9 Affordable Japanese Clothing Brands

Affordable Fashion Brands From Japan

Japanese fashion is cool and trendy, and if you’re looking for affordable Japanese clothing brands, you’re in the right place. 

Which are the top affordable Japanese clothing brands?

  • Uniqlo
  • GU
  • Wego
  • Honeys
  • Snidel
  • Earth, Music & Ecology
  • Shimamura
  • Ingni
  • GRL

Japanese clothing is also known for the quality of the fabric used and exquisite tailoring. Some cute Japanese clothing brands are good on their quality as well as reasonable.

You can never go wrong shopping for clothes in Japan, cos even the cheap brands will give you clothes that will last. Keep reading for the most Affordable Japanese Clothing Brands, here are some of the popular brands in Japan:

Affordable Japanese Clothing Brands


Affordable Japanese Clothing Brands

Uniqlo clothing is as popular in Japan as it is in other parts of the world. This Japanese clothing brand is known for its casual wear that is affordable, stylish and durable. This is one of those brands that I never miss shopping at for my daily wear. 

Uniqlo has a huge selection of clothes for every season, stocking and restocking the shelves with weather appropriate wear. It’s one of the most affordable Japanese clothing brands.

Cosy hoodies and warm lined sweat pants can be paired with the brand’s long sleeved basic tees for the cooler months, while the warmer months bring a whole lot of light tee shirts, shorts and trousers. 

Uniqlo also has a wide range of jackets that you can add to your wardrobe. The clothes are best known for how well they fit and how amazingly comfortable they are. These are clothes that you can literally live in, day in and day out. 

They are also easy to pair with neutral colored jeans and bottoms. 

Uniqlo clothing carries a lot of subtle and earthy colours, but you might be able to find a few brightly coloured clothes as well. Uniqlo is also one of the most affordable Japanese clothing brands.

Check out this cute t-shirt on Amazon from Uniqlo. It is soft and has a graphic printed on it. It can be worn by both boys and girls for hangouts. 

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GU fashion brand is by the same company that owns Uniqlo, and a lot of times you might find similar items. The difference between the two lies in the target market. 

While Uniqlo is designed for working professionals or people in their 30’s, GU is specially designed for the younger crowd. Step into a GU and you will understand what I mean. The clothes are bright, lively and very trendy. 

Walk through the busy streets of Japan’s urban cities and you will find young college students dressed in GU clothes, hurriedly rushing off to classes or to meet their friends. 

In a lot of malls, Uniqlo and GU are situated next to each other. While both Uniqlo and GU sell very affordable clothing, GU is often a lot cheaper being one of the most affordable Japanese clothing brands.

There is no difference in the texture or quality of the fabric though. These brands also have sales and discounts quite often, usually at the end of a season, when these clothes are sold at dirt cheap prices! 

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The young, hip, hot and happening generation expresses themselves through the trendy and stylish clothes they wear. 

And they can’t afford to be seen in the same clothes very often, hence arises the need for fast fashion. 

Feeding this energy is Wego, with a whole wide range of very nice and trendy clothes. Wego now has over 150 stores all over Japan and has a steady clientele. 

Shop for funky tops, cool bottoms, stylish jackets and accessories to complete your look for prices that won’t break the bank as they’re one of the top affordable Japanese clothing brands.

Check out this extremely cute tunic from Wego on Amazon. It is full-sleeved with ruffles at the end. This dress is great for casual wear during the spring or monsoon season because of its material. 

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Honeys, true to its name, is for girls and ladies. The fashion is very young and is mainly targeted at youth, but there have been plenty of times when I’ve found clothes that can be worn by women of all ages. 

Saying that this is an affordable brand is quite an understatement! Honeys is one of my favourite Japanese clothing brands because any time I casually walk in, I am sure I will find clothes at prices that I am super thrilled about!

 The clothes are made with good quality fabrics and are tailored well. They are very comfortable and last a long time with proper maintenance. It is also one of the top most affordable Japanese clothing brands.

The other thing I love about Honeys is the range of accessories the store carries. You are sure to find some lovely jewelry, shoes, bags and scarves to match the clothes you pick. 

The brand also regularly runs a sale during which you can get these clothes and accessories for much cheaper prices. 

This formal white shirt is perfect for office or formal parties. It’s wrinkle-free and can be worn in all seasons. This white shirt can turn extremely stylish if you pair it with block-coloured pants. 

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The clothing by Snidel is very classy and elegant. Though they are not exactly “cheap” I would say that they’re one of the most affordable Japanese clothing brands for their clothes.. 

These are clothes for working professionals and the fashion conscious, aged over 25. There is a wide selection of coats, skirts, blouses and dresses you can pick from. 

