihilate the planet. But Goku has forgotten his initial purpose due to a head injury when arriving on Earth and was raised a human baby with kindness and compassion. 

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Raditz attempts to forcibly convince Goku to destroy Earth and become his partner. But he fails as Goku is grateful for the place where he grew up in and pledges to protect it.

Raditz being extremely furious about Goku’s response threatens Goku and his friends about an intergalactic conflict that will approach Earth. Goku prepares for the war which will be fought with dragon balls.

Will Goku be successful in battling against Raditz and saving Earth? To know what happened next watch Dragon Ball Z.


Pokemon is the evergreen anime of all time. Everybody’s journey to anime began with Pokemon. This anime focuses on mystical creatures called Pokemon or Pocket Monsters who have distinct powers. 

The protagonist of Pokemon is Ash Ketchum whose ambition is to become a great Pokemon Master. 

Ash is entrusted with a Pokemon called Pikachu by Professor Oak who’s a local Pokemon researcher. Professor Oak has already given away other Pokemon such as Squirtle, Charmander and, Bulbasaur. 

Ash’s Pokemon Pikachu has electric powers and is the most powerful Pokemon there is. Initially, Pikachu doesn’t trust Ash and refuses to stay inside the Poke Ball. When Ash tries to befriend Pikachu it attacks him with its electrical powers. However, Ash gains Pikachu’s trust after saving it from a group of Spearows.

Ash and Pikachu embark on an adventurous journey where they befriend many humans and Pokemon such as water Pokemon trainer Misty and Pokemon Breeder Brock. Together they hinder the plans of Pokemon stealers from a criminal organization called Team Rocket.

Best Anime Like One Piece: FAQs

What is the number 1 anime?

Some of the best anime of all time are Death Note, Naruto, Pokemon, and Dragon Ball Z.

Is One Piece the best anime ever?

One Piece is one of the most popular anime for its genre but it has not made it into the top best anime list.

What should I watch after One Piece?

If you like One Piece you can watch other animes like Hunter x Hunter, My Hero Academia, Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, Fairy Tail, and Nanatsu no Taizai.

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