Snidel’s one piece dresses are bestsellers, in colours that are very pleasant and in designs that are stylish and flattering.

 It goes without saying that the quality of the fabrics used by this brand are super soft and comfortable, worth every penny you pay for the outfit. 

This back ruffle design top should definitely be a part of your closet. It is sleeveless and best for the summer season. The top only comes in one size that is free and it will fit you without clinging to your body. 

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Earth, Music & Ecology


Earth, Music & Ecology is a brand I bet you will fall in love with if you love the blend of style and comfort. True to its name, the clothes carried by this brand are flowy and in very pleasing earthy tones. 

This brand is very well known in Japan, and one of its most popular stores is in the airport. The clothes in this range are all cut to be loose, to fit you without hugging your skin. They skim your body but they are also very fashionable. 

This is just what you need when you’re traveling. In general, stores in the airport are quite expensive, but Earth, Music & Ecology is an exception. It is not only sassy but also amongst the most affordable Japanese clothing brands.

You can easily pick up a set of clothes well within 3000 yen and walk out feeling very pleased with yourself. 

Earth, Music & Ecology has a target market of women in their 30’s and older but I have seen many younger women wearing clothes from the brand.

 Though the prices are low, the quality of the fabric is durable and the designs are premium. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the most affordable Japanese clothing brands.

Check out this pullover from one of the most affordable Japanese clothing brands- EME. It is so soft and 100% made of cotton. It is quite cheap also as compared to other brands. Go for this to feel the ease of clothing. 



If you’re in Japan or a fan of Japanese fashion, Shimamura is a brand that you cannot overlook. 

Ask any Japanese, young or old for their suggestion of where to purchase affordable clothing and this is the brand they will direct you to. 

You can find clothes in all sizes (even plus sizes) by this brand, which is something unique because it’s quite difficult to find larger sizes in the country. 

Shimamura carries clothes for people of all ages, making this a “household” name and is one of the most affordable Japanese clothing brands.

Shimamura is one of the easiest brands to shop for, and I mention “easiest” because you will find loads of stores carrying the brand’s clothes. There are plenty of standalone stores as well in most parts of Japan. 

Shimamura is one of the hot Japanese brands that is considered amongst the top affordable Japanese clothing brands.



Ingni is every young Japanese girl’s favourite clothing brand, and if you were to visit the store, I’m sure this will become yours, too. It’s one of the best affordable Japanese clothing brands.

Ingni has affordable and trendy clothes for every season. They also run frequent sales during which you can pick up everything you need for a fraction of the price you would normally pay. 

If you can’t go to the store for some reason, the brand has a well designed website on which you can shop to your heart’s content. The new arrivals are something that you should always keep an eye out for as they are very fashionable. 

There is also an “outlet store” section where last season’s clothes or unsold outfits are sold at throw away prices. These clothes are still good buys as certain styles never go out of fashion and you can score some pretty decent outfits. 

Ingni clothes are of very good quality and are designed to be comfortable when worn. If maintained well, they are sure to last a long time. You can find this Japanese clothing brand online.

This culottes pants are so comfy and looks classy. This culottes pant goes well with all kinds of tops. So pair it with anything and look sassy.


Who doesn’t love online shopping! This is something you can do to feed your shopaholic urges even at the dead of the night. 

GRL is a Japanese women’s clothing brand that is amongst the top affordable Japanese clothing brands for all kinds of clothes.

GRL constantly has its shelves restocked and revamped, so every time you check-in, you’re sure to find something new. You can easily get a whole new wardrobe for around 15,000 yen. 

The website charges for shipping but there are certain days in the week when shipping is free. The fee is also waived off if you purchase for a minimum amount. 

It does take a couple of weeks for your package to be delivered, but the anticipation is delicious! This brand also ships across the world for a small fee. 

Which is the most affordable Japanese clothing brand?

I’ve shopped so many Japanese brands but Wego is the most affordable Japanese clothing brand because of cheap prices and high quality.

Wego is a fashion brand for both men and women with over 150 stores all over Japan and a sturdy clientele. The brand is known for its funky, cool and stylish trends and its exclusive collaborations with brands like Disney and Kappa. 

Affordable Prices, Top Quality

This list of affordable Japanese clothing brands should definitely be your go to, or at least worth trying once because of their premium quality, comfort and dirt cheap rates.

Hope this article- Affordable Japanese clothing brands helped you find the perfect clothes for your wardrobe without making a hole in your pocket. 

Tiered Tunic Dress

Check out the best affordable Japanese clothing brands that are amazing especially for their quality as well as price. Do check out Wego as it is the best amongst other affordable brands with premium quality, best fit and also cheap price.

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